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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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From July 2012 all items marked with a (*) are gifted items or PR samples. Posts on this blog may contain affiliate links or sponsored content. Please read my disclaimer for more details.

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This post contains affiliate links and an gifted item. The gifted item is marked with a '*'. Please read my full disclaimer here.
During autumn with life during these darker months ebb and flow away there are a few products in life I depend on to get me through my autumn days. These products definitely make my day a whole lot more enjoyable and easy to get me through my day. It is no secret that I struggle with seasonal affective disorder and the darker days always have a bit more of affect on my mood and my productiveness in general. It definitely helps to have products that make me happy, help me enjoy my day and just generally make it easier for me to get through the days.

Rebecca Minkoff bag

My first essential is my Rebecca Minkoff bag. This bag has been a purchase from a couple of years ago. I only recently rediscovered it, while I was looking through some older photos on the blog. This bag is really great, as it can easily fit a lot more stuff in than my other two favourite bags. Whenever I am off for meetings or want to bring my camera with me for the day but don’t want to bring an extra tote bag with me, I like to carry this bag around with me. It’s a super easy and practical bag for me personally. I also really like that after four years of buying it, it still comes in super handy and useful.

Leuchtturm Bullet Journal

This is my second year of bullet journaling and I am really love using it so far. This past year my bullet journal has really become part of me. I basically use my bullet journal for everything these days, such as my blog content calendar, weekly calendar, gratitude journal, habits trackers, meal plans, reading lists and I write all of my statistics in there too. It always takes a little bit of time to find a perfect the perfect way to use personally use a bullet journal. Last year I tried to make mine super fancy looking and I spent a lot of time drawing things in there. I am not the greatest drawer, so didn’t really find pleasure in using my bullet journal, which is why I made mine super simple this time around. It has helped me really find structure and productiveness in my life, which is always good to help me through the day.

Elie Saab Le Parfum perfume

Another old favourite of mine that has recently become an endless favourite of mine, is the Elie Saab Le Parfum perfume. I am the worst at describing scents, but according to the Internet this is a ‘ultra-feminine, flowery-woody scent. I honestly think I would have to agree with that, as to me, this is one of my go-to, absolute favourite autumn scents. I used to use this during autumn and winter back when I was still in high school. Then for a couple of years I had not used it and only last Christmas this perfume came back into my life again. Whenever I spray this scent on, I am instantly thrown back to my high school years and it brings just so many great memories and a lot of comfort whenever I spray this on in the morning.

Clinique Moisture Surge 72-hour auto-replenishing hydrator

The Clinique Moisture Surge 72-hour auto-replenishing hydrator has been mentioned lots on my blog before. It's no secret that I absolutely love this cream as a daily moisturiser. I personally love this moisturiser as it feels super moisturising when I first put it on. The gel-like texture of this product feels perfect for my dehydrated but combination skin. That makes it feel like I am still getting enough moisture without the fear of getting super oily skin that might lead to breakouts. If I am spending a lot of time indoors I actually love putting an extra layer of this on at the end of the morning, to really make sure my skin is properly moisturised throughout the day.

La Roche Posay Cicaplast hand cream

Autumn and winter goes hand in hand with dry skin. My hands always seem to be super dry as soon as autumn hits. My hands always crack during this time around and now that my dad and I are redoing my room, I have also noticed my hands becoming super dry. It’s why I was really looking to find a hand cream that would properly moisturise my hands to keep my hands from being dry and crackly this autumn and winter. I have now used this La Roche Posay Cicaplast hand cream since the end of September and really enjoy using it. My hands feel super soft and I no longer have painful cuticles because of the cold weather, so I definitely feel like this product is doing its work and has become a big favourite in my daily autumn essentials.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray*

My final daily autumn essential is my This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray*. This product has been gifted to me by the girls from This Works, but I have never made it a secret how much I love their pillow sprays, as I have bought them myself in the past. I majorly suffer from insomnias and falling asleep at night, and weirdly enough I always seem to struggle more during the autumn and winter time with falling asleep. It’s probably because I always feel a bit more stressed because of uni deadlines during this time around than in the spring/summer time. The insomnias and sleep deprivation have really had an effect on my mood recently and I have really suffered with getting up in the mornings. It’s why I had to go back to using this pillow spray again at night and I can immediately notice a difference whenever I use this as it has a hugely calming effect on me.

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  1. This bag is absolutely beautiful 😍 And it's so important to find the essentials that get you through the daily life depending on the season!

    1. Thank you so much Pinja, it's an oldie, but I still love it so much! Couldn't agree more, especially during the autumn I depend on quite a few essentials to get me through my days xx


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