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We’re already a couple days into the month of May, but I have only just gotten around to sitting down to write my goals of May. Life has been hectic lately, and I kind of want to write a post about it soon to explain it all to you. But every spare day I have had this past week I have spent either in bed with one of the worst headaches or outside trying to enjoy the beautiful weather as much as possible. However, I did set myself some goals again this month that I want to accomplish by the end of this month.

Go to the gym at least five times this month

If there’s one thing I do not enjoy, it is going to gym. However my subscription the gym got extended for another year, so I have to make the most of it while I can. So I want to go to the gym more often. Last month was a complete fail and I only ended up going twice. In the upcoming month I want to visit the gym at least five times this month. It shouldn’t be that hard to reach this goal as I used to go to the gym every other workday. I only need to find myself some motivation to actually go back to the gym again. But since I have been so tired lately, I think this will definitely do me some good – and I can get kind of in shape for summer, but let’s be honest, I will probably end up eating lots and lots of ice cream during the month because we have that many warm summer days.

Set myself multiple routines

Okay, so setting myself an evening routine already was a goal I set myself in April, but so far I have been having a very hard time sticking to routines. I’m basically running from place to place. I am noticing that it is influencing my mood and I feel so frazzled and anxious. During May I want to figure out an evening routine where I am able to fill in the evening with some proper down time before heading to bed every night.

Then I also want to set myself a routine for blogging again. I started a new term at uni and so far I have found it very difficult to ‘find’ time to also make time to blog. So this month started with me sitting down to look at my diary to see when I have time to sit down and write some blog posts every week.

Back to healthy eating

Another ‘routine’ I want to get back into, is getting into eating semi-healthy again. The beginning of April started out so well, I was having so many good and healthy days. Let’s be real right here: then I got my period and was craving all the Milka Oreo chocolate that I just caved. Ever since I have been on this sugar rush and I need to stop. I need to get back to eating healthy meals throughout the day and I want to get some more fruit into me instead of eating a chocolate bar. So this month I am cutting back on the sugar intake and am going to create a little meal plan every week to get myself back on track.

Have a brainstorm blogging session

Somewhere throughout May I want to dedicate a whole day to blogging. A few months back I had such an inspirational brainstorming/inspiration session looking through other blogs, magazines and while reading books. I haven’t really had time to sit down and brainstorm ever since, which has led to me not really knowing what type of posts I want to create on the blog. So somewhere either this week or next week I just want to sit down and look through magazines to have a little blog brainstorm session to think about upcoming content.

Start with mediation again

A few months back I started doing little mediation sessions every other day. I noticed such a big difference in how I was feeling. I felt a lot stronger mentally and just felt very calm and in control of my thoughts, anxiety and everything that comes to mind. In May I am going to focus on mediation again, I am hoping this can be incorporated into my evening routines, so I can have a little mediation session before I’m off to bed.

What I'm wearing:
Mango blazer (similar)
Zara tee
ASOS mom jeans
ASOS trainers (similar)
Rika bag


  1. I think these are all such great goals to have, and definitely achievable too - you can do this girl! ♥︎ And I'm definitely going to have a blog brainstorming/planning day too now that I can dedicate more time for my blog again! I actually love those days, they just make you feel so inspired and motivated and like you're on top of things :) Hope you'll have a great rest of May darling! xx

    1. Thank you lovely! Planning a brainstorming day for the blog always leaves me feeling so inspired! Hope you had a good one of those lovely! And happy May to you too! :) xx

  2. I love this, love your outfit especially the blazer and trainers. I need to start eating healthy again, set multiple routines. And having a brainstorm blogging session sounds like a good idea, I might try that. :)

    1. Ahh thank you Kelly! :) Hope you can achieve these goals throughout March beauty! :) xx

  3. Love the jacket, so trending right now!
    x Rubi
    Pose & Repeat

  4. Best of luck with all of these goals! Actually one I really want to also do is meditate more - so good for dealing with stress but I find it hard to take time out to do!

    1. Thank you Kemi! It's so good, but I do find it hard to find time to meditate! I find that doing it before bed really helps! :) xx


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