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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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This post contains affiliate links
This post contains gifted PR items

I think it’s no secret that skincare and reading and learning about this topic has become one of my hobbies – if you might call it a hobby anyway. I love learning about the skin, skin types and skin conditions and am slowly starting to invest more time into reading up on ingredients inside the products of brands I love. It has taken me quite a long time to find products that work best for my skin, since I have very acne prone, sensitive and dehydrated skin. It has taken me a long time to figure out that I had dehydrated skin in the first place and only started taking action upon it earlier this year. It has been about two years since I found the first skincare brand I was absolutely impressed by and worked so well with my sensitive and acne prone skin.

So that is what I felt like writing about recently. I wanted to write a story about my skincare journey of these past years, but that would be the longest and most boring story. Instead I thought it would be better to share four of my favourite skincare brands that work for my acne prone, sensitive, dehydrated skin.

Paula’s Choice

Paula’s Choice has been on the market for such a long time, but I only discovered it last year. Back when I was still in high school over five years ago I remember one of my best friends talking about discovering Paula’s Choice and it really helped her clear her skin back then. She also recommended said product to me back then, but it felt very scary to be putting acids onto my skin. At the time I barely had any knowledge on skincare and the benefits of using certain acids on your skin to improve it instead of using a face scrub. Anyway, I discovered Paula’s Choice her pore normalising cleanser, BHA liquid and BHA lotion. All three of them are such gorgeous products that I love to use. I love to use Paula’s Choice because all of the products of them that I have tried so far have not caused any sort of irritation or reaction and are fragrance free.

Rituals Cosmetics

Rituals Cosmetics has been one of those brands I have used forever. However, I only used their body products, especially their shower foams and never really tried any of their skincare products. In the beginning of 2018 I was browsing their website as I love to check out their new limited edition ranges that they sell in the lead up to summer. While I was checking their website I noticed that they had completely rebranded and reformulated their skincare range. They also added new skincare products to their range and discovered that their skincare range is made with respect for nature and your skin. Their skincare range is vegan friendly and cruelty free and there are only natural ingredients in their skincare products. I have noticed that treating my skin to natural products has also really benefited in reducing my acne, which is why Rituals has soon become one of my favourite skincare brands. I also love using their SPF, as it’s one of the few SPF’s that don’t break me out and really help me prevent any sun damage from the sun.


Clinique is the first skincare brand I started using when I was younger. My mum took me to the drugstore counter and we bought the Clinique 3 Step set that I used religiously when I was younger. I became a stubborn teen and felt like I needed to use different products to clear my spots back then, which is why I stopped using Clinique. I have reintroduced Clinique back into my life for about 9 months now and am so glad I have their products back in my life. Actually now that I am this far into my skin journey, I can actually say that I regret ever stepping away from Clinique as a stubborn teen. The main reason for this is that after using Clinique I started using harsher products without having that much knowledge about skincare products, which may have affected why I had acne throughout my teenage years and maybe even later on. So when people tell you to listen to your mum, even when you’re a stubborn teen, you should listen to her! Especially when it comes to skincare products! Mums know best.

This Works*

The products from This Works mentioned in this post have been sent to me as PR gifts as part of their Skinfluencer programme. I am not paid to talk about This Works or their products. I just genuinely love their brand and feel extremely grateful be given the opportunity to discover This Works as a skincare brand.

The latest skincare brand that I have grown to absolutely love is This Works. At the end of last year I only really knew This Works as the brand that does the most famous Pillow Spray. It absolutely works its magic whenever I am a bit sleep deprived. The lovely girls from This Works have started sending me their products to try occasionally and back in March my obsession with their skincare products started after they had sent over their entire Morning Expert range. I did some proper research into the brand and realised that they only use natural fragrances and products in their products. Just like Rituals Cosmetics, This Works only contains natural ingredients that are clinically proven to work. I love their Morning Expert range, as I have noticed that my skin looks and feels healthier and it helps fade my scars. Recently they have sent over some products from the In Transit range, which I am yet to try as I want to use up my Clinique moisturiser first. Anyway, I am super excited to have discovered This Works as a skincare brand that works for me and I will without a doubt be repurchasing their Morning Expert Hyaluronic Serum as I love to slather that on in the morning.