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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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This afternoon I hopped into town, dying to have a little shopping spree. I felt like I had not been into town and just strolled in and out of stores in forever. So when I went into town this afternoon, I was excited to have an old school shopping trip. However, when I went into town, I noticed that I become annoyed and tired because I just couldn’t really find anything that I had pictured in my mind or lived up to the expectations. This got me thinking, am I over shopping sprees?

Stop impulse buying

Lately I have really have not been buying impulse purchases anymore. I used to buy lots of pieces of clothing ‘just because I liked it’. These purchases weren’t really thought through and I would usually regret buying an item of clothing later that day, week or month. It usually ended in me having to keep these items because the return dates had expired, which usually meant I was stuck with items I didn’t even really love in the first place. This year I have really tried to make an effort to stop making so many impulse purchases and I feel like I finally found the right balance.

Over the past months I have been trying to be conscious about what I buy. So whenever I am shopping for items of clothing nowadays, I usually like to think about the item of clothing for a few days before I actually purchase it. Today I realised that I prefer shopping online anyway. So what I usually like to do is put the items I like either on a wishlist or my basket. Then during the weekend I have some spare time to really think about whether or not I need these items of clothing. If I feel like do need them, I would definitely buy them. If I feel like these items of clothing aren’t really my style or what I’m looking for, I would just remove them from the basked or wishlist. My new motto is when in doubt, don’t do it just yet. Leave them in the basket for a while and if you’re still thinking about it in one or two weeks then you might need to reconsider it.

Find carefully curated items

Over the past years I have definitely been trying to invest in carefully curated garments. This can be quite hard whenever you’re having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction (especially when it’s getting summer-y again). I find it hard to invest in carefully curated items. However, I would much rather spend a little bit more money on a shirt from Samsoe Samsoe for example, so I know it will probably last me a little longer than a shirt from ZARA.

Buying clothes that are a bit cheaper are really fun to buy. However I do find that whenever I buy myself some ‘cheaper’ clothes, I tend to enjoy them a lot less than when I invest in a shirt from Samsoe Samsoe for example. This shirt I am wearing is from Samsoe Samsoe and it cost me around €35 in the sale. Even though it was kind of expensive for a shirt like this, I do think it’s such a good investment piece. I know this shirt is going to last me a lot longer than when I buy myself a shirt like this at H&M or ZARA for example. So nowadays I would much rather invest my money in pieces of clothing that are carefully curated, instead of spending money on a shirt form Primark, which will last me just one season.

Quality over quantity

When I was younger I was all about having lots of clothes. The older I got, the more I started to realize that it’s not about how many clothes you have. Nowadays I do realise that if you want to find and purchase carefully curated clothing items, it’s not about having or being able to buy lots of clothing. It’s better to have a few really good staple pieces in your wardrobe than to have lots of clothing that you bought on impulse and you’re not really happy with.

One impromptu shopping trip into town made me realise that I definitely don’t need lots of summer clothes to have a great summer. I also now know that I am definitely more of an online shopping person than a real life shopping person. There’s just so much frustration when I’m shopping in stores and I always feel pressured to be quick when I am trying on clothes in changing rooms. Then I also am not wearing the right outfit and just feel very stressed about whether or not I need to buy a piece of clothing or not.

So if I am ever going out again on an impromptu shopping trip and end up in the changing rooms, I am going to need this little mantra for myself. Don’t impulse buy clothes, find carefully curated items and most importantly, it’s about quality over quantity.

What I'm wearing:
Samsoe Samsoe shirt (similar)
Topshop trousers
Adidas Stan Smith trainers


  1. I realised the same thing recently, I used to love shopping trips to the high street and return with bags full of purchases. Trouble is, I'd only wear a handful of things and the rest would sit unworn in my wardrobe because they didnt fit right or I didn't have anything to go with them. These days I'm definitely an online shopper as there's less pressure and more time to pick items. I also like to save them first so I can decide if I really like/need something new. It's a good way to cut impulse buys for sure!

    Elisha X

    1. Exactly! Online shopping is so much better because you can save items first before deciding if you really need or like anything new! xx

  2. I loved this post, I also shop online a lot as well and I'm trying to do this with my clothes. :)

    1. Thank you Kelly! I'm glad you liked it. It's such a better way to buy clothes and save up on money too! :) xx


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