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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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This post contains affiliate links
This post contains gifted PR items

And just like that we’re in June. It’s a new month and it’s time to share five of my favourite things of the month May with you. It’s no surprise May May has been a stressful month for me. Hence all the ‘stress’ and ‘anxiety’ related posts on here lately. It’s funny, how I get inspired to write about these topics when I feel anxious or stressed just like that. The stress took its proper toll on me this month and I had quite a lot of anxiety, headaches and felt more insecure about everything than normal. The five favourite products I am mentioning in todays post have helped me feel more confident, eased my headache or made me feel relaxed when I needed it.

This Works Morning Expert Hyaluronic Serum*

If you have read my post about my ode to hyaluronic serum or about my favourite skincare brands, you won’t be surprised that this product has also made it into my Five Favourites of May post. Like I said in my latest blog post about my favourite skincare brands for acne prone skin, I absolutely am obsessed with the This Works Morning Expert Hyaluronic Serum* that the lovely PR girls from This Works sent over to me at the end of March. As soon as this came in and read up about it, I knew I was going to love it. Hyaluronic acid is great for restoring your moisture balance and vitamin C is great for your overall skin. Both also help clear up acne scars, so of course I was jumping at the opportunity to try this. I have used this serum every morning since the 25th of March and it’s been great. I noticed my skin looking healthier, more plump and my acne scars seemed to have faded quite a bit over the past 2,5 months. At first I thought I was starting to see things because I wanted this to work so badly. I asked my mum though, and she confirmed to me that my skin was looking better and the acne scars on my cheeks as well as my chin had become less visible. I’m nearly out of this serum, so you betcha that I’m off to purchase a new one of this as soon I have pressed publish on this post.

You can probably tell why I love this product so much, as it has really helped to contribute in me feeling better about myself and growing to become a more confident women.

Weekday Ink blazer

One of my newest favourite items of clothing that I bought at the end of April is this Weekday Ink blazer. I have not stopped wearing this beautiful blazer since treating myself to it after seeing it in store. This blazer has soon become a wonderful addition to my wardrobe, for multiple reasons. First of all I love the colour of this blazer. This neutral/beige colour is such a versatile colour, that will look amazing not only this summer, but will still look lovely in a few years time. Secondly I love the cut of this blazer. It’s slightly oversized, which I absolutely love the look of. Some blazers have shoulder pads and they make my shoulders look 3 times its actual size. This blazer is oversized but doesn’t do that at all, which is why it has become such a favourite too. I love how I feel in this blazer and it makes me feel really confident wearing it this past month. This will be such a perfect blazer for when summer rolls around.

The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary

My second favourite that needs to be mentioned in my favourites post is a book. It’s been two months since I last mentioned my last favourite book in a five favourites post. I set myself a goal on Goodreads this year to read 15 books and this has been the sixth book I have finished this year. The book I finished in May and I loved reading is called ‘The Flate Share’ by Beth O’Leary and I absolutely loved reading this. I saw this book being recommended by one of my favourite girls on Instagram, Taylor Jane, check her instagram and blog. She loved it and the cover looked very cute and just the kind of light-hearted, heart-warming kind of read I needed in the state I was in in May. This was the perfect read for it. I agree with Taylor on this book being a bit slow in the beginning. I kept reading this though to give myself a bit of a distraction and I am so happy I did. I absolutely loved reading this book as it was such a cute story of two people who fall in love. It’s one of those extremely romantic, funny, uplifting and feel good reads that made me a bit sad that it was over when I finished reading the book. I LOVED the story though, and it was just the cutest read.

Charlie Temple Grande Rotondo glasses

My next favourite has helped me reduce my headaches ever so slightly while I had to get a lot done in May. It’s been one of those months where I had spent at least 40 hours a week behind a laptop and it was really starting to affect my wellbeing. I noticed I started getting super dry eyes, had trouble falling asleep at night and had really bad headaches. That’s why I ordered these Charlie Temple Grande Rotondo glasses without a prescription in it, but with a blue light filter. This basically is like the blue light filter on your phone and I notice a difference whenever I do and don’t wear them. When I don’t wear them, I feel this straining pressure on my eyes. Yet when I put them on, I notice an immediate difference. I don’t feel as much pressure on my eyes and it has definitely helped me reduce my headache a bit. Of course a pair of glasses can’t truly help prevent a headache that comes up from being behind a computer all day. So I also tried to get as much rest as possible to slowly get back to my old, chilled self.

New Look brown paper bag waist trousers

OK so my final favourite thing of May is a pair of trousers. It’s yet another pair of paper bag waist trousers. If I am not wearing a pair of mom jeans, I will be wearing a pair of paper bag waist bag trousers when I am out and about. I feel super comfortable in wearing a pair of these sort of trousers. My latest addition to my collection is a pair of brown New Look paper bag waist trousers. I did have to get them a bit tailored, as they were slightly too long and wide for me back in April. So as soon as my tailor got them hemmed a bit, I fell absolutely in love with these trousers. Brown has been one of those colours I have really enjoyed wearing lately, as I think it’s such a classic and neutral colour that will look good with basically any item inside of my wardrobe. Just like all the other items in my post today, these trousers have also helped me feel more confident, especially when I felt a bit low or off. I think it’s always so beautiful to see how much of an effect clothes can have on someone’s mood and immediately boost someone’s confidence. It’s especially nice when that someone is you and an item of clothing makes you feel just that tiny bit better.


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