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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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One of my aims this year is to keep it more real on the blog this year. Besides my blog, I also still go to university and do some freelance work every now and again. It means that I actually spend the majority of my free time at home working on my dissertation, doing work for clients or editing photos for my blog. I didn’t have any time to go and shoot new photos for the blog last week because of dissertation work and the glum weather. That’s why I thought I would be fun to share a week of my ‘real’ outfits on the blog instead because my outfits for when I am working from home are quite different than what I normally would share on the blog, as comfort is always key on these sit-down and work days. This post was inspired by the lovely Pinja, who shared this idea on her blog a couple of weeks ago.


On Monday I spent most of my day typing last weeks blog posts and editing the photos for those blog posts. This basically meant that I would spend most of my day working behind my laptop. It was quite cold, rainy and glum that day, so I opted for a super comfortable and warm outfit. I wore a warm brown jumper with a basic black tee underneath to keep me warm. I styled it with a pair of my Topshop flared trousers – which are the most comfortable thing in the world to wear, as they are basically leggings. Then to top off this look I of course wore my super cosy slippers to keep my feet warm throughout the day. So glam, I know.


Tuesday was another busy day. I went to the gym at around 10 in the morning with my friend that day. I got back at around 11:30, quickly hopped into the shower and got ready to run some errands in town. I wanted to buy some more photo frames so did for a quick hour before going back home to work on my dissertation. That day I felt like I wanted to put a bit of effort into my outfit, so I wore my mom jeans with a striped tee and my H&M trench coat. Of course I wore my Adidas Yung 96-J trainers with it, as they are super comfortable to walk around town in. I paired it with my Rika bag and was ready to go.


Wednesday was a workday at one of my clients. I felt a bit tired, so I wanted to be super comfortable in the outfit I wore, but still look quite put together. That’s why I decided to wear my H&M pinstripe trousers. These trousers are super comfortable as they have an elasticated waist. It basically makes it feels like you’re wearing leggings, so it was just the kind of comfort I was after during that day. I styled it with a very simple and plain black top, which I tucked into my trousers a bit and my Adidas Yung sneakers.


Thursday was another day where I spent most of it inside working on my dissertation, which meant I needed to be as comfortable as possible. These mom jeans are surprisingly comfortable to work in, so I wore them again. I was a bit cold during the day so I also decided to style these jeans with this Primark jumper. The funny thing is that this is actually a pyjama jumper from Primark, but I tend to just go out in it, because no one tends to see a difference. During my lunch I went out for a bit to do some groceries. In the evening I changed into my gym gear again because I was off to the gym.


On Friday I was super determined to get every item of my to-do list for the week ticked off. So I dressed in yet another striped tee and my black mom jeans. Halfway through the day I had completed most of my tasks so I decided to reward myself by going out into the city center to enjoy the weather for a bit. I put on this Weekday blazer to feel a bit more like ‘stylish Laura’ instead of ‘super comfortable Laura’.


On Saturday I wanted to run some errands and do some groceries. I decided to once again go for comfort, which is why I am yet again wearing a pair of my Topshop flared trousers. I am just happy I decided to stock up on these a while ago, so I can wear a clean pair of these flared trousers at least three times a week. I styled these trousers with a pair of Old Skool Vans, a black oversized tee and my oversized denim jacket.


On Sundays I always like to chill as much as possible. It was Mother’s Day on Sunday so I just got dressed super quickly after taking a shower to go to the grocery store to buy some ingredients for breakfast for my mum. I wore my gym trousers with an old H&M tee, my leather jacket and my Vans. Later that day I added my glasses and swapped my Vans for my slippers as I wasn’t planning on leaving the house anymore for the rest of the day. We ended up spending all of Sunday in and around the house just chilling and hanging out as a family, which was lovely.

As you might have seen I don’t wear a full face of makeup most of the week as I am working from home and it seems silly to cover my face in makeup. I also like to wear my hair up most of the week so I don't have to wash it and I don't constantly touch it when I am working. 

I also hope that this was somewhat fun to read and gave you a bit of an insight into how I spent my week last week. Now you know that I spend most of my week behind my laptop working in the most comfortable outfits I own instead of a midi skirt or a pair of super smart trousers.


  1. So glad you decided to post your 'real outfits' too, really loved reading this Laura!! ♥︎

    1. Thank you Pinja, and also thank you for inspiring me to write this post! xx

  2. I love these kinda posts as sometimes it can feel like everyone is so glam 24/7 when that just isn't real. I love your Day 2 outfit, so cute!

    1. Thank you Lauren!! It's definitely not glam 24/7, I spent most of my time in the most comfortable pair of leggings I own to sit behind my desk at home 🙈 xx

  3. Such cute outfits! I think the Friday one is my fave :) Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? The Chic Cupcake

  4. Ahh thank you Jenna, I'm glad you liked this post and my outfits! xx


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