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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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We’re halfway into December and my parents and I just yesterday managed to get our tree up and decorated. It’s so bad… At first I wanted to get a tree in the very beginning of December. Then life got in the way and I had lots of deadlines to hand in. We then were planning on going to buy our tree during the weekend, but the whole city turned out to be at the garden centre to buy their Christmas trees, so we decided to just get one on Monday instead. Turns out we bought such a big tree that didn’t fit into our car, which meant we had to get it delivered home. And it only arrived Wednesday morning, so all of yesterday afternoon was spent decorating the tree. It may have taken a bit, but it’s finally up and it’s always such an achievement to see it in the middle of the living room while it slowly turns dark.

One of my favourite things about Christmas definitely is buying a tree. There’s just something magical about having a Christmas tree inside your home, isn’t there? I just love everything about Christmas trees. There’s just something about the lights, decorating it and putting cheekily putting new presents under the tree. But my favourite thing definitely is the smell a real Christmas tree gives off. You just can’t beat that!

I feel like buying a tree is always something my family and I struggle with. I am very picky with my Christmas trees, and so is my dad. My dad likes to have tall but narrow trees, whereas I usually like to go for big and wide trees. My mum isn’t as fuzzy as my dad and I are, so she usually comes with us to bite the bullet for us. This year my mum ended up picking the tree I liked most, which was so fun to decorate in the end. I’m sure I’ll put up a shot of our Christmas tree on my Instagram stories soon.

Cosiness is everything when buying a tree

Buying a Christmas tree can be quite the hassle, especially when my dad and are having tiny little discussions about trees and I am just walking back and forth from tree to tree. That’s why being comfortable is the most important thing for me when I buy a tree.

We always go to a big garden centre near us for buying our tree. They have half the parking lot closed off for all the Christmas trees people can buy. So whenever we go there I always try to be as cosy as possible. Somehow it’s always super cold when we decide to go, which is why I always snuggle up in jeans and a cosy jumper. I usually end up going for turtleneck jumpers as they just keep you super warm while strolling around.

Never. Wear. Trainers. When. Tree. Shopping.

Then normally I would actually wear a pair of comfortable boots to go tree shopping, as it can be quite muddy too. But somehow I forgot this year… I don’t really know how it happened or why I decided to wear my favourite white trainers instead. I just definitely did not think this through… It turns out to be quite muddy and wet when I went tree shopping with my parents. Of course my trainers ended up being super muddy too.I am definitely not wearing white trainers ever again if I go Christmas tree shopping in the future! Anyway, I learnt my lesson the hard way and had to give them a good old wipe afterwards.

I feel like now that are Christmas tree is up, I am really starting to feel proper festive. There are still a couple of festivities going on in and around town in the upcoming two weeks until Christmas, which I am very excited for. I am really hoping to still go to the St. Lucia Christmas tree Lighting outside of the Swedish Embassy and. Then this weekend I am really hoping to go into town to see the Christmas market.