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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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Summer is in full swing and with that comes setting off to a dreamy, warm holiday destination. I have always been lucky enough to go away on holiday with my parents and sometimes plan an occasional city trip away with family or friends. Throughout my years I have learnt so much from travelling that I would love to share with you. These might be obvious, but even I sometimes forget about the things I must pack with me or have to wear that make travelling just that tiny bit more comfortable. Travelling can sometimes be a bit stressful and if you’re a bit of a nervous flyer or feel a bit anxious about travelling in general, then this might help you ease and make your travels more comfortable. Whether you’re going away by car, train or plane, this is pretty versatile.

Comfortable, flat shoes

There have been multiple occasions in my life where I have seen girls at the airport wear heels or espadrilles, and as gorgeous as they look, I could never go for that. I am all about comfort, which you all probably know by now. So you would never see me wear uncomfortable shoes whenever I am travelling. You walk quite a bit whether you’re at an airport or train station or discovering a new city. It’s also easier to wear comfy shoes in the car, so you know that when your feet get swollen, you’re still somewhat comfortable. Whether it’s winter or summer, you will always see me wear flat shoes such as a pair of comfortable boots or a pair of sneakers. I actually would recommend a pair of sneakers over a pair of boots when travelling, as you then don’t have to take your shoes off if you’re going through the security check. The security check is stressful enough, with having to take stuff from your bag or suitcase, so that gives you one thing less to worry about.

Clear travel bag

Over the years I have had multiple travel bags. Whether I travel by plane or train, I like to have a clear travel with me. I prefer these clear travel bags as they are super easy to see all of your stuff in. You have an easy view of what you are carrying along with you. Besides that, a clear travel bag in the right size is once again also accepted by customs. This means you can reuse a clear makeup bag, which means you don’t have to stress about whether or not your liquids will fit into the bag. And it’s also a bit better for the environment, as you usually throw away those little travel bags you get at the airport.

Comfortable and minimal travel outfit

As much as I am all about comfort on my feet, I am also all about comfort when it comes to my outfit when I am travelling. Back when I was six years old I would usually just put on a hoodie and a pair of sweatpants and rock up to the airport looking like that. Nowadays I like to look a bit more representable, especially on short-haul flights or when I am travelling by train or car. Which is why I would usually wear something I know will be comfortable for me, such as a pair of flared or linen trousers or culottes styled a basic tee and a little jacket. I also would avoid wearing jumpsuits and playsuits when you’re travelling, because there’s nothing worse than sitting pretty much naked on a toilet in the station, train or airport. You feel rather exposed.

A sleeping mask

A sleeping mask is such an essential whenever I travel. Without sounding like an absolute diva, I always bring one with me because you never know where you end up sleeping. You don’t know how the room you sleep in is when you’re at your holiday destination. It might looks super dark on the photos, but maybe there’s a lot of light coming into the when you’re actually at the destination. I have had this on multiple occasions and want to avoid this from happening in any of my future travels. Hence the reason why I bring a sleeping mask. It’s also really good to bring with you on a flight or bus/train-ride to cancel out any light to get you through the night when travelling.

A book

Whenever you’re off to travel anywhere I will guarantee you, you will be bored in about five minutes after taking off. Or at least I always am. Whether you’re bored, want some alone time or want a bit of a distraction from your travel anxiety, I think a book is such a good distraction to have with you when travelling. It eases your mind, can put you to sleep if you want to or can the time you’re travelling fly by if you’re really reading a book that is super interesting. Books are so needed whenever I travel. On city breaks I actually like to buy a book, but if I am off on a bit longer of a holiday I would bring my e-reader as it’s easier and you can take so many books with you without the actual weight of the books.

A lock

I have learnt a lot from travelling. One of the most important things is to always bring a lock with you for your suitcase. If your suitcase already has a lock, then it’s even better. But I have had so many occasions of being at the gate at an airport and having to check in my suitcase. And when I am travelling by train or bus, they usually have special suitcase spaces for you to put your stuff. I don’t want anyone getting into my bag, so whenever I travel, I always make sure to bring a lock with me so I can put it onto my suitcase and know that my stuff is safe from strangers.