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Weekends are my absolute favourite. Saturday and Sunday are the days I usually look forward to most, like most of us, because it usually means I can focus on anything else but uni work. Every weekend is different too, but I thought it would be fun to share what my favourite autumn weekend activities are, just so I can get myself even more pumped for fun autumn activities.

Brunch dates

One of my favourite things to do during the autumnal weekends is to have fun brunch (but they are usually lunch) dates with my friends and family. I love seeing my friends or family, especially during the weekends as we can usually spend the whole day together, catching up in cute cafes.

Right now we’re having a beautiful and warm (summer-ish) weather in autumn, so this would be the perfect weather to enjoy the sun and eat some brunch with my friends outside. On the colder or rainier days we would usually just snuggle up inside, drink some coffee and have an acai bowl or something, catch up and watch the world go by.

Going into town

So besides going into town to have brunch dates with my friends, I also love going into town to just go to a few shops, walk around town for a bit and grab a coffee. Whenever my friends and I decide to go to town to go shopping, we usually only need to go to two to three shops, which is perfect. Town can be quite busy during the weekends, which we do not like one bit. So my friends and I usually just hop into a few shops and then get something to drink and start our weekend routine of catching up and people watching.

Visiting friends/family

Occasionally I plan something that is a bit more exciting than just staying in my own hometown. I have friends and family living in Amsterdam, Haarlem and Rotterdam and every now and again we plan to see each other those cities. It’s so nice and refreshing to wake up early during the weekend to catch the train and to explore some other cities and to see how people in other cities spend their autumnal weekends.

Going for a walk

If I feel like I am lacking some energy during those autumnal weekends, there’s nothing better than going out for a nice walk. I don’t really mind where I walk to, but I just get so much new and fresh energy from being outside and going for a walk. It literally feels like a breath of fresh air. Being able to walk to the beach or just go to the forest instead is just one of my many favourite things about living in The Hague. It means I can walk through the forest that is just around the corner of my home and be at the beach within a 15-minute walk. This is perfect for clearing your head after quite a stressful week.

Go to the museum

Going to the museum seems to be the thing I do whenever the weather is a bit meh during autumn. I actually have not been to the museum this year yet, but I am dying to visit a few exhibitions in and around The Hague and some other cities soon. Right now I feel like I am in over my head with lots of work for university as I am constantly working on my dissertation, but as soon as I feel like I have things a bit more under control again and feel like I can actually spend a whole day to go to another city to visit a museum, I definitely will.

Staying in

As much as I love going out and doing lots of fun things during the weekend, there’s nothing I love more than staying inside and just rummage around the house all day. This basically means that I will probably spend a Saturday or Sunday sleeping in, doing lots of book reading, watching series on Netflix and just chilling at home with my parents. On some days I also like rummaging around the house so much that I even end up having one of my ‘I need to have a major wardrobe clear out” sessions.


Now that we’re in the middle of autumn I seem to be doing a lot more baking. When I was younger I used to bake so many cakes and brownies when growing up. Somewhere along going to university I stopped doing it, which sucks. I am slowly getting back into baking again. A couple of weeks ago I was in the mood to do some baking and made a cake. It was so fun to do; I actually forgot how much I love baking. This weekend I am quite busy and am actually going away next week, but I am already planning on baking some brownies or something else that is semi-healthy.


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  1. These are all such great weekend activities, and things I love to do as well! Hope you'll get the chance to do some of these this weekend ♥︎ xx

    1. They are so lovely, aren't they? Thank you lovely! I had such a lovely weekend brunching with a friend 💕 xx


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