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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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Autumn has got to be one of my favourite seasons to shop for. I love buying new beautiful knits, scarves and other cosy stuff like that. While I am getting my autumn wardrobe for this year ready, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favourite places to shop at. These are just the shops I like to go to whenever I actually go into town and shop for stuff. If I can’t find the stuff I want to buy online, then I am usually off to browse these websites before actually going into town for a little so-called ‘shopping trip’.


The first shop I love to go to when I am on a little shopping trip is H&M. In my opinion H&M do some of the best knits around. This is probably because I love Scandinavian fashion so much and a lot of the inspiration from H&M comes from that. I love buying my knits or basics for autumn here. I always tend to find the most beautiful knits there that come in those perfect autumn colours such as camel, black, grey and those beautiful forest green or khaki jumpers. H&M is such a good shop to start building your basics for autumn.


Weekday is another one of those beautiful Scandinavian based shops that do the most perfect stuff for autumn. I love buying my knits and shirts there, because I know that they will always last me a longer at least two years. I still have so many great pieces of Weekday stored inside my closet that I am so excited for to get back out again for autumn. Weekday is one of the only shops I physically like to go to instead of going online, as I just love how their stores look. I also love that you get 20% discount as a student on the clothes whenever you buy something in store.


Monki is one of my favourite places to go to if I feel like I can’t find something anywhere else. Monki is one of those places that to me do really great clothes if you’re looking for something that might be a bit more ‘loud’. With this I mostly mean that if you are looking for a clothing item with a little bit of a funky print or clothing items that are a bit more out there, then Monki is where you will find your pieces. I always love having a little browse through Monki if I am looking for something a bit more special. This season for instance I have had my eye on something leopard print and I immediately went to Monki to see what their stock looked like.


ZARA is the place to be when it comes to autumn/winter. I feel like ZARA always pulls through on the knits during autumn. ZARA is basically knit and coats heaven for me when it comes to autumn fashion. I think that most of the knits as well as the coats I own are from ZARA as I can always seem to find myself some of the most beautiful and semi longlasting wardrobe classics there.

ZARA is one of those stores that do great basics. I love browsing through their basics collection. If I am not browsing for new knits or looking at beautiful new coats, I also love looking at their trousers section as they have such a good selection of classic smart trousers that are perfect for workwear. If you want to dress down a bit then they also have such fantastic pairs of casual trousers as well as ‘statement’ trousers with a print.


Mango has to be one of my favourite stores to purchase neutral items at. Mango also do the greatest ‘basic’ pieces in such great colours such as black, white, stone, grey and camel/beige tones. Since these kind of colours are basically the only kind of colours I tend to wear, this means it is also yet another kind of shopping heaven for me to shop at. I love buying my basic knits and trousers there, as, just like ZARA, the quality is quite good for how long these products last me.


A store that I recently started to like a bit more is Stradivarius. Stradivarius is yet another Spanish brand that is part of the whole ZARA/Inditax crew, which basically means that I am probably going to like it. Even though I find ZARA to be more on the sophisticated side, Stradivarius can be seen as quite youthful, colourful and with many different kind of prints. I find myself incorporating colourful prints into my wardrobe recently as I have such a lovely collection of basics already. Since I am not one to wear a lot of colour, I would rather buy just a few statement pieces and that’s when I usually end up going to Stradivarius. I usually buy some of my knits or my accessories in statement colours or prints there at Stradivarius there, because I know they will last me at least two or three seasons. Quality at Stradivarius isn’t as great as other stores, but it is also relatively cheaper than ZARA or Mango. But since these items tend to be a bit more ‘out there’, I don’t mind it too much that the quality isn’t as great as I would rather have it.