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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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Happy New Year gals! I cannot believe we’re officially in 2019 now. Hopefully you have had the best NYE celebrations and the start of your new year has been good. I find it hard to actually come up with resolutions, as it’s a known fact that halfway through January we usually end up giving up these set resolutions. Instead I decided to write down a couple of goals I set myself this year, as I find it easier to accomplish those.

I used to write lots of ‘goals I set myself this month’ posts throughout the beginning of last year. Then throughout the year I got busier with writing my dissertation, which led to me only focussing on that aspect of my life, and less so on realising monthly goals as well as just other aspects of life. So it really feels as if 2019 is my fresh start where I can really try to focus on goals I set myself in this blog post. Besides that I also would love to bring back my monthly goals posts, as I really did notice that they were really motivating me to do better in life and with my blog and Instagram.


I am always guilty of doing this. Every couple of weeks I start to feel insecure about myself, my blog or even my Instagram. I start comparing myself to others and negative thoughts start to take over. That’s when I become super hard on myself and I tend to talk myself down. This mainly has to do with how I react to this sort of stuff. I usually freak out and have the worst mental breakdowns and anxiety attacks. That's why it’s my goal this year to become more loving to myself, to be selfish and to not constantly talk myself down.


With comparing yourself to others, it’s also so easy to not be appreciative of the things you already have in life. I am very guilty of this and always feel like I need to up my game if I start comparing myself to others. So instead of comparing myself to others and to not feel satisfied with everything I already have in life, I want to turn this goal around and to be appreciative of everything I already have in life. I plan on doing this by writing down this I am grateful for. I got this idea by one of my favourite girls, Pinja, who recently wrote a blog post about gratitude journaling, which sounds like the perfect way to start being appreciative of everything in life.


This year is really going to be all about finding back my motivation to blog regularly. It always sounds a bit like an excuse, but university has been really taking it’s toll on my life in 2018, especially from april until the end of the year. This year I hope to be graduating from university, which hopefully gives me a bit more time to create more content for my blog and Instagram. I always feel super motivated to create new content when the new year comes around, but this year I am really hoping this motivation will last throughout the whole year.

Besides that I also want to create regular content on my blog that truly makes me happy. A couple of years ago I used to write blog posts that super easy to read, but the older I become, the more I want to be aware and proud of the content I put online. That’s why this year I am really going to focus on only creating content that I know you and I both like to read.

Then I also want to start focussing more on analysing everything I create. This way I can really start to understand what kind of content you like to see from me and how I can improve and challenge myself to be a better content creator. That's why I will really want to try and do more polls on Instagram stories and to ask you guys for more input on here!


Last year I set myself a goal of reading more. Halfway throughout the year I discovered Good Reads and set myself a half-year challenge of reading 8 books that year. That’s why I decided to raise the bar a bit. Instead of reading a book a month, like I wanted to do last year, I decided to set myself the goal of reading 15 books instead. First up is The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I also have a couple of other books that are on my want to read list on Good Reads. So if you also set yourself a goal of reading more this year, I highly recommend using Good Reads to keep yourself accountable to realize this goal. And maybe we can connect on there too!


A lot of the goals I set myself this year have to do with my mental health. But besides focusing on improving my mental health, I also want to focus more on being physically healthy again. I want to feel motivated to live my life to the fullest and to get most out of it. So the most important goal for me this year is to continue to be healthy, motivated and most importantly, happy this year.

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H&M blazer, H&M trousers, NA-KD tee, Sacha sock boots (similar


  1. First of all, I absolutely loved reading this post Laura! And these are all the kind of things I want to achieve / strive towards to in 2019 too! Second of all, what a babe you are in your shorter hair the suit - looking absolutely amazing!! ♥︎ And I'm so glad to hear my post about gratitude journalling inspired and motivated you to give it a go! I 100% recommend, it's such a great way to notice the little things and appreciate them! Wishing you all the best in 2019 lovely ♥︎ xx

    1. Ahh thank you so much Pinja, you absolute babe! Loved your post about gratitude journalling so much, it pushed me over the edge to start doing it! Wishing you the best in 2019 too lovely xx

  2. I loved The Hate U Give! It's been made into a movie, I need to try to see it...

    1. Yes I saw the trailer just yesterday! But I want to finish the book before watching the movie xx


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