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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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This post contains affiliate links

My oh my, it’s officially March! Isn’t that crazy?! February went by way too quick in my opinion. But I’m not too gutted about it being March, as there are quite a few fun things happening in March. Anyway, with another month passing, it’s time to round up my five favourite things of February again.

It’s funny actually, because all of the items I am mentioning in this post have been mentioned on the blog before. If there’s one thing I always try to get across on my blog, it’s that I only mention things I am loving at that moment. Since I try to be a better consumer and not spend as much money on fast fashion, I notice this also impacts my five favourites post. I honestly don’t mind because I still think I own more than enough stuff to mention in five favourites posts as there’s always something new to love. So even though the things I am mentioning today have been mentioned before, I just wanted to say that I truly love and have used them lots in February.

Rika Franca bag

One of my most used bags in February has been the Rika Franca bag. Whenever I post a photo of this bag on Instagram or if I wear this when I’m seeing friends I always get compliments on it. It’s such a lovely and versatile bag that I love to use and carry around with me.

I also love that it’s so sleek and instantly makes any outfit look super chic. It’s a bag that was definitely not one of my cheapest self-bought Christmas purchases, but it’s one that has lasted me for so long and a bag that I feel like I can carry around for years.

Sukin Paw Paw Ointment

January and February have been deadly for my lips. My lips were so dry and chapped, it hurt to even open my mouth and talk. I needed to take some serious action and bought this Sukin Paw Paw ointment at the end of January. I have used this ointment on my lips ever since and it’s been so good. I notice such a big difference as soon as I stop using it.

In all fairness, it doesn’t have the greatest smell. I let my cousin smell it and she thinks it smells of nothing, but I definitely do think it smells a bit like bees wax/Vaseline, but it actually works. I needed to use this to make sure my lips survived the colder months. I bought this ointment in store at Holland & Barret, which is one of my favourite all natural stores in The Netherlands. This ointment is sulphate and paraben free, which is lovely if you're really into these things. I am personally trying to be more aware of what kind of ingredients products contain. This product can also be used on your skin if it’s super dry or dehydrated.

Versace Versense perfume

Now because February has been such a good month, I got my spring scents out again. One of my all time favourite fragrances to wear during this time of year is the Versace Versense perfume. This always reminds me of the Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche perfume but then a little different. This perfume has actually never been mentioned in five favourites posts before, which is crazy because I have been using this perfume nearly every spring and/or summer day for the past five years. I love this scent because it’s quite citrusy and smells super fresh! Which is basically my ideal scent for a spring or summer day!

H&M sunglasses

These H&M sunglasses are yet another piece that has not been mentioned in my five favourites before, yet they have made an appearance on the blog. Whenever Spring starts to roll around, I always like to go through my sunglasses collection as I have quite a big collection that I tend to forget about as I usually just wear my Céline Baby Audrey sunglasses.

Anyway, I got these sunglasses out again as I wanted a new pair of sunglasses to wear. I bought these sunnies last year and had only shared these sunnies in this outfit post from last year. I personally love them because of the tortoise shell print. This is such a fun way to add a bit of print to a really basic or casual outfit, which is something I would usually wear. It's something a bit different from the usual black frames I go for, which I am actually trying to stray away from more and more recently. I haven't shot that many outfits outside this year just yet, but you can count on these sunnies making an appearance on the blog in an outfit post very soon.

Besides the fact that these sunnies are just gorgeous, these are actually also polarised. I am pretty sure that it's good to have polarised glasses for when your eyes are quite sensitive like mine. So that's a big bonus too! And these sunnies don't actually break your bank like Céline or Gucci sunglasses would do.

Adidas Yung 96-J trainers

Another favourites post, another little section of these posts that is mentioning these trainers. I already mentioned these sneakers in a five favourites for October. Give that post a read here. I am honestly still obsessed with these trainers. I don’t know if you have seen this, but I have not stopped wearing the Adidas Yung 96-J trainers since December. I wear them out when I am going on a walk, as they are super comfortable to wear. Comfort is always a big plus for me, I have not had any blisters from these ever since I first got them.

Besides the fact that they are super comfortable, I I also think they are the perfect chunky dad trainer for me personally. I had to get myself a new pair of these Adidas trainers at the end of January as my first pair was slowly starting to give in and I felt anxious about the thought of not having them anymore.