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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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Last year, 2018, did not feel like a good year for my blog. It was one of those years where I was putting most of my creativity and energy into uni assignments and writing my dissertation. This meant that I felt like I barely had time left to also come up with writing blog posts. I felt creatively restricted when it came to my blog, but since I finally feel like I have a bit more time to breathe and focus on my blog, I already have so many creative blog posts ideas.

Mission statement

In the process of getting my mojo back again, I went through a few steps of determining where I want to take Style and Sushi in 2019. This all started with going back to the basics of my uni course. It all starts with writing down your mission, vision and mission statement. These are so important to write down as they form the base of why you started your blog, who it’s targeted for and what you want to write about. This gives you a strategy and helps you focus what you want to focus on with your blog.

Text improvements

Once I had written down my mission statement I knew it was time to reflect on what I want to improve on my blog. The first thing I want to try and do is to improve my texts. I love writing, but I also know that people like reading shorter texts nowadays. That’s why I want to improve my writing so it’s SEO friendly and consists of 300-750 words per blog post.

Connect my domain to my blog

I want to take my blog a bit further, which also means I will have to start looking into buying a domain. I actually have bought a domain already, but I am currently struggling with linking that domain to my blog. So I need to clear my schedule somewhere this month to really sit down and look into connecting my domain to my blog so I finally can analyse my statistics better.

Read into Google Analytics

This brings me to my next point of interest. I bought myself a book about Google Analytics a couple of years ago, but I never got around to actually reading it. Since I now have more time on my hands, I want to look into Google Analytics a bit more so I can start understanding all the data and really analyze everything.

Photography and photo editing

Photography is a big hobby of mine, I love doing it and always feel super inspired to edit the photos afterwards. I really hope to start photographing a bit more in 2019, so I can really share my photography too. Then I also want to improve my editing in Lightroom, because there are still so many features in Lightroom I have not discovered or mastered just yet.

I feel like the New Year really motivated me to get back into blogging. Setting myself a couple of goals for my blog seemed like a good idea to get myself motivated too, since blogging has become so different than how it used to be back when I started.

By writing these improvements down on my actual blog, I am hoping to keep myself accountable to realize these goals. So if you feel like you’re not seeing enough change on the blog in the upcoming months, do let me know by sending me an email or a message on Instagram. Or if you need any help with writing down your vision, mission and mission statement then you can also always write me a message!

What I'm wearing:
Mango turtleneck jumper (similar) and ZARA trousers (similar)


  1. I think writing down mission, vision and mission statement for your blog is such a great idea! That's going exactly on top of my blog to-do list that I'm going to tackle now during these days after my exam and before the new semester starts when I don't have to be thinking about anything uni related haha! :D Thanks for the tip and inspiration Laura ♥︎ xx

    1. Yes it's such a great way to reset the focus on your blog! I find it actually also really helped with what kind of posts I wanted to write/create in the future. Hope it went well babe! xx


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