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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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This post contains affiliate links

If you have followed my blog for a while now you will now that I am a big fan of a basic tee. It is one of my most worn items, especially during the spring/summer time. It’s one of those items that I always gravitate towards whether it’s because I don’t know what I want to wear or if I want to keep an outfit simple. My spring/summer basics are different from my autumn/winter basics, as I tend to wear my short sleeved tees only during the spring and summer time. During the spring/summer time there are two types of tees I like to wear. Firstly I like to wear 100% cotton tees. If it’s really warm I like to go for something a little cooler, which means I will wear linen tees.

Even though basics are such wardrobe staples in everyone’s wardrobe, it can still be quite hard to find the perfect basic tee. It has taken me a long while to discover the kind of material and quality I like. I’m hoping this post will save you the hassle of finding your perfect basic tee.

Where I buy cotton tees

I am very picky when it comes to finding the perfect cotton tee. I have searched for years to find the perfect and affordable cotton tee. After a long hunt to finding the perfect basic tee I have finally concluded which tees I prefer to go for. I personally find that COS, & Other Stories, NA-KD and Weekday stock the best basic cotton tees that I love to buy. My perfect kind of cotton must be entirely from cotton, as I find that this is the only kind of fabric that is flattering.

At COS I always buy their ‘Cotton T-shirt’. It’s the perfect cotton tee to wear on an everyday basis. I love the COS t-shirts because it’s made from cotton without feeling too jersey-like. Some of the cotton tees I have had in the past are made with elastin, which basically gives your tee a bit more of a stretch. I find that this stretch actually makes a tee a bit more unflattering if you have some curves, like I do. The COS tees are made from 100% cotton, which means I know they will be flattering on me. I also like that they have a couple of different colours available. I am looking into buying another one of these tees in a green colour, which looks super lovely to have for spring!

Last year I invested in some basic 100% cotton tees from NA-KD and was surprised by how much I loved their tees. I was expecting them to run very small, but I actually love the fit of their 'Basic Oversized Tees' .

I also buy my basic tees at & Other Stories. This has only been recent, as I used to not like ordering from & Other Stories as their website was such a pain to place an order on if you don’t own a credit card. Recently they have changed that, which made it easier for me to buy cotton tees from them. Over the past couple of weeks I invested into the ‘Cotton T-shirt’ from them, which has been a lovely tee with beautiful quality.

This past year I have really tried to be a bit more sustainability conscious when it comes to shopping. I am really trying to bring down my online orders, which basically means that I try to go into stores again as much as possible. Besides that I have also looked into buying ‘organic cotton tees’. I have read online that they are less harmful for the ecosystem and the farmers as they don’t use any harsh chemicals. This has made me shift and prefer to look for organic cotton tees even more. I love & Other Stories for their basics and recently found another t-shirt online that I would love to give a try. It’s called their ‘Crewneck Organic Cotton Tee’, which also looks like it’s such a lovely product that has a bit of a higher neck.

Another shop that does amazing tees that I haven’t mentioned yet is Weekday. Weekday does great organic cotton tees by the name of ‘Kate tee’. I find that these cotton tees are super comfortable to wear. Another big bonus to me is that these ‘Kate’ t-shirts are available in quite a lot of colours as well as being made from organic cotton.

Where I buy my linen tees

If it’s super warm out or whenever I’m away on holiday, I like to go for tees that are super lightweight. Linen tees are great for that, as linen tees are always super lightweight. Last year I rediscovered how great linen clothes are when it’s super hot out. They are perfect if you’re stuck inside an office during a heat wave. I have written more about why you should invest in linen clothing here.

My favourite place to buy these linen tees at is H&M. I find that they have the best quality linen tees I have tried so far. In the past I had bought a couple of linen t-shirts at ZARA and they have lasted me for such a long time. They were probably my favourite tees I had bought in 2015 and have lasted me until last year until they started to have holes in them, which meant I sadly had to throw them out. I have invested in a couple of new linen t-shirts that I bought at H&M, these are the ones I bought last summer. I have been really liking these tees so far. They have a couple of new linen t-shirts in store at H&M now, but since I already have such a large collection of basic linen tees, I think I won't be in need of another one for a little while.

I had a little look at the Warehouse website and found out that they also have a lovely basic V-neck tee that is made of cotton and linen. I am yet to give this tee a go, but it definitely looks like an interesting tee as it combines two of my favourite fabrics for a casual tee.

I'm always looking for new shops to buy my basics from when they need a replacement. If you have any tips or places you enjoy buying your basics from, especially if they are sustainable or environmentally friendly. So if you have any tips then let me know below!