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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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The Hague. The city where I grew up in. The city I never used to appreciate, with its gorgeous architecture, the museums and all the lovely places I like going. Now that I am older, I love my hometown more than ever and I want to share this beautiful city with you. In this post I wil share all the best places to eat, chill and what to sightsee in The Hague.

Part II of the The Hague City Guide will be going up next week. This post will include even more places to eat, where to go for drinks in the evening, my favourite museums and shops in this town.


If you're in The Hague, definitely visit Club Vers for breakfast. Get yourself a smoothie bowl, a croissant or a coconut yoghurt bowl. My personal favourite? The Healthy Pancakes with strawberry, banana and chocolate sauce.
Head to Pistache Café if you're more into getting yourself some breakfast on-the-go or want to be a bit nearer to the city center while eating breakfast. Order yourself the best Açai bowl your favourite kind of eggs.
Club Vers, Stationsweg 136A, 2515 BS, Den Haag
Pistache Café, Prinsestraat 134, 2513 CH, Den Haag


Le Petit Quartier opened just over a month ago and it's already a success. Most people who come here are from the neighbourhood, so you don't get too many tourists around here.
Walter Benedict is a favourite of mine to have lunch. Enjoy your lunch while you sit outside and enjoy your food while the rest of the world cycles by.
Le Petit Quartier, Van Hoytemastraat 96, 2596 ET, Den Haag
Walter Benedict, 69A, 2514 CE, Den Haag


You know how much I love my sushi. De Sushimeisjes have the best sushi in The Hague, and I highly recommend their sushi to everyone! Whenever I am there with one of my friends I usually order their Deluxe Menu for 2 persons, their Calamari and some edamame.
De Sushimeisjes, Prins Hendrikstraat 96, 2518 HW, Den Haag


I am a big lover of bubble tea. Whenever I am in town I always visit YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar after I ran some errands. Sometimes my friends and I just hop into town to get our bubble tea fix. When you're there, order the Iced Matcha Latte with Tapioca or te Green Tea Lemon with Tapioca. Those are my absolute favourite drinks whenever I am getting any.
YoYo! Fresh Tea Bar, Wagenstraat 39, 2512 AP, Den Haag


If you need a good old coffee fix I would recommend Lola Bikes & Coffee for their coffee. And they sell stuff for your bikes! Such an odd combi, but it works so well! Hop & Stork also have really good, strong coffee and they have the tastiest chocolates!
Lola Bikes & CoffeeNoordeinde 91, 2514 GD, Den Haag
Hop & Stork, Passage 82, 2511 AE, Den Haag
Lunch at Cortenaer


If you're up for delicious food, then visit Cortenaer, order their Poké bowl, it's the most amazing thing I had there.
If you're in the city centre, visit Palmette for their avocado toast and a coffee and enjoy the world go by.
Or go to Le Quartier if you like to leave the city center for a little while. Enjoy their salmon and avocado sandwich and discover the shops in this street.
Cortenaer, Kortenaerkade 1, 2518 AX, Den Haag
Palmette, Plaats 27, 2513 AD, Den Haag
Le Quartier, Van Hoytemastraat 43, 2596 EN, Den Haag


If you're into sharing food or eating several 'bites' for dinner, I recommend Bite Me. They do bites from a selection of countries. Definitely order their truffel fries with parmesan cheese! Tabasco also have the best bites in town!
Bite Me, Anna Paulownaplein 9, 2518 BK, Den Haag
Tabasco, Theresiastraat 12, 2593 AN, Den Haag


The Hague is such a great city, because the beach is only a few kilometers away. I am fortunate enough to live only 10 minutes away from the beach, but I mostly go to Scheveningen. It's only a fitfteen to twenty minutes bike ride away from the city center. My favourites for a day at the beach are Pantagonia Beach, Strandclub WIJ and The Fat Mermaid. Perfect beach restaurants for a day of relaxation.
Pantagonia Beach, Zwarte Pad, 2586 HP, Den Haag
Strandclub WIJ, Strandweg 1, 2586 JK, Den Haag
The Fat Mermaid, Strandweg 19, 2586 JK, Den Haag


If you're looking for some quiet time while you're here then visit Landgoed Clingendael, one of the many beautiful green parks in The Hague. If you're here from April until June or in October, then check to see if the Japanese Gardens are open.
Want to breath in that salty air at the beach? Then definitely go for a stroll at The Pier. It recently has been completely revamped with lots of nice places to eat, and a ferris wheel with an amazing view from sea looking out at the city. If heights aren't really your thing, then go for a calming walk through the dunes of The Hague. It's the perfect way to destress. Start from Kijkduin, Scheveningen or somewhere in between.
Landgoed Clingendael, Clingendael 6, 2597 VH, Den Haag
The Pier, Strandweg 150-154, 2586 JW, Den Haag

Because I have lived here for so long, and keep finding new and interesting places to eat, I also made a map on Google Maps where you can find all the hotspots that I mention in this blog post - and upcoming posts. I always am trying to discover new hotspots and places, so definitely save my Google Maps page if I interested you into coming to The Hague.

Do let me know if you're from The Hague, or if you visit The Hague often and you feel like there are places missing in this City Guide.


  1. i never knew how beautiful the hague is. i'm literally blown away. we went to mauritshuis today and it was so nice. its such a photogenic city and i have to come back.

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed spending time in The Hague, Mauritshuis is absolutely gorgeous. I really hope you will be coming back soon! :) xx


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