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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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Hi! I literally came back from Brussels last week and I am so excited to share all of the photos that my friend and I took on the blog with you. All of these photos that we shot got me so excited for March. I have so many great ideas and things planned for March. March is only just beginning and I want to make March such a productive and happy month. Halfway throughout February I caught the flu and somehow lost all of my productiveness and willpower to be active. To get myself back into the swing of things, I have set myself a few goals I want to focus on during the month of March.

Like I said before, there are quite a few exciting things happening in March. It felt necessary to set these goals to keep myself organized and to prevent my head from overflowing. I am definitely going to share all of these exciting activities in some sort of a Sunday post on the blog at the end of the month. I am going to enjoy this month to its fullest while keeping track of the goals I am mentioning below.

I want to focus on uni

March is going to be quite the stressful month. I need to find a company to do my research dissertation before April and I have to hand in two big projects. So March is going to be all about university. My schedule is going to be a bit different this month, as I will mainly be focussing on university. However, I am working very hard to create some sort of a schedule that also leaves time for me to blog. We’re five days into March, and so far I have only really written content for my blog, instead of for uni. So that’s good. Not. However, today’s Monday and I am back to uni anyways as my holiday is over now. So I think that once I have written a few of my posts down it will be so much easier to focus on my uni work too.

Go to the gym, create that routine

I am constantly cursing at myself for skipping the gym, so March will be to month where I actually will be going to the gym. It’s been a while since I had a routine and I feel like I need to get my gym routine back into my life. Right now I have a difficult time with actually going to the gym myself, so I might have to drag one of my friends with me to start getting back into my gym routine. Also, let’s start going back to eating healthy too while we’re at it. I seem to be addicted to sugar ever since Christmas and I need to stop craving so much sugar!

I plan to shoot some outfits

Ever since I came back from Brussels, I am just so excited to start creating new content for the blog. In Brussels I decided to shoot photos as RAW-files instead of as JPEG files, which makes it so much more interesting to edit photos in Lightroom. So all I want to do now, is shoot multiple outfits in the upcoming month, so I can play around with Lightroom some more.

Besides that, I have been feeling very inspired to blog again. Somehow I have gotten this massive inspiration boost over the last couple of weeks, and this also leaves me feeling very excited to shoot some new outfits. So I am dying to scout some new outfit shooting locations in town, for some exciting new content on the blog.

I need to start planning my SS18 wardrobe essentials

If there’s one thing I am beyond excited to start creating, it’s my SS18 wardrobe essentials post. I already have taken a few steps towards creating the SS18 wardrobe essentials post, which you can read about here and here. It takes a long time before I actually post this post, as I have to plan it all out. A lot of planning (and money spending) goes into this post, so it always takes me a little while to start this all up. March is the month where I will be mainly focussing on what items will actually be included into my SS18 wardrobe essentials, as well as actually purchasing the items I want to include.

Planning my new trip away

After Brussels, I feel as if I caught a travel bug. All I want to do is plan another trip away. High on my travel list right now is Stockholm, I'm dying to travel there. However, I don’t particularly have to fly somewhere, as I feel like trips close to home can be just as memorable, just like this trip I went on to Brussels. In March I want to start looking into another short 2-day trip away. I am thinking about either somewhere in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium or France even. Then all there's left for me to do, is to convince one of my friends to come along with me, so I can experience yet another lovely trip with one of them (and so they can help me shoot some new content for the blog!).

Those are my main goals I set myself for this month. I feel like setting goals is such a fun thing to do while you’re just starting a new month. It’s a good way to get into a positive headspace, as you can start to have things to look forward to. Besides that I feel like it also helps to keep your thoughts in order, my brain is always overflowing with new ideas and stuff and I always forget to write it down. Writing it down in a blog post is a really good way to be remembered about these goals, as well as getting to show you another little peak into my life.

What I'm wearing:
Sissy Boy coat (similar)
Mango turtle neck jumper (similar)
ASOS jeans
Manfield boots (similar)
Lancaster bag
CĂ©line sunnies


  1. Love this goals, I think its a good time to reset everything when a new month begins. It's an opportunity to change your focus and get back into your groove, I wish you luck completing these!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

    1. Exactly, I am dying to get back into the groove of things! Thank you Lucy, have a lovely Monday! :) xx

  2. Gorgeous outfit, I totally love your style. Almost simple but really put together.

    I know what you mean about setting monthly goals, it makes you feel like you are working towards something rather than just plodding along! Good luck with your goals x

    Emma | Reverie de Paris

    1. Exactly, it's such a good way to work towards something! And thank you so much Emma! :) xx

  3. Amazing list babe! I also want to go back to the gym - it's a good goal to have!


    1. Thank you Shloka! Yes it is, I always have so much more energy once I have gone to the gym! :) xx

  4. Het is inderdaad altijd fijn om je doelen op te schrijven, ook als een soort reminder naar jezelf. En door jouw motivatie om veel te bloggen en mooie content te maken, ben ik ook een stuk gemotiveerder geworden om weer (regelmatig) te gaan bloggen :).

    1. Het is inderdaad een soort reminder naar jezelf toe. Ik ben wel door het op mijn blog te zetten veel meer gemotiveerd om mijn doelen ook te realiseren. Wat een lieve reactie Lana! Ik ga zeker je blog in de gaten houden, ik ben benieuwd naar je content :) xx


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