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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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Every year I look forward to spring again. As much as I love winter and dressing for winter, during the end of February I am just longing for spring and summer. Spring is really waiting to show its face this year and it has made me appreciate everything about Spring so much more. There's just so many things that I look forward to this spring that I am dying to share with you. The outfit I'm wearing however, couldn't be any less spring-esque. But we're keeping it real on the blog, because that's basically my reflection on how I want it to be spring, but spring just cannot be found anywhere, anytime soon. Which leads to me wearing jumpers because still don't have double digit weather..


Of course the first and best thing I had to mention is the sunshine. I am pretty sure we all complain about how cold or wet a day can be, because are we even human if we don't complain about the weather at least once? So to complain once: it feels as if I haven't seen the sun in such a long, long time, as well as warmer temperatures.

I need vitamine D as the sunshine makes me feel so happy. It makes me feel light, happy and I enjoy my days even more than I normally do. I would happily suffer from hay fever all through spring if that means we get to have lots of sunny days - saying this I will probably regret it as soon as I have my first hay fever attack. Not only does sun affect my own mood, but everyone around you seem to be just a lot happier and people always are more kind to each other when the sun is out.


Winter and waking up in the dark really affects my mood. It makes me feel tired and lazy. That's what I love about spring. It's so good to wake up early on a spring morning. I don't think I can be any happier when waking up in the morning when there's this beam of orang-y yellow light coming through my curtains. Not only do I love waking up with a lot of beautiful light coming through my curtains, I also love to watch the sunsets at night. I feel like spring is just perfect for admiring all the gorgeous light and most important: for taking beautiful photos during the golden hour. These photos are still one of my all time favourite photos I took for my blog during golden hour.


One my newer, favourite things to do is to have breakfast or lunch at beach clubs. It's just something about this whole vibe around beach clubs that I love. I love the atmosphere, I love the food. Over the last couple of years the beach clubs in The Hague - where I live - have really invested in healthy, good and quality food. This is why it has become my newest favourite place to have breakfast or lunch at the beach.


Another newer favourite thing of mine to do, is to enjoy drinks at night with my friends. When the weather gets better, I am constantly found outside with friends enjoying some sort of drink. I feel like this is something very Dutch to do, but the Dutch usually like to get out of uni or work and then go straight to bars, restaurants and cafe to enjoy the last bit of sunshine at the terraces. Now we have lots of different locations for this, but my favourite would have to be to drink something while watching the sun set on a waterside terrace, a beach terrace or just in the city centre.


I love my beach walks but it has been so cold and windy lately. All I'm looking forward to, is to enjoy even more of these beach and dune walks without having to wear at least four layers of clothing. I'm a big lover of walks near the beach and always tell people they do wonders for your body and especially your mind.


Now the last thing I look forward to is the (free) festivals and events that always seem to happen during this time of year. There seem to be so many more food truck events and since food is my favourite thing ever, this is perfect! Besides food truck events, there also are a lot more music festivals going around too. This is obvious, but it honestly excites me quite a bit to start enjoying festivals a bit more and maybe even pop around to see some.

What I'm wearing:
Sissy Boy coat (similar)
Brandy Melville sweatshirt
ASOS jeans
Manfield boots (similar)
CĂ©line Baby Audrey sunglasses


  1. The sunshine and longer days definitely make me feel so much happier, it makes you feel brighter and fresher and I need that feeling. Loving this outfit!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  2. I am so ready for Spring or even Summer. I feel like this year is just stuck in winter.

  3. love that coat! and yes definitely looking forward to some warmer weather!

  4. Love the coat & this post, the sunshine & longer days definitely make me feel so much happier. I'm so ready for Spring & Summer :)

    1. Thank you Kelly!! And same, I am soo ready for Spring & Summer! :) xx

  5. Loving this all black look, babe! However, I too wish that spring could just get here already so I can ditch the heavy layers!

    Enclothed Cognition

    1. Thank you Keri! Ahh same, I am dying to wear cute little blouses and tops again! :) xx

  6. Meals at the beach and lighter days are definitely a blessing :)
    Lovely outfit!


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