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We have had a couple of really beautiful warm days here in The Netherlands. That got me looking into alternative items of clothing other than jeans or smart trousers, as I don’t really like to wear dresses, shorts or skirts at work or uni during the day. That’s when I stumbled upon linen trousers and boy I am hooked. Ever since I have gotten these linen trousers I am just constantly hunting for new pairs of linen trousers and anything other linen. This post pretty much is a dedication to why I love linen clothing.

It’s breezy and very comfortable to wear

Linen is just a very breezy material. I’m not going to tell you what linen exactly is, because I don’t even know myself. I think it’s made of the flax plant. But I do know that my mum and her sisters always used to wear linen dresses and trousers during our family holidays when I was younger. Whenever I asked her why she would wear that kind of material she always told me because it was very breathable and breezy material. Linen clothing is never really designed to cling to your body, and even if does, it doesn’t feel tight on your body. This is perfect in the heat.

Linen clothes are made to be very breathable, breezy items. They never really cling to your body and if they do, you don’t feel gross or sweaty as it feels as if it absorbs it. If there’s one thing that I hate when it’s hot out, it’s clothing that clings to your skin. I get so uncomfortable and just want to immediately change into another outfit.

You look very French Riviera

Another reason why I think you should invest in linen clothing, is because it makes you look very French or Spanish. Every summer holiday my family and I would go to Spain. I remember when growing up that I saw these really beautiful tall, skinny ladies dressed in white dresses and white trousers. They looked so stunning, so summery, so effortless, but still so chic. I always wondered how they were able to wear trousers in that kind of heat. Turns out that they were linen trousers. Ever since growing up I have seen so many beautiful women in the south of Spain and near the French Riviera wear linen clothes during the summer. I like to think these kind of women always look gorgeous and so effortlessly chic.

Same goes for my mum and her sisters, they always managed to look so chic in linen trousers and dresses. This got me thinking that even though the material is very breathable and breezy, I also think the material looks quite effortlessly chic when paired with the right kind of items.

It’s work appropriate

Like I said before, I don’t really like to wear dresses or any other summery bits and bops to work or uni. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have my own ‘work spot’, but I just think it can be quite gross to sit on a chair with your legs out when so many other people might have sat on those chairs too. Err, the germs… That freaks me out.

Besides the germs, I also still find it quite hard to find the right balance between ‘work wear’ and summer outfits. I usually walk around in denim shorts during summer, but in my opinion that’s not very appropriate to wear to work (at least where I have worked in the past). So that means you have to adjust your wardrobe a bit during the warmer months. Instead of wearing jeans and sweating to death, linen trousers for example are such a great alternative. They’re breezy but you can still look so chic and work appropriate when you’re at the office.

You can cover up on warmer days without overheating

The final reason why you should invest in linen clothing, is because it means you can cover up on warmer days. I am always a bit hesitant to immediately get my legs out on the first hot day in the Netherlands. I just don’t feel comfortable yet and am not yet in a state of mind where I like showing off a lot of skin. It’s just a personal reason. But if you’re like me and you’re not ready to get your legs out on hot days just yet, then definitely invest in linen clothing. Like I said before, linen clothing is usually quite breezy and loose, which means you’ll never really overheat in warm weather.

My favourite places for linen clothing

Now over the years I have been looking for linen clothing quite a bit. It can be quite hit and miss, but I feel like I finally figured out where I should by my linen clothing. The first place is ZARA. I always buy my linen tees at ZARA. They have an amazing range of linen clothing that look perfect and are very affordable. The tops don’t really last that long, but that is not that weird, as I am always wearing them in summer. They definitely can be worn for at least one and maybe two seasons.

The second shop that I love that does lovely linen clothing is Mango. It’s yet another Spanish store, but I truly do think that the Spanish do know how to curate beautiful linen items. Throughout the years I have found multiple beautiful linen tees, trousers and dresses at Mango that lasted me a good one to two seasons. Again, Mango does some really affordable clothing that looked good on you and felt very easy and breezy.

The final shop that I discovered that does amazing linen clothing is H&M. This came as such a surprise to me, but their linen trousers and tees are amazing! The quality is beautiful and so far the trousers I am wearing in these photos have lasted me for a good month. Now of course I don’t have much else to report on these trousers just yet, but I do think that H&M is also a new, very good place to buy linen clothing items at.

What I'm wearing:
Zara blazer (similar)
COS tee
Superga trainers
Stradivarius bag


  1. This totally makes me want to give linens a try, I love the style of this look!

    Anika |

    1. Thank you Anika! Definitely give linen a try, it's so nice to wear during summer! :) xx

  2. Linen is definitely such a perfect summer material! I'm actually on the hunt for a linen blazer for this summer because I feel like it would be such a great addition to my summer wardrobe (and blazer selection haha!) xx

    1. It honestly is the best, isn't it? You would look soooo good in a linen blazer! It would be such a good addition to your amazing blazer section! I'm also dying to get myself a linen blazer but am yet to find one that I love! xx

  3. I'll have to give linen a try :)


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