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The last time I was in Brussels I was just about 11. I went with my aunt and my cousins on a little girl trip but can't remember much else about the trip. Going back to Brussels to experience it as a grown up has been something I had been dying to do. So when my friend treated me to a little birthday trip to Brussels, I was jumping at the opportunity to shoot lots of new blog content there. Brussels was such a gorgeous city that I had to share on the blog. This only proves that as a Dutchie you don't have to travel that far to discover a brand new, beautiful city. We travelled there by train and it only took us three hours! 

In today's post I'll talk you through all the things my friend and I did while we were there, as well as sharing some of my favourite little coffee, brunch and lunch spots with you. 


We arrived during lunch time on Monday and were so hungry that we went straight to lunch. We initially planned on having lunch at Peck 47. I had looked up some restaurants and places in advance, and Peck 47 had so many lovely reviews. However, there was this queue outside waiting to go in and since it was freezing cold and we were slowly starting to get hangry we decided to just walk some further to find something else. I kind of regret not going to Peck 47 now, as the food just looks really tasty if you look at it online! So I would definitely recommend waiting in line for the food, unless it feels like -10 outside, you have to pee really badly or when you're slowly starting to get hangry.

Peck 47, Kiekenmarkt 47, 1000 Brussels


After having lunch, we then went to sightsee a bit. We ended up at the main square, which is called Grote Markt. It was very touristy, but definitely something we had to see at least once during our trip. Once we had taken some photos there, we walked some further to go to see Manneken Pis. I had seen this during my last trip to Brussels and remembered that it was a lot smaller than I had first imagined it to be. So we just looked at it very briefly and strolled some of the beautiful smaller streets in Brussels. 

We were so freezing cold that we needed to go to the stores to find ourselves a pair of gloves to buy. So after strolling around for a bit, we just went to main high street in Brussels to buy ourselves a pair of gloves and just look at a few bits and bops in H&M, Primark and other shops like that. If you're looking to see some of the high street shops in Brussels, I would recommend going to the Nieuwstraat in Brussels.

Grote Markt, Brussels
Manneken Pis, Stoofstraat / Eikstraat, Brussels
Nieuwstraat, Brussels


Because we were frozen we spent a large amount of the afternoon in our AirBnB having a blast while watching tv and eating snacks. At dinner time we started wandering outside again to look for a place for dinner. We saw that there was this really lovely sushi place right around the corner from our AirBnB called Makisu. But again, there was a line outside and we just did not want to queue for dinner when it felt like -15 degrees celsius. So we ended up having dinner at some random place that is not really worth mentioning. 

Once we had finished dinner we started wandering around Brussels again. We ended up being at a pub for about an hour. It was a Monday night so it wasn't to busy there. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the pub but got a bit bored, so we ended up going to the cinema instead. The only film that was on during that hour was the Fifty Shades film so we went there. Then afterwards we went home and chilled at home for a little bit before going to bed. 

Makisu, Rue de Flandre 6, 1000 Brussels 


For breakfast the second day we went to Chicago Café. We both decided to have this massive cheat meal for breakfast. I got pancakes and my friend got a Belgian waffle. Chicago Café was right around the corner of our AirBnB and we kind of stumbled upon it while looking for a place to go for breakfast that morning. We loved the whole vibe Chicago Café had going on. It was very cool and down to earth and we were kind of sad to leave this really lovely place to go out in the cold again. 

Another place we stumbled across that looked so lovely, but weren't able to get brunch, coffee or lunch there as we only had 36 hours was Café Velvet. Café Velvet was another place that was right around the corner of our AirBnB. Turns out that our AirBnB actually was located in the heart of Brussels with lots of cute and nice places to eat, brunch and lunch. This place looked so aesthetically pleasing from the outside, that I am gutted that we didn't get to go here. I would definitely go here next time I'm in Brussels!

Chicago Café, Rue de Flandre 45, 1000 Brussels
Café Velvet, Brandhoutkaai 27, 1000 Brussels
Charli, Sint-Katelijnestraat 34, 1000 Brussels
Charli Sale, Sint-Katelijnestraat 29, 1000 Brussels

After breakfast we went to do some more sightseeing around the neighbourhood we were staying in. While walking around Brussels, it definitely feels as if you're away on a trip to France. The buildings we ended up seeing all looked so French and we both loved it. It truly felt as if we were a long way from home, not just 3 hours away from home. 

We ended up strolling around some more and found a Brandy Melville. As true basic girls we had to go in there and try on some stuff. We ended up buying matching sweaters and then went back to the AirBnB to check out. Afterwards we did some more shopping and stumbled upon some more lovely food and coffee places. 


At around two we were slowly getting tired of strolling around town, and decided to go for some lunch. We stumbled upon this place called Ba.Ba Bagel Bakery. When we looked through the window we loved how it looked so we quickly checked online to see if it was good. It had so many good reviews that we decided to go there for food. I am a big lover of bagels and could eat them with all sorts of toppings. We ended up having a bagel with chicken and guacamole, which was so delicious! My mouth still starts to water when I think about those bagels!

Ba.Ba Bagel Bakery, Sint Katelijnestraat 3-9, 1000 Brussels 

To round things up I had such a lovely time in Brussels. We ended mainly ended up having big lunches at Brussels, which led to us not being too hungry in the evenings. When we go there next, I would love to go a bit longer so I can experience a bit more of Brussels, as I feel like there's still so much else to see. While we were there we were so lucky with the weather. Besides it being freezing cold, we actually had blue skies and it was quite pleasant to walk around as long as you wear enough layers.

We went home at around 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon ready to get in the shower to get ourselves warm again. We both loved this little trip away and it was so good to have some down time away from social media, my laptop and just uni related things. I'm definitely going to be back in Brussels soon! 


  1. Brussels look absolutely beautiful, definitely want to visit the city sometime!

    1. It's honestly such a beautiful city! Definitely visit Brussels if you're ever around! :) xx

  2. ah zo leuk! ik ga dit weekend dus deze post komt goed uit :D

    1. Ahh zo nice babe! Ben benieuwd wat je er van vindt! Have fun!! xx

  3. It looks like such a pretty place, I really want to visit! I always find that when I go away I plan to visit certain restaurants but always end up elsewhere, I get very hangry as well! Love all the pretty pictures.

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

    1. Thank you Lucy! It's honestly one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited :) xx

  4. It looks incredible there! And those waffles - wow!

    1. It's such a beautiful city! Also those waffles were so tasty! :)


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