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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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This year has been a bit of a struggle for me style-wise. I don’t know what it is, but I always tend to feel a little bit panic-y when a new season comes around. I already wrote a little blog post about this at the beginning of this year, called ‘finding my SS18 style’. However, right now I am trying to ‘find my AW18/19 style’.

A bit lost in the beginning of the season

Fashion and the season switches are very stressful in my opinion, especially if you’re not a size 6 or have endlessly long legs. I somehow find that fashion is a bit different nowadays. I always feel like the items sold at the high street would only really look good on certain body types instead of something that would look good on both.

Thankfully this is not as big of a problem as it is during summer, but I still seem to struggle to find things that look good on me. I definitely don’t need a top that has a ruffle on my tummy that only accentuates that I don’t have a flat tummy. So anyway, I always seem to be a bit lost at the beginning of a season. I don’t really like the clothes that are being sold at the high street, but then again I also need to buy myself a couple of items to drag me through both seasons. There are always a few steps I go through whenever a new season starts. I start searching for inspiration

Finding inspiration on Instagram, YouTube, Blogs, Pinterest and in magazines

One of the first things I do once I feel like this is start looking for some inspiration. This basically can be anywhere that I can find any sort of A/W fashion content. It usually starts on Instagram. This is where I find most of my day-to-day inspiration. Whenever I like what someone wears, I save it, make a collection and start adding ‘looks’ to this collection. This is kind of the same on Pinterest. I scroll through my feed, pin stuff and add it to a specific bord.

Other ways for me to find some inspiration for an upcoming blog post are on YouTube, other blogs and also magazines. I love watching hauls and ‘A/W styling’ videos on YouTube. I think they are so fun to watch and give such an immediate inspiration boost.

Of course I would find inspiration on other blogs. It’s the best when you get a bit of an inspiration boost when you see your favourite bloggers rocking outfits they love and put together. Somehow this makes me feel so inspired. I also tend to love websites such as Refinery29 and WhoWhatWear.

I’m also very old school and love to buy magazines. I just love touching paper and flipping through magazines to look for some new season inspiration. This reminds me of being younger and going flipping through the big Sinterklaas and Christmas advertising magazines toy stores in The Netherlands bring out.

It’s so great to find inspiration in the beautiful editorials that fashion editors work so many hours on. It’s such a good way to find out what the key pieces of a season are and how you can make them fit your style.

Look for Canadians, Scandinavians and Australians for fashion inspiration

Whenever I am a bit stuck and don’t get my inspiration fix from all the platforms I named before, I specifically search for Bloggers and influencers whom are Canadian, Scandinavian or Australian. I tend to find a lot of inspiration whenever I look at Canadian and Scandinavian girls, because it usually gets pretty cold there, but they still manage to look so cute. From the top of my head: I love Allana Davison, Jess Undecided and Allegra Shaw on Instagram and YouTube. Then I also adore Lou Hay, Luelle and the Streetstyle section on Nordic Style Magazine.

Whenever I am looking for actual people, I also look for inspiration towards the Australian girls. They are currently in their spring season, which means that they have just had their A/W style. So whenever I feel a bit uninspired, I tend to scroll through my instagram until I find all the Australian beauties I follow and look through their feeds. My favourites on Instagram are Sarah from Harper and Harley, Kristy from KristyWho and Rachel James.

Finding the key pieces

Once I have found all the inspiration I slowly start to put together a few key pieces that I feel like I need this season. I usually just write clothing items down on either my phone or on my notebook and then start to look for these items. Instead of just looking online for pieces of clothing, I also tend to go through my own wardrobe for a little bit. I am so surprised at how many great items I can still find in my wardrobe that have been written down on my list. Especially when the season's switch, I tend to forget what I used to have in my A/W wardrobe, so it kind of feels like I am shopping in my own wardrobe without having to spend any money just yet!

What I'm wearing:
Pretty Little Thing denim jacket
Topshop shirt
ASOS jeans
Manfield boots (similar)