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Last night I started looking through some old holiday photos to get myself pumped for my summer holiday. I have been going to Marbella ever since I was a little kid and absolutely love spending a holiday there. Lots of people always ask me for tips and things to do in Marbella, as I have been going there for so long. It's still one of my favourite summer holiday destinations and I start looking forward to it usually after Christmas has ended.

Marbella can be seen as a super glamorous and rich city that revolves around rich people being seen in their expensive cars and the extremely expensive beach clubs. It's especially like this during the summer time. Call me Dutch or maybe it’s because I am an extreme introvert but that’s not my scene at all. I love to spend my summer holidays in Marbella just chilling and doing things that help me recharge my battery until I am back the next summer. So if you're a bit like me and like to have a chilled holiday in Marbella, then keep reading to discover five of my favourite things to do in Marbella.

Beach promenade walk

One of my favourite things about Marbella is the fact that it’s located at the beach. The old town of Marbella is connected to Puerto Banus by a walking path near the sea. This means you can easily go for a long walk from the old town of Marbella to the harbour of Marbella or vice versa. I love going for a walk down the promenade, as it’s just such a beautiful walk to do. On the walk you will also find lots of amazing spots to eat breakfast or lunch or to just have a bit of a chill.

Visit the Saturday market near the arena

Ever since I was a young girl I have visited the Saturday market near the arena in Marbella at least once per holiday. It’s so fun to stroll around the market. They literally have everything there. My cousin once bought some terracotta dishes to bring home and I remember buying fruit, clothes, beach bags and jewellery at the market in the past. I would recommend going as early as possible as it can get quite warm and busy at the market. I always try to get there between 09:30-10:00, which is already quite late. Also make sure to get cash money ahead, so you don’t have to wait in line for an hour at the nearest cash machine.

Eat an acai bowl at The Organic Cold Pressed Juicery

After an intense morning at the market I always like to take some time to cool off and just chill for a bit. That’s when I usually walk to the Organic Cold Pressed Juicery to order an acai bowl. I am completely obsessed with how they make their acai bowls and I honestly think they have the best ones I have tasted so far. I also like to drive there if I am out and about and want to have a refreshing and cold lunch or snack. The girls who work there, are also always super friendly, which makes me so comfortable to sit there for a bit to enjoy my acai bowl.

Visit old town Marbella

My favourite part of Marbella definitely is the old town. I would much rather spend most of my weekends there than to go to the harbour. We love to wander around the little streets of old town of Marbella. Every year when we explore the old town, we keep discovering beautiful little streets to walk through. The old town of Marbella can be quite touristy, but it’s mostly at the famous places and when you walk from the beach to the famous Plaza de los Naranjos, or the Orange Square. Once you walk a bit more through the other streets, you will find that there are a lot less people wandering around, which is a lovely breathe of fresh air since so many people seem to be in Marbella during the summer time.

Eat Gambas Pil Pil

I have definitely saved the best for last, although I am extremely biased as gambas pil pil are my favourite food ever. While you’re in Marbella you should definitely order Gambas Pil Pil if it’s on a menu in a restaurant you’re at. Gambas Pil Pil is basically prawns prepared in boiling hot chilli olive oil. It sounds a bit boring, but it’s honestly one of my favourite dishes to eat while I am in Marbella. I already mentioned this in my Marbella city guide, but if you’re looking to eat my personal favourite Gambas Pil Pil I would recommend going to the Gran Plaza restaurant in the old town of Marbella near Plaza de los Naranjos.

So I dived into the archives to create a little post that made me extremely excited for my summer holiday. I still have to wait a little while though before I’m off, so I’m just going to dream of a warm place for a little while. Hopefully summer will truly roll around in The Netherlands too so it will feel we are all away on a summer holiday in your own city.


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