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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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I always like to change skincare things up a bit during the summer season. My skin can really start acting up, especially when it's warmer outside. Somehow the pimples just start popping up whenever it's summer. This year however, I feel like I have had my skin under control quite well, and wanted to share all the products that helped contribute to that in today's post. So these basically are my top summer skincare favourites.

Over the years I have learned that my skin is very sensitive and extremely dehydrated, and that is mostly why I get my acne. So also during the summer season I like to reach for products that are hydrating and gentle on my skin.

All of these products have been mentioned on the blog before, but I feel like this summer I am really enjoying all of these products and they deserve their own, special summer dedication. These bits basically include cleansers, serums, eye creams, SPF and my moisturizer. 


The first thing I am going to talk about is the Kiehls Centella Skin Calming Facial Cleanser. I discovered this in December last year, but it is still an all time favourite cleanser of mine. This cleanser has aloe vera and camomile in it, which basically is perfect for the summer season. Aloe vera and camomile are both known for their repairing/soothing power. And as much as we don't like to get burned out in the sun during the summer season, it can happen quite quickly. My nose tends to burn quite quickly. Because this is a skin calming cleanser, with aloe vera and camomile in it, I feel like this will help sooth your sunburnt nose. But this is also very nice if your face feels a bit dehydrated from the sun. Whenever I use this, it doesn't give me that tight feeling some face washes or cleansers give you. 


This product by Kiehl's is such a cult product. I think that just about everyone from different age and skin type ranges love this product. I myself really like the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, as it helps repair my skin, especially my acne scars. I find that this product is such a summer necessity, as acne scars and dark spots can get quite pigmented. Especially if you're in the sun a lot pigmentation of these old scars can happen. That's why I think it's best to put this serum on at night, to help restore my acne, but also combat any possible pigmentation. 


Another product from Kiehl's. Kiehl's probably is one of my favourite skincare brands out there, with La Roche Posay. Just like the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, I feel like this Creamy Eye Treatment is one of those cult products. I am only twenty years old, but feel the need to put on that eye cream to prevent myself from having wrinkles. If my face feels a bit dehydrated during the summer, I like to dip my finger in my mums creamy eye treatment and lather this on. 


Especially during the summer season I tend to have a lot more cystic acne than normal. I think this is because it's quite warm and we all get a bit sweaty. The pores get clogged and I am stuck with one of those painful pimples under my skin. If that is the case, I like to put this Aesop Parsley Seed mask on those particular pimples. So instead of using the mask all over my face, I only use it on the pimples itself, and they definitely seem to calm down quicker. Of course this is one of those products that is constantly in my favourites, but I felt the need to mention this little miracle worker during the summer too. It is saving my skin during those humid days.


Apparently this is one of those beauty products that is only available in either The Netherlands or the Benelux Union. I recently started using eye cream, and gravitated towards this particular product. I am pretty sure I heard multiple family members talk about how enjoyable the Biodermal products were. It's safe to say that I was quick to pick this Biodermal eye cream up when we had a deal going on in my local drugstore. This eye cream is perfect for people who are in their twenties and are just starting to use eye cream. It's a very light weight cream that protects and hydrates your eyes. 


This is another one of my cult skincare items. Whenever my skin is starting to act up, I immediately reach for this La Roche Posay Tolériane Ultra Fluid moisturizer. It's such a gentle moisturizer that soothes your skin. So this product basically has used constantly during the summer season. I love how lightweight this cream is, but my skin is also left feeling hydrated.  


Of course an SPF can't miss out on my summer skincare favourites. I chose to put this Bioderma Photoderm AKN mat SPF 30, because it's one of the only spf's that does not break me out. Sun screen always tends to break me out, but I don't ever want to avoid using it. Like I said before, I have acne scars. To prevent any sort of pigmentation from living its life on my face, I put on SPF. Besides it providing me that sun block, it also helps that this particular SPF doesn't break me out and it smells nice. 
Bioderma is one of those beauty brands, just like La Roche Posay and Kiehl's, that I never seem to have any weird reactions to, which I normally would have. So I feel like sticking to this product for as long as possible, is the best for me.