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It’s been nearly over half a year now since I went to Lisbon and when I look back at my photos from there or even my Lisbon travel guide, I get this feeling that I want to go back again. Lisbon was such a beautiful city with so many amazing things you can do while you are here. In my post for today I thought it would be fun to share a couple things I think you must do or visit when you are in Lisbon.

Obviously I am no expert at what you should do and visit in Lisbon. But when I look back on my trip with my cousins, there are a couple of places we visited and things we ate that feel so iconic for our trip. We had a super relaxed weekend trip, saw lots and mostly ate a lot of food. If you’re after a trip similar to mine, where we just discovered Lisbon, took in moments and ate lots, then keep on reading for my tips.

Sit at Jardim Júlio de Castilho

Back when we went away in March, the weather was absolutely beautiful. I know the weather in Lisbon can be quite a hit or miss. But if you’re in Lisbon and the weather happens to be lovely, I would highly recommend to walk to the Jardim Júlio de Castilho. Sit down there for a bit and just enjoy everything there for a while. Soak up the whole environment. When we were there on our first day we sat down on a bench for a bit, soaked in the view, the music two street musicians were playing and just people watch. I remember this so well as we all were just really living in the moment and using all of our senses to watch, listen en smell everything that was going on at the Jardim.

Visit LxFactory

My cousin had a couple of things she wanted to visit and do on her bucket list. One of the main things was visit LxFactory. I had heard about it too via some bloggers and vloggers I follow on Instagram, but didn’t really know what it was all about. LxFactory is kind of like an industrial kind of village in the middle of Lisbon. We spend most of our afternoon on Saturday there, which was absolutely perfect. LxFactory is a creative hub and has lots of gorgeous, old industrial buildings where you can find art galleries, restaurants, terraces where you can sit and listen to music or shop unique and/or sustainable fashion pieces.

Pasteis de nata

A trip to Lisbon is not, I repeat not, completed without eating some pasteis de nata. Before I went to Lisbon I had never tried of it but kept hearing friends and family and people online talk about pasteis de nata. At first I didn’t know what to expect, but I can only say that it is a must to eat when you’re in Lisbon. My cousins and I once tried making them ourselves at home and they didn’t taste nearly as yummy as the once we had in Lisbon. We had at least one, sometimes two a day when we were there for our 4 day trip and we also went and brought a couple of pasteis home for our family as a little souvenir. Obviously I immediately got my brother and his girlfriend and my parents hooked on pasteis too. Thinking about them now actually makes me feel a bit hungry again.

Eat seafood in Lisbon

Lisbon, and Portugal is known for its seafood. So when you’re in Lisbon, it’s definitely a must to indulge in the local dishes. We did that buy enjoying seafood pretty much every night while we were there. We ate sardines, lobster, cuttlefish, seafood croquettes and it was all so tasty! I obviously know who I went on a trip with, as both of my cousins are also major foodies, so we basically ended up eating so much yummy different sorts of seafood while we were in Lisbon. If you’re into seafood and love experimenting with new sorts of fish and stuff like that, then I would highly recommend to eat all the seafood and fish meals on the menus you visit.

Walk around at Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

The final thing you definitely must do while you’re in Lisbon is walk around Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. This monastery is located in Bélem, near the Bélem tower, but so incredibly gorgeous from the outside and the inside. When we walked back to the city centre of Lisbon after visiting the Bélem tower we pretty much stumbled upon this, which was such a pleasant surprise. The building is absolutely gorgeous and so impressive when you stand in front of it. We took some insane shots while we were at the Mosteiro and I have to say that I am quite disappointed we didn’t end up going inside as the inside is supposed to be just as beautiful as the outside.
So if I have saved enough money to go back to Portugal for a road trip or a specific trip to Lisbon, I will definitely be buying a ticket to walk around the inside of the Mosteiro.

Those are just a few things I felt like needed to have a separate post on, as I feel like the places I mentioned in this post are actually not talked about as frequently as other places such as the Torre de Bélem, Time Out Market or Castelo de São Jorge. If you’re planning a trip to Lisbon soon or are looking for new things to do, you can also find my Lisbon city guide here.


  1. Lisbon is one of the places that I really want to spend a weekend away next year, so thank you so much for sharing your highlights! That monastery looks absolutely beautiful (I am a sucker for old architecture!)

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

    1. Lisbon is an absolutely gorgeous city. I'm dying to go back again to be honest. Glad you liked this post Lizzie, hope you'll get to visit Lisbon next year! xx

  2. Lisbon is high up on my list to visit as I need to visit more Spanish countries! It looks gorgeous and I can't wait to add it onto my next destinations list!

    Shannon x
    travel + lifestyle blog

    1. Lisbon is absolutely beautiful and has the most amazing and gorgeous architecture. I'm sure you'll love it. Hope you'll get to visit Lisbon soon xx


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