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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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This is my fourth year of studying Communications at uni. It’s my final year and it got me thinking about the last couple of years. Studying communications has helped me grow so much as a person. But not only did it help me grow as a person, it also helped me improve some things on the blog. This is something that I didn’t at first anticipate when I started studying Communications. In this post I will be discussing all the things I have learnt so far while studying Communications. Of course I have learnt so much, but there are only so many things that came from theory that I can ‘try out’ on my blog.

Improve my writing

One of the main reasons of why I decided to study Communications was because I loved writing. Usually people who love writing go off to study Journalism, but I didn’t want to limit myself to just Journalism. So I chose Communications instead, knowing there would be a lot of writing involved. Studying Communications helped me improve my writing so much. Nowadays I know how to write attractive texts for people, I use headings on my blog and as negative as it sounds; I can force myself to write a text. Sometimes it’s hard to write difficult, serious blogs because sometimes there’s just a writer’s block. Because of multiple courses I had to follow at uni, I learnt a few tips and tricks to always be able to write a new blog post.

Improve my photography skills

In the first few years at university my class and I have learnt how to interpret images and paintings. We learnt to analyse images to see what the meaning behind it is. Besides that we also learnt how take a photo that catches a persons eye. Nowadays I am much more aware of how I take photos and what the meaning behind a photograph is. Before I take photos I always think about what kind of message I want to spread with the photos I take. Especially whenever I am taking photos of either people or landscapes I am really trying to find some sort of meaning behind the photos I’m taking.

How to use Photoshop and Illustrator

While I was younger I remember creating a birthday invitation in Photoshop. I felt like such a pro doing this, and during high school I always tried to improve my Photoshop skills on my own. In my first year of university I learnt so many more exciting things about Photoshop, which makes it so much easier to edit in Photoshop nowadays. Then we also learnt how to work in Illustrator. Now I am not really using Illustrator as much as I want, as I don’t have it on my own laptop. But whenever I am at school I always prefer using Illustrator for projects over Photoshop.

How to edit in Lightroom, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro

Another thing we learnt while studying Communications, was editing. Editing content is a very small part of my uni course, but I enjoyed it so much that I always felt motivated to edit the content I created the best I could. Now editing in Lightroom is something that comes in really handy for blog photos, but I have pretty much only learnt the basics at uni. This year is the year I have decided to teach myself how to properly use Lightroom.

It’s also been on my list to create some sort of videos in the future. I would love to create cool travel videos if I am ever going to travel somewhere. Not because I want to jump on the bandwagon, but because some things I want to post on the blog are just easier to show in via vlogs instead of posts. Or just for the sake of having memories made into a little video. At uni I learnt how to edit in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. These 'basic' skills will always come in handy as soon as I find enough courage to actually sit and talk in front of a camera.

The importance of a visual identity

While learning about the importance of images and visual aspects of brands, I learnt that having a visual identity is so important. A visual identity has been part of my blog for as long as I can remember, when I was younger I just did not realise that this was my visual identity. I always used to take photos and choose colours that I liked, that matched throughout social media. During this course I learnt that this is called a visual identity and that it can make or break a brand. A visual identity is so important as it makes your brand stronger and recognizable for visitors, readers, fans or companies who might want to work with you in the future. Brands often approach me because they like the aesthetic on either my blog or Instagram.

Branding yourself

When you go a little deeper into my uni course, you will learn how to brand a label, company or even yourself. This is part of Marketing Communications and is exactly the part of the industry I would love to work in. My course books told me that there should always be a few things that should be made clear before you start a company. This is called branding yourself. You ask yourself different sorts of questions and other branding related questions to really compose your blog.

An example of this is creating a Mission Statement. To create a mission statement, you should ask yourself questions such as ‘What do you want to accomplish?’; ‘Why do you have your blog?’ ‘What makes you unique?’ and ‘How will you accomplish it?’. Answering these types of questions when writing a blog is so useful. It’s what drives you to create new content for your blog. It’s what makes you unique. If you have written these things down for yourself, it will be so much easier to explain to people what you do. This could really have positive outcomes for future jobs and careers.

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