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Let's talk about hair. We all have it on our heads, and it always gets a bit dirty. Today’s post is all about how I try to postpone my hair wash for as long as possible. Now that I have shorter hair, I just don’t feel the need to constantly wash or condition my hair, as the ends are healthy. However, my hair usually gets greasy after one day already. I thought I would share a long overdue post on how I postpone my hair wash to three times a week, which honestly is a record for me.

My hair is super fine and gets super greasy quite quickly. I always go through phases of washing my hair super often and to then postponing my hair washes to 2 to 3 days without having to wash it. I noticed that my hair would usually get even greasier from daily hair washes, as it started to crave one every day. One day back in December I had enough of it already and stopped washing my hair everyday. I can now go 2 to 3 days without washing my hair, which is such a difference considering I used to wash it everyday back in November.

Dry shampoo is your number 1 friend

The first thing that will always help me postpone my hair washes is dry shampoo. I honestly can’t go a day without spraying a bit of dry shampoo in my hair. Not only does this work great for making your hair look and you feel fresher, it’s also great for adding texture if you have just washed it.

One of the biggest tips I could give you, is to spray dry shampoo into your hair at night before going to bed instead of in the morning. It sounds gross, but I actually think this helps with absorbing all the oils overnight and leaves you with the most beautiful hair. I find that if I leave it until the morning I am screwed and I just can’t get my hair to look nice all day. This is also better if you’re a brunette like me and always have that lovely white residue on your head.

Only care for your ends

If your hair is anything like me, it’s usually quite oily on top and frizzy at the bottom. My roots are super oily so I would never use oils on my roots as I know I will be a grease ball throughout the day. That’s why I like to only put a little bit of Moroccan Oil or any other kind of hair oil in the ends of my hair to keep my frizz a bit under control, help prevent static hair as well as make it not look like I am actually going for a Lord Farquaad look.

Don’t touch your hair or put it up

One of the things I struggle with the most is not touching my hair. However, I always notice such a difference in how my hair looks at the end of the day if I have had a busy day or had my hair tied up during the day. One of the most important things I would say is to avoid touching your hair as much as possible, which is also one of the things my hairdresser always tells me if I am complaining to her about having to wash my hair quite often. This is definitely something I struggle with, but I have noticed that if I tie my hair in a knot with an Invisibobble it’s not as greasy at the end of the day and I don’t have any awkward kinks in my hair either.

Give it a good clean

One of the most important things that has helped me postpone my hair wash is invest in a really good hair shampoo that gets rid of all the built up products that are still in your hair. So I use the Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo once a week to really get all my hair pores clean and to get rid of all the build up products that are sometimes quite hard to get rid of. I am yet to find a shampoo that is as great as this one but then slightly more affordable, as this is quite an expensive shampoo for someone who’s a student. So if you have any tips for any really good and clarifying shampoos, then definitely let me know!

The only thing I am slightly annoyed about is that my hair is so fine, that I don’t think I could go a week without washing it, as my scalp can easily show through my hair if I haven’t washed it for a longer time. However, this completely has something to do with my hair structure instead of anything else, so that’s something I will just have to deal with for the rest of my life.

I hope these tips were somewhat useful and not too obvious. This has really helped me wash my hair less often. You could definitely give this method a go if you have fine hair like I do and are looking to extend your hair washes. 


  1. I only wash my hair a few times a week too, and these are pretty much the tips I rely on to make it happen too! It's also quite amazing how your hair and scalp really get used to not being washed that often after a while, it just takes some time to train it to it haha!

    1. Ahh yes it's quite amazing how it just becomes less oily! My scalp still has to go through some training though haha, I still have such an oily scalp! xx

  2. Your blog is amazing. Your content s striking and you are beautiful. I'm currently binge reading some of your posts and I'm just in love so far.

  3. I have super fine hair too and was struggling. Already on the second day my hair was greasy and I was so sick of it. Now when I wash it I shampoo my hair twice and it has made the biggest difference! If I use dry shampoo I can even go three days without washing it! Woohooo!
    Amazing post lovely, you look so pretty xx

    1. Ahh thank you so much Gabrielle! Yeah my hair still gets quite greasy on the second day. Double cleansing your hair does make such a difference though, but dry shampoo honestly is the real saviour to be fair! xx


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