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Protecting yourself when you’re out and about in the sun is so important; I can’t stress on this topic enough. Throughout the years I have been really trying to improve how (and how often) I use SPF as I want to protect myself from any sun damage as much as possible. Now I still tend to get a sunburnt on a few places on my body. These are always body parts I forget to put SPF on and I instantly regret it as soon as these body parts get burnt. In this post I wanted to share a few body parts you also have to put SPF on, to make myself a little reminder to put SPF on these body parts. Besides that I also hope that this post inspires you to put SPF on these body parts too.

Don’t forget your lips!

I don’t think my lips have been severely sunburnt before, but I definitely have been on the verge of having sunburnt lips. I was a lot younger when this happened, and I remember it being quite painful to just move my lips. Since I have an obsession with lip balm anyway, I tend to also always buy myself a lip balm with SPF in it before I am off on holiday.

There are so many great lip balms with SPF out there, like the ones from La Roche Posay. I usually buy myself one that I can easily get access to, such as the Blistex ones or the ones Nivea.

Don’t forget your ears!

I myself never had this happen, thankfully. But never forget to put SPF on your ears when you’re going out in the sun. My cousin and multiple of my friends have told me that they had burnt their ears because they had forgotten to put SPF on. They always tell me it’s the worst, as there’s nothing worse than having really hot ears. Because your skin is burnt, the skin stays warm. It would be a nightmare to have warm ears when you’re out in the sun somewhere, wouldn’t it? I honestly think that having hot ears is one of the worst things to have, as it’s just so uncomfortable in my opinion. Therefore I am now always putting SPF on my ears if I know I am going to be out in the sunshine all day.

Whenever I put SPF on my ears, I am not very picky in what I use. It’s just what I have lying around, so whether this is a face SPF or a body SPF, I would use either to protect my ears from burning.

Don’t forget the soles of your feet!

Last summer I managed to burn the soles of my feet. I honestly don’t know how I managed to do it, but I definitely have learnt my lesson. I have put SPF on the soles of my feet ever since, because it was just so uncomfortable to walk around! So whenever I am off to tan on holiday, I really try to make sure I put SPF on every single part of my body, even the soles of my feet.

Again, I am not too picky with the SPF I put on there, I usually just put the SPF I am using for my body at that moment on the soles of my feet. If you’re going to get up and walk around after, do make sure to clean your feet with water first or you’ll have an almost near death experience if you’re walking down a set or stairs in your flip flops – Yes I am speaking from experience here guys. Make sure not to burn your feet, but also be careful when you get up from a sunbed and start walking around!

Don’t forget your scalp!

Finally, the last place I always seem to forget to put SPF on is my scalp. My hair is very fine and whenever I am out and about in the sun all day when my scalp tends to burn. This can be caused because you wear your hair in a certain parting. I for example always wear my hair in either a middle or a side parting. If I am out and about, I usually will have a burnt scalp by the end of the day. And I don’t think there’s anything more annoying than having little bits of dry skin stuck in your hair because your scalp is peeling.

This year I wanted to prevent my scalp from burning, which is why I invested in a hair SPF. I am not sure whether or not it works just yet, as I haven’t been out in the sun as much as I would like to. It’s reassuring to think that when I am off out in the sun all day I can spray this on and protect my scalp from burning.


  1. I ALWAYS burn my scalp, really need to start being more careful with that! So thank you for the reminder Laura, and such a good and important topic in general! ♥︎ xx

    1. Thank you Pinja! I'm so glad this post reminded you to be more careful with burning your scalp. It's really annoying when it happens right? xx

  2. So glad you've posted about this, I think it always goes under the radar a bit. I burnt the soles of my feet last summer too! It was the strangest thing but defo learnt that you have to be careful everywhere! x

    1. Thank you Lexie, that was exactly my idea too. I always seem to forget about these body parts so this was my little reminder to really take care of these body parts this summer. It's such a weird feeling to burn your feet right? xx


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