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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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In this post I will share my morning skincare routine with you. Skincare is always something that I am really interested in. Ever since I was younger I have always had oily and acne prone skin. Over the years I tried a lot of products, but only during the last couple of months. I really found a routine that works and actually helps prevent me from having lots of spots. So hopefully this is a post that will be helpful to you if you are suffering from acne or have really oily skin.

So let's have a little talk about my skin. Like I said, I am pretty sure that I have spots ever since I hit puberty. My face was oily, and I got spots. Me not really knowing what to do about it, I got stubborn and started using harsh products that should prevent acne and all sorts of stuff. Then my mum stepped in and got me on Vichy Normaderm, then I used Clinique, and ever since I was sixteen I started using La Roche Posay. La Roche Posay is probably one of those brands that I will be using for the rest of my life.

I used a lot of acne prone skin La Roche Posay products, but then also started using all sorts of other stuff. Such as a toner by Clarins, Too much stuff for my skin. My skin was so squeeky clean, that I had no oil left on my face, so my skin started to produce more oil. Which basically gave me even more pimples. So I did some research, a lot of research. And since December, I cut down on my routine. I came back to my beloved brand La Roche Posay. This post is not sponsored by La Roche Posay at all, I wish they did, because I absolutely love their products and find that they are the only products that help me clear my acne.

Having a minimal routine really helped clear up my acne. So I cut back and I used products for 'sensitive skin'. Because I have been using that many harsh products on my face for such a long time, my skin actually got sensitive.

So ever since December I started using products for sensitive skin. Products that aren't harsh, that don't make me break out. So every morning when I wake up I use the Kiehl's Centella Skin-Calming Facial Cleanser with a lukewarm face cloth. The three main ingredients in this cleanser are Aloe Vera, Camomile and Centella. Aloe Vera has a soothing effect on your skin, just like camomile. Centella (or Tiger Herb) is antibacterial and helps heals your skin. It's a very soft cleanser, that does not feel tight after I have used it.

Once I have cleansed my face in the morning, I move on to putting some sort of creme on my face. I have been using the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ cream for absolute ages. This is one of those products that has been raved about a lot by bloggers in the past. This cream has been formulated to help correct the appearance of blemishes, and helps unclog your pores.

I had not used this product in such a long time, as I thought the effect of this product had run out for me. But I decided to get back to it and I am very happy that I went back to using it. It really has cleared up my skin and it helped unclog my pores.

I find that this La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ cream really works when I combine it with my La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Fluid cream. This is one of those creams that I only discovered back in December, but I already am seeing a massive difference. It is a very lightweight cream, that also helps to soothe your skin. It is a very hydrating cream, that does not break me out at all.

Once all of the creams have been put onto my face and I feel all moisturized, I put some SPF on. That's something that I sometimes forget, but really try to remember to put on every day. Especially now that the weather is getting better. I am currently using the La Roche Posay Anthelios AC SPF 30. It's a SPF that I discovered last year. It does not break me out, so I definitely want to stick to products that don't break me out.

That's it. That is all the products I use in the morning. I find that having a minimal skincare routine really helps to contribute to having better skin. Like you can see in the second photo, I still have some acne scars. Every now and again I do get a pimple, some are cystic. It has been a long process, but I find that sticking to these products, as well as trying to eat healhty and drinking as much as possible really helps clear my skin as much as I can. I put on some Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm and I am ready to go.

I will be posting a evening skincare routine too. The products that I use during the evening are not really that different than the ones I do during the morning. There are a few other products that I use, that help clear my acne too. So stay tuned for that post later this week!


  1. I can remember using laroche when I had acne too, it worked a treat! Your blog here is so lovely by the way, I love finding new blogs like yours to read! x

  2. Well written! I swear by La Roche Posay, especially for my sensitive but acne prone skin. It's so difficult to find a good product that helps prevent spots and doesn't completely dry out your skin!


    1. Thank you! :) I'm the same. I swear by La Roche Posay. They definitely do the best products for sensitive acne prone skin! xx

  3. Reacties
    1. It's really good! Definitely give it a try if the products are available to you! :) xx

  4. I never tried La Roche Posay too, but I heard good reviews on it, so I think I should try that too
    It's difficult to find something that also prevents acne from happening again...


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