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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclaimer here.

Happy Wednesday! I hope you're all having a lovely week so far. It has been a while since I last did one of these '5 days of real outfits' posts. I honestly think it was still around the summer time when I last shared mirror shots of my outfits. I think these kind of posts are quite fun to read. It give you a bit more of an inside into my life and what I do throughout the week when I am not on Instagram, but it also helps to show that the lives of bloggers aren't perfectly polished. It's an image we as bloggers can get out and across, as it's easy to go out for shoots and take really pretty photos. But that's usually only one day in the week when the rest of the week we spend it at work or whatever doing lots of other bits. So if you're curious to see what I did and got up to last week, then keep on scrolling.
Thursday 31 January
I actually started this post pretty late last week. The first part of the week I was actually quite busy with some work I had to do for my other job. I had a bit of a break from blogging so I also needed to sit down this week to work out my content plan for February. So anyway, my mind was finally a bit less cluttered by Thursday, which is why I started sharing my outfits since then. On Thursday I actually woke up super early to go the gym with my friend, I had not been in a little while because my mum got hospitalised two weeks ago. Going to the gym was basically the last thing on my mind. It felt good to get my body moving again though and I am super excited to do it some more in February.

After the gym I rushed home, showered, got dressed and had a little phone meeting for my job. I decided to just throw on something I knew I would be comfortable in all day, as I had quite a busy day planned. The jumper I am wearing is an old one from H&M that I always fall back in love with in winter. I styled the jumper with a pair of black coated jeans from Only and an old pair of Manfield boots. 

By eleven in the morning I had to leave again as I was seeing my friend Innah from Gather and Brunch for a fun little coffee catch up. Time always flies by when we hang out and I am already super excited for us to hang out again next. She always motivates and inspires me to get more creative and do more with it! For lunch I then met another friend in town. I again had a little catch up with her and we just talked and talked and talked. Before I even knew it the day had gone by and I was on my way home. 

I'm wore
An old H&M jumper, but this one is very similar.
Vero Moda black coated jeans,
Old pair of Manfield boots, but these are very similar.

Friday 31 January
On Friday I woke up feeling tiiiired. Some days I just wake up feeling exhausted, so I laid in bed a bit longer than I normally would do. I then did some work again for my other job. The great thing about that job is that I am able to work from home and get to plan my day how I want it, as long as the job is done by the end of the week. On Friday I actually went for a super cosy outfit. I wore my super cosy teddy hoodie and styled it with a pair of blue mom jeans and my Chelsea boots. After doing some work I met my cousin for a little lunch date at one, as she is free off work on Fridays. I love spending time with her so I couldn't wait to have a little catch up. 

Before going out to meet my cousin for lunch I quickly went to the local drugstore to check out the Garnier Bio skincare range. I recently started accutane and am really noticing the dryness. Last week I really struggled to put makeup on without my forehead looking super flakey and extremely dry. It's one of the side effects, but I wanted to wear makeup though to give me a bit of coverage. The purge/breakout that comes in the first month was very real the past two weeks, as you could see in my photos from Thursday. Online I saw that it really helps to use a hydrating facial mist before putting on makeup so I went and bought the Garnier Bio Argan hydrating mist. I then put on the Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow and my skin didn't look flakey! So yay for me finding something that works. 

I wore:
Old & Other Stories Chelsea boots, but these are similar.

Sunday 2 February
I skipped my outfit for Saturday as I had already shown it on Instagram. It wasn't a really spectacular outfit as I woke up super early to check out bathrooms with my dad and my brother. Like I mentioned earlier on in the post, my mum got hospitalised and is now doing intensive courses of physiotherapy to recover from the stroke she had. She is so strong and brave and is slowly making progress every day. During the weekend she actually got to spend a couple of hours at home too, which was so lovely. As soon as she's able to walk up and down the stairs again we're also hoping for her to come home during the weekends to sleep at home again. 

After having her home on Saturday, she also came home on Sunday for a couple of hours. I didn't wear the nicest outfit, as it was Sunday, rainy and we would probably spend most of the day inside anyway. I wore my comfy joggers, styled it with a black turtleneck jumper and again wore my Chelsea boots. I ended up leaving the house to do some groceries and to buy some flowers for mum. We spent the rest of the day at home chilling, reading and cooking.

I wore:
Old Mango jumper, but this one is very similar,
Old & Other Stories Chelsea boots, but these are similar.

Monday 3 February
I continued taking photos for this blog post this Monday and I felt excited for the new week actually. On Monday I had to catch the train to Amsterdam as I had a meeting at Triangle PR, a lifestyle-focused PR company based in Amsterdam. I finally met Naomi, one of the girls from the PR team. We had spoken each other over email so many times before, but had never actually met before. So it was super nice to catch up with her and just chat with her about everything and all the brands they currently do PR work and campaigns for. Naomi gave me some beauty products to try too while I am on my accutane treatment to see if they help with the dryness, which I am very excited to try.

After meeting Naomi at Triangle PR I went back into the city centre of Amsterdam to sit down and have a little meeting/work afternoon for my other job with my boss. I got some work done but had to quickly get home to eat dinner and visit my mum with my dad at the place she's currently getting her intense courses of physiotherapy. It's so weird, Amsterdam is not that far away from The Hague anyway, but it always somehow takes me about 2 hours to get home as I always miss my connecting tram as soon as I get back at the station. 

For this day I ended up wearing something I knew I would feel super comfortable in as I would be doing a whole lot of walking. I wore this high neck jumper with my black mom jeans and my chunky trainers. 

I wore:
& Other Stories jumper,
Sold out Adidas Yung 96-j trainers, but these are similar.

Tuesday 4 February
And finally the outfit I wore yesterday. Tuesday was actually a very quiet day. I was supposed to go to the gym in the morning with my friend, but had to cancel as I had a banging migraine. So I cancelled on her, I'm sorry! Took some migraine medicine and fell back asleep until around 12. I felt a bit better during lunch time and had to take some photos at home for a post that is going up on Friday. So I did that, in this outfit. I then took my makeup off again as I could feel the dull ache behind my head coming up again. I had lunch at home and sat behind my desk for another couple of hours working on my blog and Instagram and catching up on some emails. At around three in the afternoon my headache came back so I put on my comfies and went to bed to sleep for another little hour. Now that I think of it, I actually didn't really wear this outfit that long, so it'll probably be worn at some point later this week. 
After waking up I made myself dinner and headed to my mum to visit her again and that was pretty much my day! 

The jumper I wore in this shot is actually new, I was totally influenced by one of my favourite girls on Instagram, Milly. She wore this jumper last week and I immediately had to order it from H&M. It does not disappoint and I am so happy I managed to pick it up while they still had it available online. 

I wore
H&M jumper,
New Look boots.

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