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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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There’s nothing worst than an outfit crisis in the morning when you’re in a rush to get to uni or work. I have honestly had so many occasions in the morning where that happened and I felt like had nothing to wear even though I had a closet full of clothes. I thought it would be nice to share some of my tips on how I prevent any big morning outfit crises from happening so we can all get through our mornings a little easier.

Plan your outfits for the week ahead

The first thing I like to do, especially when I know I have a busy week ahead of me, is plan my outfits for the week ahead. My main reason for doing this, is so I have an extra 5 minutes in bed and don’t have to worry about what to wear that day. So on Sunday evening I like to pick and match my outfits. I then hang them either onto my closet or on my clothing rack so they are easily accessible in the morning. At the moment I am not as busy as I can be when I am properly back into a uni/work routine, so I have definitely been lacking on outfit planning ahead. In summer I am always a bit more laidback with my outfits as I definitely have a bit more time on my hands in the morning. But I also have been having a difficult time planning my outfits in August and September, as the weather is just a bit weird. Some days it’s super humid but cloudy, but warm. This confuses me a bit as I am never too sure whether to throw a leather jacket and jeans on or not. Anyway, I love planning outfits so whenever this sort of weather rolls around I tend to write little lists of outfits I could wear on my phone so I have something to look back on.

Colour coordinate your wardrobe

I can sometimes feel quite overwhelmed by my wardrobe, especially when it’s looking a bit messy. It’s whenever my wardrobe is messy, I can quite easily start having wardrobe and outfit crises. That’s why I like to have a bit of a system in my wardrobe. I like to colour coordinate my wardrobe, especially the hanging bits. They can feel quite overwhelming when there’s all these different colours mixed together. Colour coordinating my wardrobe helps me when I want to wear items that are a certain colour. The pieces of clothing I fold, are also colour coordinated by black tees, white tees, striped tees, graphic tees and one pile of ‘coloured’ tees, which is actually just colours such as browns, khakis and beiges. I also have separate piles for my jeans, culottes, shorts and smart trousers.

Make sure to have an everyday go-to look

Whenever I have not planned my outfits ahead of me and don’t have a list of outfits I always go back to my ‘uniform’. This is basically a look I would wear on a day-to-day basis that is super basic, chill and I know I am comfortable in. My go-to look would for example be a pair of blue mom jeans and a t-shirt. I chuck a blazer on top and I am ready to go. It’s good to know what your go-to outfit is, so if you’re ever in a rush or feel a bit uninspired you can always go back to this sort of outfit. The good thing about a go-to look is that you can mix it up all week if you’re feeling uninspired too. One day you might see me wear a pair of mom jeans with a striped tee and the next day I’ll be wearing a white tee. By adding a different blazer these two looks can look so different, but still feel the same.

Take style notes when people watching

Whenever I feel a bit uninspired I love to look at new inspiration. Obviously social media, blogs and Instagram are great for finding new style inspiration. Another favourite thing for me to do is people watch at cafes and take style notes from people actually walking by. I always get so much inspiration from just wandering around town and seeing what other people are wearing. A few weeks back I saw this girl in H&M wear an outfit combo I actually loved and recreated my own version of that when I came home. There’s always somewhere to find inspiration from that can help you prevent any sort of outfit crises from happening.

I would love to know what you do to prevent any outfit crises from happening?