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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclaimer here.
It feels weird to be writing this post, as it’s more of a summer kind of post and we’re already in September and you are all probably just getting back into going to uni or work. However, I only just got around to posting my summer travel uniform as I just now going away on my summer holiday. I hope you don’t mind though, as my travel uniform is super comfy, cosy and easy to style. It’s an outfit I definitely would wear to uni in September too, so I’m thinking this might also be an outfit that could be worn as a back-to-uni/work look.

Short cardigan

In August I have discovered a love for short cardigans. I am glad I got around to discovering my love for them at the end of summer, as these shorter cardigans are fab to wear at the end of September. During this time of year it can sometimes be quite chilly in the mornings, before the day actually starts, so wearing a short cardigan is then perfect to wear to keep yourself from being cold.
I am travelling by plane to Spain this year, so I really wanted to bring some sort of jumper or cardigan with me, as the flights are always a bit chilly. Especially when you’re flying at 6 in the morning like I am. Not only is a cardigan lovely to keep yourself warm during the flight, it’s also super nice to use as a blanket to snuggle under when you’re feeling sleepy during the flight.

Basic white or black tee

During flights I always want to be as comfortable as I possibly can. I know I will be comfortable in something I wear all the time, which is why I know I will be comfortable with wearing a cotton tee. It’s simple, it’s basic, but it’s definitely the most comfortable thing to wear in my opinion whenever I travel anywhere.
I like to wear basic, organic cotton tees, as they are just easy to combine and to throw on when flying early in the morning. You don’t really have to think about it too much when you wake up and it’s something you can easily grab from your closet.

Linen trousers

Something that is always different whenever I travel, is the kind of bottoms I wear. I have worn midi skirts in the past. I have worn denim shorts in the past. These past few years I have definitely loved to wear culottes while travelling. This year I have decided to travel in a pair of linen trousers. Just like the culottes I wore in previous years, linen trousers are also super easy and breezy to wear. They aren’t a heavy material and just feel comfortable to travel in.
Since we’re going to Spain and I know it will be warm, it wouldn’t seem logical to travel in a pair of jeans. Walking around the airport in a pair of jeans while carrying all my stuff around will leave me boiling, so wearing a pair of linen trousers instead is perfect. They are breezy and I know I won’t be boiling in this sort of outfit when travelling.

White trainers

I salute you if you are able to walk in heels at the airport, but that’s not for me. I like to go for comfort above everything. It’s why I always fly in a pair of white trainers. White trainers are such a staple inside of my wardrobe and have been a staple for about three years. I only wear the trainers I know I will be comfortable to travel in. This way I am comfortable while walking around at the airports and know I won’t be getting any blisters from walking in a pair of uncomfortable shoes. I have flown in slippers previous years, but have found that my feet get quite cold because of the air con on flights. That’s why I like to avoid them these days. It’s also a lot more hygienic, as feet are just rank… And the thought of someone else on the flight, with smelly feet, wearing a pair of slippers is kind of freaking me out. So practice what you preach, which is why I prefer to wear trainers instead.

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  1. This is definitely the best kind of travel outfit! Comfy but chic ♥︎ Hope you're enjoying your holiday to the fullest Laura!

    1. Thank you so much Pinja, I'm always all about comfort, but especially when I'm travelling xx


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