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When it comes to creating a timeless autumn wardrobe I feel like I am pretty much sorted. To me it’s so important to have these staples in wardrobe for every season. Autumn happens to be my favourite seasons of the year when it comes to fashion. I always have the best time creating outfits for this season. Some days however, I never really know what to wear, even during this season. That’s why I thought it would be fun to dedicate a post to how you can build a timeless autumn wardrobe with some key pieces. This way you can always go back to those basics and are able to look good even when you don’t really know what to wear.

Wool coat

The first thing that is an essential in a timeless autumn wardrobe is a wool coat. Wool coats are great. I always think they look gorgeous on everyone and can instantly make you feel sophisticated. I have had my wool coat for a while now, it definitely broke my bank at the time, as it was quite expensive, but I would say that I definitely already got my money out of it already. Wool coats are such versatile items of clothing that will always look good every autumn, winter and sometimes even in spring. That’s why, in my opinion, we should all invest in a wool coat.

Leather jacket

Another timeless wardrobe essential is a leather jacket. I always associate leather jackets with this time of year, probably because I used to wear my leather jackets so much during this time of year when I was still in high school. That’s mainly why I still wear these jackets so much during this time of year. I pair them with long sleeve tees on warmer autumn days or jumpers when it’s particularly cold. And if I am feeling extra dressy and want to feel a bit French-esque, I pair my leather jacket with a striped tee.


Blazers are great for the autumnal season. When it’s still a bit too warm for coats, I always wear a blazer instead. On those warmer days I tend to pair blazers with short-sleeved tees. Now that we have had a few colder days, I tend to pair my blazers with long-sleeved tees or lightweight jumpers and love how they look like that. Blazers are such a great, timeless wardrobe staple that you can instantly dress up or down. Dress it up with a button down shirt for a sophisticated look, or dress it down, like I usually do, with a tee.

Button down shirt

A button down shirt is yet another timeless wardrobe piece that looks best when you don’t know what to wear. I don’t know about you, but whenever I put on a pretty white button down shirt, I instantly feel sophisticated and ready to take on the day. Button down shirts are such versatile items that can make you feel like a women who is ready to take on the day, but they can also easily be worn dressed down.

I usually pair them with jeans for a more casual look or a pair of smart trousers when I want to look a bit more sophisticated. What I love most, is pairing them with a pair of (p)leather trousers or leggings, a wool coat and a classic bag. If it’s extra chilly, I usually wear my button down shirts underneath a jumper to keep myself warm throughout the day.

Striped tee

If there is one item I cannot live without, it’s a striped tee. Striped t-shirts are versatile pieces of clothing that always look amazing whenever you where them and with whatever you wear them.

Whenever I am a bit unsure of what I want to wear, I just pull out a striped tee out of my wardrobe. Over the years I have accumulated so many t-shirts that I feel like I can easily wear I personally feel most like myself when I am wearing a striped tee. But besides feeling like myself in a striped tee, I also feel like it is one of those pieces I can easily dress up or down. I always take inspiration from Parisian style whenever I want to feel a bit more fancy. That’s when I usually wear a striped shirt and would pair it with a blazer or a pair of smart trousers.

Jumpers and cardigans

Items we all can’t live without during the autumnal season are jumpers and cardigans. It’s such an essential if you live anywhere where it gets below 10 degrees Celsius. That’s why I think we should all invest in jumpers and cardigans. I like to keep it pretty basic, so I usually end up buying jumpers in black, grey, white, beige/camel and cream colours. Since I donated most of my jumpers to charity in a massive wardrobe clear out, I thought it would be better for me to invest some more money in my knits, so I am slowly but surely trying to invest in cashmere and wool jumpers instead of any of the cheaper ones that usually have itchy acrylic and stuff in it.

(P)leather leggings

Something I tend to always repurchase during every start of the autumnal season is a pair of pleather trousers or leggings. Once again I think that the leather makes an outfit look so chic. These kinds of outfits give you a different kind of vibe than the usual jeans and jumper combo. I always feel a bit more badass than l normally feel. I pair them with a pair of sneakers for more of a Parisian look or with boots if I just want to be very comfortable and warm.

Skinny or Regular jeans

A pair of basic jeans cannot be missed inside anyone’s wardrobe. They are such a good staple to have, especially for the autumnal season. However, I do feel like I can’t really pull of mom jeans during any time of the year. So I think it’s even better to invest in a pair of skinny jeans or regular jeans for autumn. They will always look good during winter with any kind of top and any kind of shoes. I prefer buying black jeans because I feel like they look more flattering on my body shape. However, I do think that I need to start investing in a pair of blue-ish jeans so I can try to really work my Parisian vibes.

I would say that you should invest in both a black pair as well as a blue pair of jeans. They both are such an essential and staple for your wardrobe (also outside of the autumnal season).

Smart black trousers

The older I got, the more I started to notice how important it is to also invest in a pair of smart trousers, especially during autumn. Sometimes you just want to be comfortable and not wear a pair of jeans. Smart trousers are the best alternative for that. You can style them with a pair of loafers and a shirt for a more put together look, but you can also easily dress them down again. I remember that I bought my first pair of trousers during autumn about three years ago. As soon as I put my first pair on I felt so powerful and chic. I felt as if I was ready to conquer the day, it’s only really a pair of smart trousers with a shirt that made me feel that way.


Loafers are such an essential. Whenever summer is over, we always have a couple of those days where it’s still a bit too warm to wear boots. That’s when I rely on loafers most. I also tend to wear loafers during the rest of the season, just because they are such a great basic to my wardrobe that I can’t help but want to wear a lot and because they are such a great alternative to my big addiction to trainers.


Which makes me go to the next item that helps you build a timeless wardrobe: trainers, or sneakers. I love them so much, mainly because they are so goddamn comfortable. I am definitely a trainer-kinda-gal and you will rarely find me in anything else. That’s why trainers are such a staple in my wardrobe. I especially love good pair of white trainers or a pair of Vans. They look great with any kind of trousers or jeans and help me walk comfortably through this season.

Ankle boots

And of course I couldn’t leave this post without mentioning a pair of ankle boots. Ankle boots are so great for every season, but I tend to wear them most during autumn and winter. Mainly because it gets so chilly that you need to wear something to keep your feet warm. My favourite kind of boot is one that is laced up. That way I can make an outfit look a bit tougher. I for instance love laced up ankle boots paired with some pleather trousers.


  1. can never go wrong with a leather jacket and stripe top!

    1. Right?! Such essentials in every girl and guy's wardrobe! 🙌🏼


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