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I'm back with yet another The Hague City Guide. After posting PT. I of my City Guide, it only felt right to continue sharing my favourite spots with you. In this post I will be sharing my favourite places for comfort food, ice cream, evening drinks, where to shop, my favourite museums and some more sightseeing.


As much as I love discovering cute new places, I do have a few favourite places here in The Hague, where I can just sit down and know that I will be eating delicious food without having to think about it too much. My latest favourite is Pim Coffee Sandwiches & Vintage. Whenever I am at uni, I usually pop into Madame Moustache for their delicious carpaccio sandwich whenever I crave one. Whenever I am in the city center, I like to go to Jamey Bennett and enjoy their tuna sandwich or the other nice sandwiches.  
Pim Coffee Sandwiches & Vintage, Prins Hendrikstraat 113, 2518 HM Den Haag
Pim Coffee Sandwiches & Vintage, Wagenstraat 144, 2512 BA Den Haag
Madame Moustache, Theresiastraat 37, 2593 AA Den Haag
Jamey Bennett, Plaats 11, 2513 AD Den Haag


I love eating ice cream, especially during the afternoon to have some sort of a refresher. Whenever I am at uni or near this street, I always get my ice cream at Luciano. They honestly have the most amazing flavours in the world, and I am constantly being sucked in whenever I have a long day of classes at university to get myself some sort of treat.
If I am more in the mood for something different, I usually go to Sweet Mirrie's. This place recently opened in town and they do the most amazing ice cream rolls in the world. They make the ice cream right in front of you. There might be a queue, but it's so worth it! If you're there, definitely order either the Matcha Heaven or the Strawreo (Strawberry Oreo).
Luciano, Theresiastraat 41, 2593 AA, Den Haag
Sweet Mirrie's, Korte Poten 18, 2511 ED, Den Haag


If you're one to have a drink after a long day of strolling through The Hague, then go to Café Franklin. This is the perfect place for some drinks and bites at five in the afternoon. The cafe is really lovely and it's always buzzing outside whenever the weather lets you.

Visit The Penthouse if you want to grab some drinks later during the evening. This restaurant is on top of the The Hague Tower. It has one hell of a view all the way out to sea. Enjoy some cocktails or a gin and tonic while watching the sun set over The Hague. You do have to pay €9,00 to enter, but you then get your first drink for free.

If you're in the city center of The Hague and are looking for some casual evening drinks then you should visit Millers. It's one of the go-to places I get drinks whenever I'm in town with friends, and they do have some pretty tasty cocktails now!
Café Franklin, Valkenboslaan 24, 2563 CC, Den Haag
The Penthouse, Rijswijkseplein 786, 2516 LX, Den Haag
Millers, Plein 10A, 2511 CR, Den Haag 


If you're looking for some cultural inspiration, I would recommend going to Het Gemeentemuseum. They always have the most amazing art exhibitions and get lost their for hours. Next to this museum is Fotomuseum Den Haag, another inspiring museum, filled with amazing photography exhibitions. Another museum I would recommend is Escher In Het Paleis. This is the permanent exhibition of Escher's work. The art is amazing, but so is the building. This used to be the palace where Dutch royalty stayed during the winter.
Het Gemeentemuseum, Stadhouderslaan 41, 2517 HV, Den Haag
Fotomuseum Den Haag, Stadhouderslaan 43, 2517 HV, Den Haag
Escher In Het Paleis, Lange Voorhout 74, 2514 EH, Den Haag


If you're up for some shopping while you're here, then the City Center is your go to place. I love going to the city center to see a few shops such as Dille & Kamille, ZARA Home and Stradivarius. Definitely stroll through De Passage (the old one) to have a peek at the amazing architecture.
Whenever I am in town, it can be quite hectic. I like it a lot more if the city is a bit more quiet. If you're in town and are looking for some more quiet streets to wander through, I would recommend Denneweg. There are the cutest shops and behind this street are lots of picturesque canals like in Amsterdam.
Sometimes I really like wandering through the city. My favourite part of The Hague to stroll around through is Het Zeeheldenkwartier. Streets like Piet Heinstraat, Prins Hendrikstraat (and Prins Hendrikplein) and Zoutmanstraat are my favourite streets to wander through. I keep discovering new restaurants, cafés and cute shops in this part of town.
City Center of The Hague; De Passage
Denneweg, Den Haag
Zeeheldenkwartier; Piet Heinstraat; Prins Hendrikstraat; Zoutmanstraat


While walking through the city center of The Hague, you discover quite a few beautiful places. Whenever I am in town, just strolling around I am always majorly impressed by the trees and architecture of homes at Lange Voorhout.
If I am looking for some quiet time in a park, while still being very central to the city center, I like to go to the Paleistuin. This is a public park where you can just chill while looking at either the famous Noordeinde Palace or the horse stables of our Royalties.
Every once in a while I feel like I need to destress completely. Whenever I feel like that, I like to go to Rosarium in Westbroekpark. This is a beautiful park filled with the most beautiful flowers and statures. It's at quite a busy road, but you here absolutely nothing but nature when you're there. This is a big recommendation whenever you feel like the business of The Hague is getting a bit overwhelming.
Lange Voorhout, Den Haag
Paleistuin, Prinsessewal, 2514 Den Haag
Rosarium in Westbroekpark, (Enterance park via: Kapelweg, 2587 BK, Den Haag) 

This might be the last part of my city guide for a little while. However, I do have a special Google Maps map of The Hague, where I am constantly pinning new cute restaurants, shops, museums etc. So check out my Map of The Hague via Google Maps if you're planning a trip to The Hague.