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Shirtdresses seem to have made a comeback for summer this year. Everywhere you look you’ll find these dresses in stores, on girls, on social media. They’re everywhere. And I love it. Wearing shirtdresses during summer is something I always look forward to and I pretty much always include them into wardrobe essentials, because they truly are summer wardrobe staples to me. So when I mentioned these shirtdresses in my wardrobe essentials post, I got the question if I could share a few of my favourite bits, where I get my shirt dresses as well as how I style them. That’s pretty much what I will be talking about in this post.

To me shirtdresses are such a great piece to invest in as I pretty much wear shirtdresses everyday when I am off on holiday. There are always a few items staple colours that I like to have my shirtdresses in.

How I like to style them

I like to keep it pretty basic whenever I am wearing shirtdresses. I usually just wear the shirtdress with a pair of trainers or boots and a bag. If I need to, I would wear a jacket over the top too. I think less is definitely more in the case of shirtdresses. I think you should just ‘let the dress speak for itself’. If I am feeling extra fancy, I sometimes also like to add some jewellery, a pair of sunglasses or, like I said, a jacket.

Shoe wise I love wearing a pair of trainers, such as a pair of Vans Old Skool trainers or a pair of white trainers with shirtdresses for a bit of a preppy look.
If I am going for a bit of a holiday vibe while wearing shirtdresses, I love wearing either Birkenstocks, other sliders, espadrilles or a pair of sandals. It’s such a cute way to style the shirtdresses with a pair of sandals or sliders whenever you’re away on holiday.

I don’t always wear shirtdresses just on holiday, whenever I am ‘feeling’ my look and wear dresses at home I also love to style these dresses with a pair of ankle boots. Heeled or not heeled, I think these dresses look cute with pretty much any pair of ankle boots. Recently I am love styling my shirtdresses with my lace up boots that I used to wear so much during the autumn/winter season. I’ll definitely show you a full outfit like that on the blog soon!

Where I get them

Like I said when starting off this post, I feel like shirtdresses are everywhere right now. The first place that I love buying my shirtdresses at is Boohoo. I am not really a big fan of Boohoo as a store, but they do some really good shirtdresses. Sometimes the fabric can be a bit off, but other times their shirtdresses just look fabulous on!

Another place I love getting my shirtdresses at is H&M. I have spotted so many different but very gorgeous shirtdresses this season at H&M. They are very breezy and the fabrics feel lovely and in my opinion a dress from H&M could really last a long time in your wardrobe. I hate buying in store at H&M though, there’s just so much and I feel overwhelmed as to where I should look. So I always look online for shirtdresses. Sadly enough most of the shirtdresses that I liked this season from H&M have been sold out for ages. So I’m trying to figure out how to still get my hands on at least a few shirtdresses.

ZARA also really do some great shirtdresses. I think that’s where I bought my first shirtdress. It always starts with ZARA, right? ZARA also does a few great shirtdresses, however they can get quite expensive, especially for how much or how little fabric you are paying for.

One of my favourite shirtdresses is from MissGuided and they seemed to be doing a few great shirtdresses last year. This year however I find their shirtdresses collection a bit disappointing. I was looking to invest in another black shirtdress, but couldn’t find any similar to the one I already own anywhere. MissGuided do have a few gorgeous printed shirtdresses that I bet look gorgeous on!

Finally ASOS seems to be doing some really gorgeous shirtdresses too. I have found so many beautiful shirtdresses when you enter shirtdress into the search bar. The options are endlessly long. I also am loving all the button through dresses everyone seems to be wearing lately, and I got the one I am wearing on the photo above from ASOS too. So definitely also check ‘Button Through Dresses’ on ASOS when you’re looking for some great shirtdresses.

My own collection

Throughout the past two years I have definitely spent a few euros on shirtdresses. Some of them eventually shrunk in the wash though. Others still look good a year after buying them.

When it comes to talking you through my shirtdresses collection, I am finished quite quickly. I love myself a black item of clothing. Black is definitely one of those colours that I always like to wear because they always look good on you. So of course I have two pairs of shirtdresses in black.

Another shirtdress that I got myself two years ago is a white shirtdress. It’s a bit of a stiff material that almost feels a bit denim-y. However, I honestly think I can’t live without having at least one white shirtdress in my collection too. Sometimes it’s a bit tricky because of the underwear situation, but thankfully we’ve got either nude or red(!) underwear to keep your underwear from showing through your shirtdresses.
Fun fact: did you know that wearing read actually helps to prevent your underwear from showing through? It’s such a bizarre miracle that I can’t quite comprehend!

So now that I have talked you through my ‘basics’, we’re going on a tiny style adventure. Because I recently also added a striped shirtdress to my summer wardrobe collection. This particular one, showed above, is blue and white striped that in my opinion looks so cool, French and holiday like!

And finally I love myself a printed shirtdress. I already own a star print shirtdress from Boohoo, but would love to buy myself two more prints. First off I would love to buy myself a flower print shirtdress. Secondly I would love to buy myself a leopard print shirt. I spotted one on MissGuided that I like, but am unsure of whether or not I could pull off. I would rather wear a leopard printed dress that is muted down a bit, so I would rather have a leopard print shirtdress in either green or red.


  1. I'm loving the white shirt dress, such a flattering piece on you!x

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  2. I love these! So cute and casual and perfect for summer! I love the star dress in particular, I think you could wear that one all year round really!

    Grace xx

    1. Thank you Grace! Yes, so true. It's such a good all year round dress! :) xx

  3. Weer een leuk artikel Laura :). Ik vind je gestreepte shirtdress heel leuk, mag ik vragen waar die van is? Zoek namelijk nog zoiets! Mijn collectie shirtdresses is vrij bescheiden en vrij winters (denk donker denim en zwart met sterrenprint) en ik wil graag nog een mooi lightweigt exemplaar daaraan toevoegen!

    1. Dankjewel Lana! De gestreepte shirtdress is van de H&M! Heel fijn en luchtig, perfect voor het warme zomerweer van de laatste paar weken :) xx


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