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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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It’s been spring for nearly a month now, but we are yet to have actual enjoyable temperature spring days. This has actually been quite confusing to me as I was able to wear a super lightweight jacket while I was away on my trip in Lisbon. The Netherlands is completely different than Portugal though. We are still quite in-between seasons, where lots of days are still quite chilly.

Transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring is always a confusing one to me personally. I find it super challenging to go from wearing a super cosy knit 6/7 days to wearing spring blouses and tops. I have the exact same problem with jackets and some of you messaged me on Instagram that you actually find this quite hard too. Since we both seem to be a bit confused as to what kind of in-between jackets to wear at the moment, I thought I would share a couple of my go-to in-between jackets for when you’re off to uni, work or are going to venture into town for the day.

Trench coat

One of the most versatile and my favourite kind of jacket to wear in the in-between season is my trench coat. I have two from H&M. One is new and I am yet to share this one in a proper outfit post, but it’s been one of the items I have gravitated towards lots recently. It's because they are super easy to style and enhance my waist because of the belt it comes with. The main reason why I have mostly gravitated towards this coat these past few weeks, is because this is one of the few coats that actually has kept me warm while I was driving on my scooter. Driving a scooter is great, but you get so cold on the scooter because you're basically not moving and one gust of wind and you're even more cold.

I tend to wear my trench coats either with a long sleeve tee, short sleeve tee or a blouse. If it’s particularly chilly, I like to go for a cosy and super warm knit. This way I know I am going to stay warm so I don’t catch any nasty cold this time of year.

(p)leather jackets

A leather jacket is yet another one of those jackets that is tremendously versatile to have inside your wardrobe. I remember back when I was in high school I used to wear my leather jacket every day during those in-between seasons as it was the only thing keeping me warm in the mornings going to school. I had a little period in time where I avoided my leather jacket as I had so many other essentials/go-to coats I wore lots. This year really is the revival of my leather jacket though, as I have already worn my leather jacket lots these last couple of weeks.

Bomber jackets

Back in 2015 I was obsessed with bomber jackets. I wore them loads on the blog and had at least three of them inside my wardrobe. They only lasted for one season though, as I seemed to have lost interest in my bomber jackets. I was browsing the ZARA website a couple of weeks ago and noticed that they started selling bomber jackets again. They had pretty funky colours such as a red, it looked beautiful but I already knew that it wasn’t going to be a very versatile colour for me. Thankfully I never threw my own bomber jackets out during my massive wardrobe clear outs over the years. The bomber jackets I bought in 2015 are still hanging inside of my wardrobe and are now ready to get out again to keep me warm in between seasons.

Utility jackets

This post is semi trend related, but more so related to all the coats I already have hanging inside of my wardrobe. I have always been a big fan of the utility trend and I am very happy that there are more utility jackets available nowadays again, as it seems to be quite on trend.
Utility jackets are so great as you can easily incorporate some colour into your outfit by wearing one. I currently only own this camo jacket, but also have seen a very pretty utility jacket with a tie waist at New Look that I might have to buy for myself at the end of the month.

Long line jackets/Duster coats

Another one of those very versatile kind of jackets that I have had inside of my wardrobe for quite some time now are long line jackets. I first got into long line jackets because of my ultimate style queen: Chloe from The Little Plum and am always looking forward to channeling the sassy queen hidden inside of me.

I feel like I can’t go without wearing a long line coat at least once during the in-between season days. I call these sort of jackets long line jackets, but they are also called duster coats. I think they are super chic to wear on any outfit and make your outfit look a bit more pulled together, which is great if you’re off to work or have a presentation at university or something.

Denim jackets

If I want to go for a bit more of a laid back look, I would normally get my denim jackets out again. Denim jackets are such great coats to wear if you want to dress an outfit down or are going for a very relaxed style that day. These kind of jackets are lovely for the in-between season, especially if you style them with a cosy knit or put some other extra layers on. I have a blue denim jacket and a black denim jacket that I have had for quite a long time now that I still love to wear. These jackets are still a bit too cold for me to wear right now, as I am usually prone to catching a cold by wearing jackets that are way too cold at the season.

If I do decide to wear a denim jacket I usually style them with a long sleeve tees or blouse and then put either a lightweight or heavier knit on top to make sure I stay warm throughout the day.It's even beter if you got one of those denim jackets with a shearling lining in it, this will definitely keep you warm during these weird in-between season days!

Oversized blazers

Another style of jacket that is versatile are blazers. They're not really a jacket, but can easily be worn during the in-between season. We're two years into the blazer-trend and I still see them everywhere. I personally love this, as I love to style blazers and how they look on. Whereas a denim jacket can really dress an outfit down, a blazer does the opposite. A blazer really dresses an outfit up.
Just like with my denim jackets, I would normally layer my blazers to keep myself warm on colder mornings. That’s why I usually would layer my blazers with a short or long sleeved tee with a jumper on top. If it’s warm that they I would just wear the blazer and a tee on their own.



  1. I love all of these! The transition from winter to spring is definitely difficult and complicated time when it comes to dressing yourself, but jackets like these are something I rely on a lot as well! xx

    1. Ahh thank you so much Pinja. The trench coat was obviously inspired by you! Glad you liked the post babe xx

  2. I love a denim jacket. I seem to have loads in lots of different colours 😂

    1. Me too! Can never go wrong with denim jackets, they're such good in-between seasons pieces xx

  3. I just found the most perfect long blazer that is a bit thicker than normal from Zara! I'm all about slim longline jackets so I thought it would be a nice option for spring. I'm currently on a hunt for a new leather jacket - love the one you have :)x

    Anu | My blog

    1. Ahh thank you so Anu, it's definitely a really good fake leather jacket! Longer blazers are such a must to have all year around, so that's such a good purchase from ZARA! Can't wait to see it on you! xx


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