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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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This post contains affiliate links

I tend to always go back to write these sorts of blog posts as soon as a new season rolls around. But as soon as a new season starts to appear, I can start to panic. Back when I was younger I classified myself as a fashion blogger. I felt a lot of pressure to buy on-trend pieces and to be up-to-date on what is going on in fashion land. Even if I didn't particularly like certain pieces that are on trend I would buy them, just so I could belong.

Thankfully I have grown up a lot over the past years and have found my own style. That's why I now see myself as a ‘personal style’ blogger instead of a fashion blogger or a super trendy person. These past few years have made me grow up and made me realise that I don't have to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and I shouldn't buy clothes just because my friends wear them or because my favourite blogger is wearing it. I have come to realise that style is about you, about what you like and what you think looks gorgeous on you. However, if you're a bit like me and have a slight of a panic as soon as the new season rolls around, then keep on reading for a couple of my tips on how to define your style for the upcoming two seasons this year.

Seek inspiration

The most important thing to find your style for the upcoming season is by seeking inspiration. Personal style is different for everyone and I am a huge believer of that you should wear whatever you like and feel confident in.

During this time last year I remember feeling completely lost with my style… I felt like every high street store I went into had clothes solely for size 0 girls, which I definitely am not. The rise of the #MidSizeFashion community on social media in this past year has been huge. The midsize community has really helped me rediscover my style and made it a lot easier for me to be ok with the fact that I can’t and don’t want to buy new and/or on-trend items every month. So whenever I am a bit lost I just scroll through my instagram feed or the midsize style feed and try and look for new outfit inspiration.

Saving inspiration on Instagram

The most important thing to finding your new style for a season is to seek for inspiration. The midsize community on Instagram has had a major influence on my spring summer style and I have followed so many new girls this past year who are similar to my size. This has really boosted inspiration and confidence in my personal style. So whenever I scroll on Instagram and find an outfit of a gal I like, I immediately save that photo into a specific Spring/Summer outfits folder. This way I have my own mood board on Instagram, which really helps to determine what kind of personal style I am aiming to go for in the Spring and Summer months.

Look through your older spring/summer photos

One of the biggest plus points of having a blog, is being able to go through old outfit photos and being able to see what kind of clothes I already own. I find that by going through my old photos I actually inspire myself – I am not trying to be narcissistic here – but do you ever see photos of yourself and am just remember how great you felt in certain outfits? Those are the kind of photos you need, as this helps to inspire you for the upcoming season. Not only is this super handy to do for your own inspiration, it’s also great to go through your older photos to see if you don’t already have an item on your wish list. I for example noticed that a couple of stores are restocking bomber jackets. This is great because I have recently come across some photos of me wearing bomber jackets. This reminds me that I need to get those jackets out and start wearing them again.

Even if you don’t have a blog yourself and don’t have the budget to buy lots of new clothes or are trying to reduce your ‘fast fashion footprint’, this is something you definitely could do too. I would recommend just taking mirror shots of your outfits and save that into a folder onto your phone or laptop. This way you can always look back on outfits, especially if you felt extra confident in one and just rewear it the next year!

Another bonus point is that you have your wardrobe digitalized, which kind of makes me feel like Cher from Clueless. Apparently there’s also an app you can use for this, but I am way too lazy to spend a whole day uploading photos of my clothes into an app. It’s just as easy to create a folder on your phone or laptop!

Reshopping your own wardrobe

By going through last year’s photos you’re also already taking your first steps into reshopping your own wardrobe. I already have lots of clothes inside of my wardrobe from last season that can still last me for ages and ages. I need to get my wear out of them and don’t believe in the ‘you can only wear things once’ rule. That’s why it’s super important for me personally to get out all of last year’s clothes and reshop my own wardrobe. I wrote a blog post on how to reshop your own wardrobe, which can be found here.

Now that I am becoming older, I definitely notice how my fast fashion shopping sprees are influencing things such as sustainability and abused factory workers. I am yet to educate myself further on this topic, as I want to be more aware of sustainable brands and to make changes to, again reduce my ‘fast fashion footprint’. I need to dig deeper into brands that promote sustainable style and honest labour conditions, so if you have any brands that aren’t super expensive and contribute to a better world then let me know below!

Write a list of what you feel like is missing

Next I like to write a list of what is still missing for my wardrobe this upcoming season. If there’s one thing I know for example, it’s that I am dying to add midi dresses and skirts to my wardrobe this Spring/Summer season. So as soon as I feel like there are items missing in my wardrobe for an upcoming season I would add them to my list in my iphone. Sometimes there are things on there that are super impulse and I don’t even want to buy two weeks later, so I would then remove them again.


Once you have finalized your little list of items you want to buy, it’s time to go and browse. I like to browse online as I feel like this is the place where I can find most of the items I actually want. However, I would never, ever, immediately buy an item of clothing. I like to add pieces of clothing to a wishlist or my shopping bag as I can think about my items a bit longer.

Another thing that I always try to look for are items that I know will last me a longer time. This again means that I probably won’t be buying a neon top or skirt for example. Reducing your fashion footprint can also be accomplished by investing in timeless pieces that you know can last you at least three years.

My SS2019 style: all about neutrals

If you're still a bit stuck for what you'd like to see yourself wear, then I thought I would also share a little sneak peak for what my SS2019 style will be about. I for example have always been a girl who loves and lives in her basic pieces. I already have a fair amount of black clothes in my wardrobe, which I know will last me a lifetime.

Over the past few years I have already really been in love with neutrals items, so I am expecting to see my spring/summer 2019 style shift to a lot neutral and tones that I know I love, such as camel, brown, white, cream and khaki. I personally think these are beautiful and very versatile tones that look good on anybody. It just so happens to be that these colours are also in style at the moment, so it's a bit easier to find neutral tones.

If you're curious about my SS2019 wardrobe essentials, then keep your eyes peeled on my blog, because I will soon be writing another wardrobe essentials post. In the mean time you can read my SS2018 wardrobe essentials post here.