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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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It’s officially September and being back at university for just a week already has given me extreme anxiety. It's been very stressful as I will soon be graduating after spending four years of my life there. So before I get too anxious about becoming a real-life adult, I wanted to reflect back on my summer, as so many lovely memories have been made, which I want to hang on to. Hanging on to those smaller moments that happened during life is one of those things that came with the New Years Resolutions post I made at the beginning of this year. We can all get so caught up into things and only really appreciate the bigger events that happen to us. However, the smaller things in life truly do matter too. They bring a smile to your face in your day to day life and give you so much energy and inspiration to live off of and they are something we all should be a bit more grateful for.

My lazy holiday in Marbella

My summer officially kicked off with going to Marbella. Marbella is like my second home and I have been going there for as long as I can remember. Spending my summer there was just what I needed after an extremely stressful term at university. I literally spent three weeks doing absolutely nothing but eat food, read books, play games and tan.

Doing just that is my ultimate goal whenever I am going away on holiday during the summer. My everyday life can be quite hectic and rushed, especially with university in general, project deadlines and writing a thesis. I don’t really go away the rest of the year, so we usually end up going to Marbella to just chill out and regain some energy for the rest of the year. So this summer holiday was super chilled and I got to spend quite a lot of time with my parents, which was so nice.

Read lots of books

Because the start of my holiday was so chilled, I was able to read lots of books. I am so happy I managed to read six books while I was away in Marbella, but also that I managed to continue my reading throughout the rest of my summer holiday. Since reading more books was one of my New Years Resolutions, I am so happy and grateful that I got into a real reading zone this summer.

My favourite book that I read during this summer definitely is Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman. I really struggled with reading this book at first, because I didn’t really like the main character, but halfway through something changed and I managed to finish the book half a day later. I am so happy that I managed to stick to this book and finished it.

I’m definitely going to try and keep my reading up while I’m back at university. Just because it’s such a good escape from real life problems – and it makes me fall asleep a lot easier at night, which is a bonus for someone who has trouble falling asleep at night. I am currently reading Crazy Rich Asians and next on my list to (finally) finish is Call Me By Your Name.

Celebrated my friend graduating uni

My best friend whom I met during high school recently graduated university. I am literally so proud of her and so we had to celebrate her graduating. My friend and I are actual grandmas at heart, so instead of actually going clubbing, we decided to have a lovely breakfast and catch up. This was just a few days after I came back from my holiday in Marbella. The weather was beautiful and we just talked about everything in life, we even freaked out about how to be an adult with big responsibilities when you still feel like a fifteen year old. After that I dropped her off at a job interview, it was like saying goodbye to my own child. I am so proud of her!

My impromptu trip to Milan

Somewhere during the summer my cousin texted me asking me if I wanted to go on an impromptu little trip with her this summer. Of course I said yes because I was not ready to really say goodbye to summer just yet. We had a little browse on the internet and ended up booking flights to Milan half a day later. I don’t think I have ever made such an impromptu decision before, but it was so fun! This really made me want to do little trips like these more often, as you just feel so giddy inside when you book the trip and half a week later are actually on a plane to somewhere else in Europe.

Milan was absolutely beautiful and I loved every single bit of the 36 hours we were there. We saw so many beautiful buildings, streets and everything. We also walked everywhere, we walked so much that I am still recovering from some ugly ass blisters on my feet. But it was so worth it, especially that 45-minute walk to eat pasta for dinner at night! Yes, we walked 45 minutes to eat some really yummy pasta! Make sure to check out my 36 hours in Milan post if you’re off to Milan soon!

This impromptu little trip made me very excited to do some more travelling hopefully soon. I especially want to travel a bit more with my cousins. I am going to get a bit sentimental here, but it’s just so special to have such a close bond with these girls and to be able to consider them as my best friends. My family and my friends are the most important thing in my life and this only made me realise how lucky I am to have family members whom I also consider as my best friends.

Went to the cinema twice in one week

So this summer I also managed to go to the cinema twice in one week. I know, I’m wild! I had not been to the cinema yet this year, as I just did not feel like there were any movies playing that I liked. I just started reading Crazy Rich Asians and then the movie came out, so I was like I have to go see it and I am so glad I did. This movie was so funny and cute and is such a big statement to the industry. I love everything about this.

Then I also went to see Mamma Mia 2 with, again, my cousin. Which was just a lovely film too. It’s such a feel good movie that makes me appreciate ABBA so much more, haha! Honestly, it’s been over a week since I went to see the movie and I still have SO many ABBA songs stuck inside my head haha.

My pre-autumn wardrobe cleanse

I am not sure where this feeling came from but two weekends ago I woke up feeling this urge to sort through everything in my wardrobe. I had to clear it out and I needed to change a few things in my room. I ended up spending most of my weekend putting lots of clothes into bins to be donated and I felt so good afterwards. My wardrobe is still extremely full but it’s already such a big difference to how it was before. I don’t know where this pre-autumn cleanse came from, but I am hoping it’s here to stay, so I can finally start building my ‘minimal wardrobe’. But then again, I love clothes too much to actually be a minimalist with my wardrobe. Anyway, this pre-autumn wardrobe cleanse was just what I needed before going back to uni. It made me feel good and my head just felt a lot less crowded to before.

The best way to end summer

And on the last day of August and my summer break I managed to spend my day the best way I could. My cousin who travelled around South-America for the past three months finally came back from her trip. I missed her so much and just wanted to squeeze her when I saw her again. We then went to see her sister’s new house, as she had not seen it before and hopped into town afterwards. It was such a happy day with sunshine, coffee, laughs and catch-ups. It was just what I had been craving after having quite a few stressful days getting things ready before going back to uni.

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