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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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Sometimes it can be hard to find constant inspiration inside of your own wardrobe. Lately I noticed I kept reaching for the same kind of outfits inside of my wardrobe when there’s so much stuff I don’t tend to wear during this time of year. I wanted to step a bit outside of my comfort zone I am living in at the moment where I only wear black jeans with a jumper. It’s why I decided to challenge myself to find five outfits on my Pinterest and recreate them with what I already own inside of my own wardrobe. So in today’s post I am sharing five outfits I wore recently that I basically copy-pasted onto myself after seeing them on Pinterest. I had so much fun actually doing this, as it’s always exciting to rediscover older items inside your wardrobe and style them in ways you normally wouldn’t.
The first outfit I wore might not seem so much outside of my comfort zone when you first look at it. However, I personally would rather wear this sort of outfit with a pair of black jeans and either my white chunky trainers or chunky moto boots. So by going for a pair of blue jeans and a pair of Chelsea boots it’s actually a big step outside of my comfort zone. I usually tend to not mix too many colours as I always feel like I then have this big sign on my back saying ‘Look at me I am wearing colour’. However, I do really like how this outfit looks on, so I will definitely be wearing this sort of outfit again soon. This is the outfit I was inspired by on Pinterest to create this look.
This second outfit was one where I felt extremely comfortable. It’s an all black outfit so not much can go wrong there in my books. What makes this slightly outside of my comfort zone is my choice of jacket. I absolutely love the teddy coat trend as it just looks like you’re a cosy bear yourself. You can find the photo I took inspiration from on Pinterest here. I bought this coat over two years ago, but have not worn as much as I liked, as it’s quite big and bulky. Whenever I do wear it, I feel like it always emphasises my size and actually makes me feel a bit uncomfortable because I was always scared it was making me look twice as big as my actual size. I still think this jacket is not the most flattering item of clothing I own, but I actually really like how cosy and warm I feel whenever I wear it outside. Oh, and! I am finally wearing jewellery now. Lines and Current a really beautiful, independent shop from Ireland gifted me this necklace and I have to say I am in love. They have some really beautiful pieces that are relatively affordable, so I have my eye out for some more pieces.
I like to call this third outfit my grey mouse outfit. Somehow this outfit is outside of my comfort but also not really. One to two years ago I used to wear checked items lots, however I would always wear them with something easy to style such as black or white. Nowadays I have become much more basic as I like to say so myself and tend to stay away from prints. That’s why I thought this outfit I saw on Pinterest would be such a great outfit to recreate to push myself outside of my current comfort zone and back into what I used to wear lots. I actually really like how this outfit looks on and I completely forgot how incredibly comfortable these trousers are, so I will definitely be wearing this outfit again soon.

Wearing white jeans is always a difficult one for me. I am super clumsy and you can count on me getting my jeans dirty within thirty minutes after I have put them on. That’s why this sort of outfit I found on Pinterest is so out of my comfort zone. However I do love how this sort of outfit looks on others, so I am thinking I might have to just try to wear my white jeans more often. Like I said before, I feel quite conscious in this outfit as it’s quite light whereas I would usually wear this sort of outfit with at least one item of black clothing. I did kind of wear a black item, however they’re my boots, so I am thinking I have actually done quite a good job at avoiding lots of black clothing. It was quite easy though, as I actually spend most of my time indoors and didn’t wear any sort of coat.
And finally an outfit that isn’t really outside of my comfort zone as I would wear all of the pieces on its own. The only thing that is slightly outside of my comfort zone is wearing the blazer over my jumper. I got the inspiration for this outfit from this photo I found on Pinterest. It was actually quite a snug fit and I just don’t understand how people wear blazers over jumpers in winter. I was freezing when I went into town on my scooter like this and just found it the most impractical thing ever. I do however thing this also has something to do with my blazer not being made from wool. At the moment I don’t need any new winter blazers, but I think if you want to keep yourself warm, I think it could be really good if you’d wear a wool blazer with this sort of outfit instead. Oh and don’t wear this sort of outfit when it’s below 10 degrees Celsius because I was FROZEN.

Shop (similars of) what I'm wearing in these outfits inspired by Pinterest
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  1. Loved the post, Pinterest is full of inspiration, I might have a try and recreating some looks too. I'm glad you stepped out of your comfort zone. All the outfits are great for fall, my favourite would have to be between the first and fourth one - they're both chic and cosy. Thanks for sharing some style inspiration dear.

    Tx. // Tajinder Kaur

    1. Thank you so much Tajinder! Pinterest is my main source for inspiration and I tend to always browse there when I feel a bit uninspired. I love how you can step outside of your comfort zone without having to buy new clothes! xx

  2. This is such an amazing idea, love this post Laura ♥︎ Definitely a great way to find out new ways to wear your clothing items! And all of these outfits suit you so well, you look amazing babe!

    1. Thank you so much Pinja! It's so true, I have now worn pieces again I have not worn in years. I cannot wait to see you do a post like this to be fair! xx


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