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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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Travelling always makes me feel super refreshed in life. It's one of those activities in life where I usually get a lot of joy and gratitude from. There's just something about discovering new places around the world, as well as getting to know new cultures from around the world. I have always been a curious kid, ever since I was young. Culture and people from different cultures have always interested me and I always want to learn things about other countries. It's no surprise that my middle school projects were always about countries so I could learn about new cultures.

Now that I am older I still love to read about to cultures, but there's something even better about getting to experience a culture. I always feel like there's this magic bubble when you travel and see new places from around the world. It's a feeling I can't really describe, but it honestly brings me personally a lot of joy, new knowledge and gratitude to discover new cities, see beautiful architecture and see how other people in other cities all over the world spend their days.

Since I love culture so much and still have so many cities in Europe I would love to visit to experience their culture, I thought it would be super fun to share them in a little blog post with you. I have written posts about my travel bucket lists before, but I feel like this list is a little different. There are a few cities on my travel bucket list that might be a bit more unknown or larger cities that don't actually feel like big cities. I am really hoping to tick these places off my travel bucket list hopefully within the next two years.

Porto in Portugal

Porto is one of the first cities in Europe I would love to visit. I am off to Lisbon next week, but have already heard that it’s becoming quite busy as a lot of tourists from outside of Europe are also starting to discover this beautiful city. One of the other cities in Portugal that was recommended to me, was Porto. Porto is a super beautiful and colourful city with beautiful architecture, museums and photogenic squares throughout the city. My cousin also told me it’s famous for it’s Port wine, which is super lovely desert wine to have.

Bordeaux in France

France is one of the many countries in Europe I have not visited that often. I have spent a holiday there once when I was 15, but never have really gotten around to visiting France ever since. One of the cities I would love to visit is Bordeaux. It’s known for its wines, which is all fun and games but I don’t really drink that much wine. Anyway, I would love to visit this city, again, for the beautiful architecture. I honestly think French buildings are the most beautiful buildings in the world. I also believe there are quite a few interesting museums there. And most important of all: there seem the be a lot of new and fun restaurants popping up in Bordeaux that I would love to try.

Perugia in Italy

If you are into beautiful architecture and historic buildings like I am, then I would highly recommend for you to look at photos or Perugia in Italy online. I honestly think this is one of those cities that has stood still in time and looks as if it came straight out of a book. Besides the beautiful architecture, there are also beautiful churches there, which I always think is nice to visit while away on a holiday or city break. Of course you’re going to be able to have great food there too, as it’s Italy, so you know there will be good food. The only thing is that it’s quite difficult to get there by plane as there are only a couple of European cities that fly to Perugia Airport, but you could easily include Perugia into a summer holiday trip when you are travelling by car.

Florence in Italy

Another great city that has been recommended by me by both my cousin and my mum, is Florence. It is yet another city with beautiful architecture, lovely museums and great food. Florence is the so-called place to be for everything about the renaissance, which has always been one of my favourite topics in History at high school. A lot of great artists, scientists and writers were born or lived there throughout their lives, so Florence is a beautiful city if you’re a bit of a history geek like I am. There are also beautiful squares, big and little streets, churches and palaces that I would love to visit.

It would actually be a dream to be able to visit Florence and Perugia at once, as they are relatively close together. So one of my travel wishes is to just be able to rent a car and drive around Tuscany for two weeks to enjoy some time off.

Madrid in Spain

Even though I have spent most of my childhood going to Spain I am yet to see all the bigger cities of Spain. One city that is super high on my travel bucket list is Madrid. It is the capitol of Spain, so it definitely is not a small city, but I have always been more drawn to visiting Madrid over Barcelona. It’s one of those cities you never really hear anything about, or at least I don’t, but I have always been curious about it. There are beautiful squares, parks and streets to wander through, which to me sounds super lovely to explore. I also love to eat Spanish food and it would have to be on top of my list of favourite foods. I can imagine myself having the time of my life while eating some more homely dishes, which is what Madrid is famous for.

Granada in Spain

Granada is yet another city in Spain, which I have visited before. I was only 5 or 6 at the time so I don’t remember too much about it. What I do remember is how amazingly beautiful the architecture in Granada is. I vaguely remember visiting the Alhambra palace, which was so beautiful with all the Moorish and Catholic influences. I once again feel like this is such a beautiful city to visit if you are anything like me and love to take photos or architecture and beautiful cities. This city is super high on my travel bucket list because of its rich history and all the churches, museums and streets. I honestly think I wouldn’t know where to look as this city is just so beautiful and rich with history and culture!

These are some of the cities that are currently on my travel bucket list and I am really hoping to tick them off my bucket list soon. What are some European cities you would like to go visit (again)?


  1. I've not been to any of these but after reading this kinda wanna book a lil trip somewhere!x

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

    1. Oh yay, I love discovering and visiting new places. Let me know if you decide to go to one of these spots eventually, hope you get to book a lil trip away soon xx

  2. Porto is lovely, you should definitely visit :) How did you enjoy Lisboa? The weather was quite nice these weeks!


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