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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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Hi it's Christmas next week and I have been stressing about what to wear! Send help. I don't know how this month went by so fast, but only this morning I got around to thinking about what on earth I should wear for Christmas.
December is always an expensive month with all the festivities that are happening. Over the past couple of years I have somehow been tricked into thinking that I always needed a new, special Christmas outfit to wear out for our annual family Christmas dinner. This year however I have put myself on a spending ban in December, which means no spending money on clothes for myself. And unsurprisingly I am managing. This also means that I won't be buying myself a new, sparkly or fresh Christmas outfit this year. And honestly... I don't really mind, because I have more than enough clothes inside of my wardrobe already to still put together banging outfits for Christmas this year.

Instead of sharing this on Instagram or by just keeping it to myself, I thought it would be fun to actually share this on the blog too. It might inspire you to get creative too and to dive into your wardrobe to reshop your clothes. Not only is it a fun and creative little challenge you can put yourself through, it also means you'll have some extra money left over at the end of the month that can go into an savings account. This year has been a year where I have really become conscious of the clothes I buy and wear. I think it's no secret to any single one of us that the fashion industry is not focused (enough) on producing sustainable fashion and one of the biggest contributors of the pollution that is happening around the world. So not only is it better for your finances, reshopping your wardrobe this Christmas also contributes to being more conscious in trying to become more sustainable too.
The outfits I am sharing in todays post aren't the most colourful, but let's be honest, I don't really wear colourful clothes anyway, so it was pretty straight forward that black would play a big part in my Christmas outfit ideas. I think black is such a versatile and chic colour which always looks amazing for Christmas. If you want to add some festiveness you can always incorporate that into your makeup look by going for a red lip or some funky eyeshadow. I did decide to add in some neutral tones to add a little something something to the outfits as I seem to be obsessed with all the neutral tones at the moment. 

This first outfit for example is super easy to recreate yourself and honestly looks so chic for Christmas. I have had this black blazer for ages and ages and is such a staple in my spring/summer wardrobe to wear out on its own. So it made a little reappearance for Christmas by styling them with a pair of leather-look leggings I have had for a year now. Leather-look leggings and a blazer just look so chic together, don't they? It instantly makes you look so chic and sophisticated in my opinion. I paired them with a pair of heeled boots and a casual black tee to make the whole outfit look put together. I know, I'm wearing heeled boots! Christmas is the one time of year where I actually wear heeled anything as I know I will be seated most of the time so no weird, awkward or awful accidents can happen.
This next outfit is quite colourful for me for Christmas actually. It's definitely not as colourful as others might want to wear, but I am not really into the most colourful outfits anyway. For this outfit I basically opted for all the comfort I could possibly have during a Christmas dinner. So I put on a pair of flared leggings I wear all of the time, put on a black high neck tee and pulled a colourful blazer on top to make it look a bit more chic. The Christmas food babies are always very real whenever we have Christmas dinners with my family. Hence why it's super important to wear the most comfortable clothes you own because you're just not uncomfortable halfway through. Leggings stretch, so obviously they are the most comfortable choice to wear. Again, a pair of heeled sock boots make the outfit look a little more snatched and chic and the blazer adds a little bit of fun into the whole outfit.
Another outfit that is all about comfort is this Christmas outfit with this skirt I bought on sale at Primark in the beginning of this year. It has made multiple appearances during spring and summer but has actually been hidden inside my wardrobe ever since I came back from my holiday in Spain. But what better reason to get summer clothes out again than Christmas? Midi skirts are still such a fab piece of clothing that I think can easily look super chic and festive if you pair it with the right items. I feel like this is actually an outfit I also wore during the summer, but the only thing I changed is the shoes and I added a couple of necklaces.
I always get the sweats whenever we're out for Christmas dinner as there's a lot of food and wine. So. Much. Wine. Alcohol and I don't mix too well, I always get slightly flustered after only a glass. It seemed like a good idea to pair the skirt with a simple black high neck tee. Which is basically all I wear at the moment. Basic, high neck tops and jumpers. Anyway, this sort of outfit will prevent you from overheating when feasting, so it's perfect. If I decide to wear this, I'll probably also bring a black high neck jumper with me just in case I get chilly, which to be fair I don't see happening.
And lastly I went for a full on suit look. I looooove how powerful and confident suits look on women. Since I don't feel my best at the moment, I thought it could be faked during Christmas instead. I paired my trusty old H&M blazer with a pair of ASOS trousers I have had for over a year now and wear lots. Somehow these two work together and look so good as a suit together. The trousers are super comfortable to wear so I know I won't be uncomfortable with lots of food. Then to make the whole thing a bit more casual I actually decided to pair them with a pair of trainers instead of a pair of smart shoes. I actually love how this looks on and I think I might have a winner for our Christmas dinner next week.

The whole look is looking perfect in my opinion because I am, again, wearing a black high neck tee. I love how it looks on and like I said, I feel chic, powerful and fierce when wearing it. If I were however braver or had a slightly different sort of blazer I may have put a low v-neck tank under the blazer to give it a bit more of a fashion-kind of vibe. You know, the kind of suit-look models and celebrities can pull of effortlessly. Anyway, I don't want to be flashing any of my family members during Christmas 🌚 - the horror, can you imagine?! - and I don't particularly love to show a lot of skin anyway. This is the sort of outfit I know I will feel 100% comfortable in.


  1. Love all of these outfits Laura! ♥︎ And it's definitely good to 'shop your own wardrobe' rather than hitting the shops to find something to wear over Christmas! This reminded me that I need to start thinking about my Christmas outfit too haha :D

    1. Thank you so much Pinja, I'm so glad you liked this kind of idea for my Christmas wardrobe. Hope you found the perfect Christmas outfit babe! xx

  2. These outfits are all gorgeous, but that skirt is definitely my fave! I really love that you've just restyled items you already own rather than just buying something new. I need to do this more often! xx

    1. Thank you so much Hannah! It's always good to restyle items you already own. Makes it a bit of a challenge too ;) I definitely loved wearing this skirt again for Christmas. It's become such a staple in my wardrobe! xx


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