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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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It’s no secret that I absolutely love to be comfortable in whatever kind of outfit I wear. I am usually cold quite often and love to wear anything that feels like I am wearing my actual pyjamas. The past few months I noticed that the ‘wearing a tracksuit/loungewear outside’ trend is slowly making a comeback from the 00’s. I personally love this, as comfort is everything and not having to change out of your loungewear when you have to go out. It sounds like my kind of dream! It’s obviously easy to throw on loungewear, as it’s one of those things you don’t really have to think about or plan whenever you wear them. One of my biggest fears is looking like a slob if I am wearing my loungewear. So when I am wearing loungewear and am off outside, I want to make sure I still look somewhat chic.

Fake leather trousers

There’s different ways to style your loungewear while still looking chic. My kind of go-to look in these cases is that people don’t immediately notice that I am wearing parts of or an entire set of loungewear. So let’s begin easy, if this is a trend you are willing to try out but fear you might end up looking like a slob, then start slow. I have been living in hoodies and sweatshirts since I started university back in 2015. I was tired and just wanted to wear something cosy and comfy. Back then I was still a bit scared of wearing a full on tracksuit or something, so I would usually just style my hoodies and sweatshirts with either a pair of fake leather leggings or trousers. Leather leggings or trousers in my opinion always look super chic and fashionable, especially during darker days in winter. They instantly give an outfit a bit of a twist and really help dress that hoodie or sweatshirt up a bit.

Buy fitted joggers

If you would like to venture into living the jogger bottoms life, like I have done quite often lately, then you have to think about the style of joggers you’re wearing. I personally think my joggers need to be a bit more fitted on my legs otherwise I look like a small little bean wearing her boyfriend’s joggers. And I don’t even have a boyfriend! So that’s why I love to go for the tighter, more fitting joggers instead. When the joggers are slightly more fitted, it just looks better. Your body looks better and you can still kind of see your body shape through out. I have one pair of baggy joggers, but I don’t think I have ever worn them out. They make me look and feel like I am an actual slob, so instead I keep those for when I am staying inside all day after feeling a bit ill.

Accessories and jewellery

I think one of the things that we all are scared of when wearing loungewear outside is to end up looking like a slob. To look like someone who hasn’t showered or maybe looks like they have not put any effort into their outfits while they are out and about. It’s actually why I was always super scared to wear these sorts of outfits outside. And sometimes it’s not only that you’re afraid of what people think. It can also be if you’re feeling a little bit off. So if there’s one thing to remember when you’re out and about wearing loungewear, it’s to not forget about the accessories. I love myself a cool, quirky or classic bag. If I am going for a classic, sophisticated look, but am wearing a pair of joggers or a hoodie, I like to pair it with a fancier bag. It will amaze you how important a bag can be in finishing an outfit. If you want to feel even more like ‘yourself’ in these loungewear kind of outfits, I would also tell you to think about jewellery as well. I personally only wear necklaces and notice an instant switch in my mind set when putting it on when wearing loungewear. It makes you feel ready, like you got ready in the morning and also put on your necklaces. It instantly makes your hoodie or sweatshirt look cooler and you’ve got some details to focus on.

Longline coats

Another thing that helps in my opinion is to wear a long line coat. Now this might sound like an Inspector Gadget kind of-thing. But if you are wearing a long coat, it doesn’t even really matter anymore what you’re wearing underneath. At the moment I love to wear my black longline wrap coat for winter, as it keeps me warm enough when I am out and about. It also kind of hides that I am wearing joggers, especially when I style this sort of outfit with boots.

Boots instead of trainers

As much as I love to wear my trainers – you barely see me wearing anything else on the blog – I think they can make or break a loungewear outfit. At the moment I quite enjoy wearing my much beloved white sneakers with a loungewear outfit, but I have to admit something. If I am off outside to run some errands in loungewear or make a conscious effort in wearing my loungewear outside, I usually end up wearing boots instead. It’s another one of my favourite ways to style loungewear. Just like the leather leggings or trousers it puts such an interesting detail to your outfit, which can really help dress up a loungewear kind of outfit. Whether it’s Chelsea boots or lace up boots, I think they instantly make an outfit look interesting and pulled together.

Blazers on top

All of these tips are perfect if you want to wear your comfy loungewear out in winter, but what about when spring rolls around? Lately I have seen lots of inspiration on Pinterest lately where girls wear their sweatshirts or hoodies styled with a blazer, and I love it! I actually started wearing a hoodie underneath my blazer because of Pinja, she recently posted an outfit like that on her blog and I loved it. I had to try it and then also fell in love with that kind of look. I would say to style this sort of outfit with a pair of leather trousers/leggings or a pair of skinny jeans, to make sure the oversized fit on the top is compromised by something fitted and figure hugging. This basically prevents you from looking like little Bibendum from the Michelin tires.

So that is how I have been styling my comfy loungewear outside. These sort of outfits make it so much easier to get cosy and comfortable throughout the day. I wouldn’t recommend wearing this sort of outfit every single day. As lovely as it is to wear loungewear, be cosy and feel like you’re in your pyjamas, it also feels great to get dressed up in a dress or a pretty blouse too!

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