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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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eBay tee (similar), Primark skirt (similar), H&M jacket, Aldo boots, Ray-Ban clubmaster

Something that I have learned in this past year at school is that I shouldn't feel scared of wearing something different than anyone would wear. I had my insecurities on how I should dress when I was in school last year and I felt like I was trying to dress different to sort of fit in. This is not something someone should ever do. Dressing in the things you like is what makes you unique and I completely feel like I forgot that around last year, but it slowly came back to me.

I started to feel more comfortable with myself now that school is pretty much over for me, I felt like I honestly can't be arsed with how someone else would feel if I would wear something. But when I wore this outfit someone gave me a "what the fuck are you wearing" face, and after being more confident with my body, this really stung. I had a someone who I hang out with looking at me like that when I wore this outfit and  it instantly made me insecure about everything.. It made me want to run back home and change. Now this look that has been given to me has haunted me all weekend and I can't help but feel insecure all over again, about my body, about the way I dress, about everything. It basically broke my confidence that I had build up. 

Like I said, this look that someone gave me stung and has haunted me all weekend and after seeing Lily Pebbles' latest video about her friends and herself pretty much opening up about their insecurities from when they were 15, I felt like I could relate to them. Yes, I have major insecurities about my body, but I'm only 17! It will all be fine and soon enough you will find your true self and with your true self come true friends who will love you for who you are and they probably would not care about what you wear.


  1. Laura, I was just thinking how much I loved your outfit before I scrolled down to see how someone made you feel, you look gorgeous girl! Don't let anyone put you down, dress for yourself :) x

  2. Lauraaa, This outfit is perfect! That such a shame that one person can make you feel like that - but I totally get what you mean, I feel self-conscious when I wear something a bit 'out-there' and different to the general trend at school or with friends. But your positivity through it is so good, it's true - we're only 17! and as Lilly's video said, there is so much more to come and being 17 is not the be all and end all! Kisses, Christina xoxo

  3. I love this outfit, and I think you look fabulous! You're right though: When you're young it is easy for slight comments that other people make to seem like a really big thing, and sometimes that's ok, it's expected, as long as you love yourself really! Lots of love xx

    1. You know exactly what I mean! Thank you Ellen! You're lovely! X

  4. Its a nice outfit. Black is always a perfect color for you


  5. Ik ben echt fan van die rok, hij is zo tof!

  6. Je bent prachtig meid echt! Je draagt altijd zulke leuke outfits nie onzeker zijn hoor!♡


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