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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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One goal I set myself was to be grateful for little things every day. This actually led to me starting a gratitude journal inside of my bullet journal. In this gratitude journal I write down what I was grateful for every day. I have done so in January as well as February. Since February was such a lovely month for me, I decided to bring back my ‘Moments of *insert month*’ so I can reflect as well as be grateful for all the little things in February that brought a smile onto my face.

Deep chats with friends

Isn’t there anything better than having deep chats with the people you love? I truly live for these chats where my friends and I just sit somewhere for hours and just talk about live and things that are on my mind. Not only do these sorts of chats always help me when I feel anxious, slightly demotivated or very demotivated, they also make me feel so grateful for these amazing people who want to be in my life. It's honestly something I truly appreciate, as good friends in life are so important to have.

Lovely birthday celebrations

February was also the month I turned 22 and celebrated my birthday. I went for dinner with friends the day before my birthday, I celebrated my birthday with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend on my actual birthday and then the next day I celebrated it with my family. If there’s one thing I love, it’s to spend time with family and friends. It’s not particularly that I love to be the centre of attention with the birthday celebrations, but it’s a good excuse for me to have all of the family get together and have good food and catch up on everything.

I spent my birthday this year very slow. It was all about self-care, which was just what I needed. If you're curious to read a bit more about how I spent my birthday this year, you can read my blog post on it here.


January had been the greyest month of all months. It seemed to drag on for ages and ages. I found it super difficult to be happy and motivated during that month as it felt like I was carrying the weight of the grey weather on my shoulders. I had a lot of anxiety during January and felt like I needed to spend as much time in bed as possible. February was very different though, we have had the most beautiful days in February and not only has it made me feel light, super happy and motivated, it also made me excited to get outside. To make myself feel less anxious I also started going for walks in the sunshine, which has made such a difference in my mood and has definitely helped me feel less anxious.

The sunshine has made me feel super excited for spring and summer and I am already looking forward to creating lots of spring content for you. This is a completely different mood than how I felt last year, as last year I found it so difficult to find my SS18 style. This year I feel super inspired and already now what key pieces will make the cut for my SS19 style.

Walks in nature

In the beginning of February I set myself a goal to create a daytime routine. I now try to plan my days so that I have enough time to work on my blog, shoot and edit photos and also do some freelance work on the side. Because I spent most of my time inside and at home working, I actually try to go for walks outside a lot too. Not only did it help me with my anxiety, it also kicked in lots of new content ideas for my blog. It’s truly incredible how much of an impact a walk can have on how productive you are throughout a day and how it can boost your inspiration immensely.

What I'm wearing:
Mango jumper, ASOS trousers (similar), Adidas trainers, Lancaster bag, CĂ©line sunglasses (similar)


  1. Hope you had a lovely birthday! I've heard so much about gratitude lists and journals, it's something I really feel like I should take up within my own journaling. And so agree with you on the weather omg, the sunshine works wonders on my mood, it suddenly makes everything feel possible. Love the outfit as usual! x

    1. Ah thank you so much Lexie. I had a lovely birthday, thank you for asking! Gratitude journaling is honestly so lovely! It brings you so much joy and makes you feel happy even when you're having a sad or bad day. It's crazy right to think of how much of an impact the sunshine can do for you and your mood?! Enjoy your weekend beauty! xx

  2. I love reading these posts Laura, they put me in such a good mood! ♥︎

    1. Ahh thank you so much Pinja, I'm so glad you like these sort of posts. I love reading them too, they give you a bit of insight into a person's life but also make you so much more aware of your own gratitude! Enjoy your weekend babe xx


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