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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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One of my resolutions this year was to read more books throughout the year. I love reading books and I have done so ever since I was younger. While growing up I noticed that I just started reading throughout the year less and less. It came to a point where I would only read books during my summer holiday, as that felt like the only moment where I had ‘time’ to actually read. That’s just crazy to think about, and so I made the resolution to read more books. I wanted to read at least a book a month, and I feel like I am doing quite a good job so far, as I am making more time to read in my everyday life.

So far I have read six books this year, which I am pretty chuffed about. I am currently reading my seventh book of the year and am hoping to finish reading it halfway through or by the end of May depending on how hectic my life will be in the upcoming month. However, I have made a few adjustments to make more time to read. Before I would find it so hard to find time to read. With a few adjustments I now have time to read a lot more. I just wanted to share a few of my ways of incorporating reading into a busy life with you, so here goes.

Reading before bed

One of the most obvious times to read a book is before bed. I would be lying if I would say that I read a book before bed every day. However, I am trying to be more aware of making myself ready for bed. This way I know I will have a proper nights sleep and still manage to achieve one of my resolutions. So after I have had my cup of relaxing tea, cleansed my face and brushed my teeth I get tucked up into bed and make time to read a bit before I fall asleep.

Not only does this help me achieve my resolution of reading a book a month, I also am noticing I feel much more rested the morning after I have read a book before bed.

Public transport

Now this is another one of those obvious tips that everyone could incorporate into their lives. I spend quite a lot of time on public transport whenever I am off to uni or if I am seeing my cousins who live out of town. This is such a good way to get stuck into reading a book. I usually just pop my headphones in and then start reading my book. I am so easily distracted, so I find that having headphones in really puts me into my own little world and I can fully focus on reading my book.

The only downsides to reading books while you’re on the train, tram or bus is that you might miss your stop. Or you might not notice that cute guy sitting across from you until the moment you have to get off. Yeah, that definitely has happened to me quite a lot of times over the past few months.

Reading while eating lunch

So this might not be that great if you’re a really mindful eater, but whenever I am at home all day and I am just typing away on my little laptop all morning, I am glad to have a lunch break away from my computer screen. Instead of maybe putting a YouTube video or an episode of Friends on, I have been trying to read my book instead. It’s really good to give your eyes a break from your screen, and I am pretty sure my optician once told me I need to take 5 minute breaks from my screen every hour, which when I add up, gives me a good 20 minutes to eat my lunch and read my book.

Sunday reading time

My Sundays are always so chilled. I always try to not plan that much on a Sunday, so I can fully relax before I go back to work on Mondays. As much as I love binge watching some sort of series on Netflix on Sundays, it’s not always making me feel as chilled as I would like. So instead, I block my Sundays to read a bit in a book. This usually ends up with me waking up at 8 or 9, I then read in my book until 11 or 12 and then, if I have anything fun planned, I will go out. If not, I would just have brunch with my parents and treat myself to another little reading session. Now this is something that varies from week to week, as sometimes my Sundays are packed with plans. Then I would just switch it up a bit, and read my book on Saturday and Sunday morning before starting my day!

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  1. I promised myself to read more books too as I'm just like you in the sense that I really do love it and used to read all the time when I was little, but I'm not doing great with keeping that promise to be honest.. I definitely need to make more time for reading again, it's such a great way to relax :) xx

    1. It definitely is such a good way to relax a bit! Hope you can try and pick up the habit of making more time to read as I find it such a good way to destress and disconnect from social media a bit! :) xx

  2. Blocking out a set time I think is such a good idea! As opposed to doing what I do which is desperately trying to fit it around the tiniest 5 minutes I have in a day, and then wondering why it's taking me weeks to finish a book !xx

    1. I find it's so much easier to read this way! Starting my weekend day off with some reading honestly also makes me so happy and calm! :)


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