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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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Over the past year I have invested in getting more greenery into my room. The past couple of years I have bought many cacti, some of the cacti have survived over those years, and others sadly didn’t survive. I loved the idea of adding some more plants into my room as it was just looking like it needed some greenery added into the home. I like to think I have a green thumb, but the opposite is quite true. I have tried to keep multiple plants alive over the past year, but it’s only until late last year I started discovering the plants that are REALLY hard to kill. In today’s post I thought I would share three of the plants I have in my room that have outlived my expectations on how long they would survive under my care. This isn’t the standard: just add cacti or succulents to your room and you’re done post, I liked the idea of plants that didn’t spike me once I had to repot them.

Aloe Vera plant

One of the most popular plants I think exists, has got to be the aloe vera plant. Ok, so I lied… It turns out the aloe vera plant is a succulent plant, which is why it’s so easy to take care of and very hard to kill. But the aloe vera plant is way more exciting than your normal succulent. If you’re out of aloe vera gel or have some sort of a burn on your body, you can actually cut the leaves of the aloe vera off to use the aloe juice on your skin. I learnt that this succulent works best when it’s put into a bright room in indirect sunlight. My bedroom is exactly that, as it’s bright but I only have the direct sunlight coming into half of my room in the morning. I put my aloe vera on the opposite side of the direct sunlight, so I am thinking it will survive there for quite a long time. I water the aloe plant once a week.

Monstera/Swiss Cheese plant

I have wanted a monstera plant for about five years. However I thought they were really hard plants to keep alive. It turns out they aren’t hard to keep alive at all. I absolutely love this plant because of it’s interesting leaves. Its leaves make it a very photogenic plant that I feel every blogger and their mum has inside of their house. You need to keep this monstera in a bright place too, but out of direct sunlight and it will grow lots. I keep my monstera plant in the hallway up to my bedroom, as it’s a very bright space with a roof window, but it never really gets sunny there. Since I have put that plant in that hallway in March it has grown lots, so I am thinking it is a happy camper. I water him once a week.

Clusia plant

One of the few plants I haven’t really seen other people talk about online is the Clusia. My brother bought me a Clusia while we were at Ikea last September and that Clusia is really loving life in my room. It has grown so much since September and is still growing new leaves every two weeks or so. This is one of those plants that cleans the air inside of your room, which honestly made me want to buy this plant myself immediately. I put this once again into a spot in my room that only has 1 hour of direct sunlight on a very sunny morning. After that it’s still quite bright in my room and it’s out of direct sunlight, which is how you should keep this plant. I also water this Clusia once a week. One of the main reasons I love this plant, is that it can adjust quite easily, this means that if you forget to water him, he doesn’t automatically die, which is perfect!

How I keep my plants alive

I like to think I have a green thumb, but I can easily forget to water my plants if I don’t think about it enough. I used to set my own weekly alarm on Sunday evening to past all of my plants and to water them. It is only until my cousin recently that I started using an app for this. The app I use is Plantsome, which gives you an insight into how much water and food your plant needs. I also discovered the app Waterplant while writing this post, which looks pretty good to use too.

I feel like I have actually become a plant lady, as my collection is slowly getting out of hand.. I love the way plants brighten up a room though. Do you have any plants inside of your bedroom?