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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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When you find the perfect makeup products or a makeup routine you like, it’s not hard to recommend all of these products to your friends and family. To me a perfect makeup product is affordable but also manages to give you that look that you want to achieve. For me this will always be a product that makes me feel confident throughout the day. I don’t want makeup to cover up everything on my face. I have acne and scarring and I am not afraid to let them show through whenever I put makeup on.

Vichy Normaderm powder

Like I said, I want products that make me feel confident without actually looking like a completely different person. When it comes to my base, I always like to keep it pretty natural. I usually like going for some sort of powder instead of a foundation. I stepped away from the BB creams too as I find that they tend to break me out even more. So yes, I usually like to use either a mineral loose powder or a compact powder. The Vichy Normaderm Powder is one of those products that I have used so much during the past year. It has become such a staple in my makeup collection, it even feels weird and as if my routine isn’t complete if I don’t use it when I am putting on makeup!


I think I have worn bronzer for as long as I have put on makeup. Bronzer has been such staple for as long as I can remember. I can get quite pale and ghostly looking and find that a bronzer can instantly fix that problem. I am not very picky when it comes to bronzer, the only thing is that it can’t be too dark as that will just look awful. So again, a bronzer is such a staple in my makeup collection and definitely cannot be missed!

Powder brush

Just as the powder is such a staple in my makeup collection, so are my powder brushes. Without these I would be nowhere. I am never too picky when it comes to powder brushes so every 6 months or so I tend to just buy myself a fresh one and get rid of the old ones I used to use. I do find that the Real Techniques Powder Brushes are an absolute favourite of mine though. They are so easy to use!

Eyelash curlers

Where would we all be without eyelash curlers, right? I can’t go a day without these Shisheido eyelash curlers. Before I got them two years ago I used to have these really crap ones that I barely used. When they broke, I invested my time and money in a pair of eyelash curlers that were actually doing a good job at keeping my eyelashes up. These eyelash curlers honestly have been such a good investment, I can’t even tell you how much I have used these ever since I got them.

Eyebrow pencil

I would like to think I am not as attached to filling in my eyebrows as I actually am, but I am pretty sure an eyebrow pencil cannot be missed in my everyday makeup collection. It’s come to a phase in life where I feel a bit naked if I have not drawn my eyebrows in just the tiniest bit. The other day I went to uni without any eyebrow product on, because I somehow just forgot to put it on and was so weirded out by how different I looked when I saw myself in a mirror without my ‘eyebrows on’. It’s weird when you expect to see yourself with ‘eyebrows on’ in a mirror but then to see that there’s something missing. It was weird and it made me realise how attached I actually am to filling in my eyebrows whenever I am actually putting makeup on!


Somehow mascara made it on to my list of things that I can’t live without. Funnily enough I seem to be avoiding eye makeup a bit lately because of hay fever. My eyes get so itchy and when you have an itch, you just need to itch right? But if I am not suffering from itchy eyes than I would pretty much wear mascara every day that I am wearing makeup. It makes such a difference; it opens my eyes so much and definitely makes me look less tired.


Another product that definitely makes me look less tired is concealer. Before I never really used to use a concealer. I always felt like I didn’t really need to use it because my bags weren’t really that dark. But now that I have a bit of different routine and I am constantly stressed and loosing sleep because of my thesis and uni projects, I just feel like I need to use concealer because my bags are really suffering! I still find the whole concept of concealer a bit confusing as I just can’t really seem to find a colour that 100% matches the rest of my face, but that might just be because I have this weird tone. Right now the NARS creamy concealer is such a treat to use. It’s a very good product and just really lovely to put under there and seems pretty similar to my tone.