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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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This post contains affiliate links and an gifted item. Please read my full disclaimer here.
And just like that it’s December. The final month of this year and this decade! Can you believe how fast this year flew by? Anyway, with it being December, it’s also time to share another five favourites of the month of November on here. This year I have really made a conscious effort to rediscover old favourites to really make sure I get wear out of those items instead of constantly buying new things. It’s especially been easy this autumn, as I feel like the core of my autumn/winter wardrobe is filled with pieces I love and keep rediscovering every year.

old Manfield boots

That’s why it’s no surprise that the first thing I have to mention in my Five Favourites post is a pair of Manfield boots that I bought over two years ago. Fun fact: I used to work at this particular shoe shop for 6 months when I was 17/18 years old. Back then I barely bought shoes there, but once I stumbled upon these boots it was love at first sight. These boots have lasted me such a long time already and it’s always a joy to get them out again during this time of year. These are probably the comfiest pair of boots I currently own as I have had them for two years already so they have been properly broken in. Now they walk like an actual dream. I have no doubt that my love affair with these boots will continue until they don’t look as good anymore, which until now I cannot and will not think about.

Paula’s Choice Calm 1% BHA Lotion Exfoliant

Another old favourite that has made it back into my list of things I have loved using this past month is this Paula’s Choice Calm 1% BHA Lotion Exfoliant. The main reason being I had a big breakout again and started thinking about products I had used in the past to help calm it all down. I remembered using this product for doing exactly that: calming my skin, reducing my pore size and making my skin look a little smoother. I find this a little easier and nice to use for every day than their famous Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, as my skin can become quite sensitive and reactive if my skin barrier has been damaged, which is usually what is the case when I start having some sort of breakout. This product is now part of my super minimal and easy morning and evening skincare routine and I am really noticing it’s helping to calm and control my skin.

Lou Yetu x L’Occitane necklace

Last year during this time of year L’Occitane did a collaboration with French jewellery brand Lou Yetu and designed this gorgeous necklace together. I was buying some Christmas presents at the time and received this as a gift with my purchase and loved the piece of jewellery. Back in the day I didn’t really wear lots of jewellery. It’s only really since the end of September of this year that I have fallen back in love with wearing super minimal jewellery. This piece has been one of the items I gravitated towards lots this past month. Sadly this was a limited edition collaboration, but I’ve seen some really gorgeous pieces on their website so I might just have to treat myself to a little Christmas gift.

Lines & Current Cosmo Coin Pendant Necklace* (gifted)

At the beginning of November the lovely girls from Lines and Current got in contact with me as they too noticed I started wearing more jewellery. They asked me if they could gift me something from their collection, seeing they had so many gorgeous pieces, so I felt super lucky to be given the opportunity to be gifted a gorgeous necklace from them. I chose the Cosmo Coin pendant and I am in love with how gorgeous this necklace is.
I have worn it lots already since it came in the mail halfway through November, so it obviously deserved a mention in today’s post. I have seen a few bits I also really love so if I don’t get myself a gift from Lou Yetu, I’ll make sure to buy one here instead. My mum also has told me she really likes my necklace so I might surprise her too with a necklace from Lines & Current for Christmas. Lines & Current is an independent jewellery brand from Dublin, Ireland and always donates 10% of their proceeds to Save the Children. I really try to be more thoughtful of purchases and I think by buying from an independent store such as Lines & Current really contributes to all of that.

H&M Grey jumper

Finally I would have to share my grey jumper with you as well, as it has been such a staple inside of my wardrobe this month. At the end of October I had this realisation that I had a big lack in more fitted jumpers. Your girl loves her oversized knits but they can sometimes make me feel a bit unflattering. It’s why I wanted to get a bit more fitted knits. I only really needed two, as I am fully aware of my ever-growing collection of knits and jumpers so I only got this grey one and a brown one. Both have been such big additions to my wardrobe and I have had so many lovely comments on them already while wearing them. I’m sure the brown jumper and this grey jumper will be staples inside of my wardrobe for years and years to come.

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  1. These boots look so good! Really tempted to get myself a similar pair, feel like they'd be such a classic although I never saw myself as a combat boot wearing kind of girl!

    1. Oh thank you so much Pinja! They're honestly my favourite to wear! I think they would look so good on you babe, so badass 🙌🏼

  2. So many things that I want to now add to my wishlist - especially those boots! I absolutely love those necklaces too, but gold jewellery doesn't suit me unfortunately.

    1. Thank you so much Hannah! Those boots would look so good on you to be honest! xx


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