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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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This post is so, so long overdue. To be brutally honest I completely postponed my Five Favourites post of April this month. It has been a hectic month. I have been very tired and I basically did not feel like I had a lot of 'new favourites' to share with you. Now that we're nearly into June (which is cra-zy!), I finally feel like I know what I had been liking in April.

I have a really set routine in the mornings. I basically live on auto pilot before I go interning, and when I come home I usually get in my pyjama's and grab myself a cup of tea. So it was hard to come up with my five favourites. Anyway, I finally did remember what I had been using/loving in this past month, so without further or do, here are my five favourites of April.

The New Garconne: How to be a modern Gentlewoman
First up I have a book that I had been reading quite a lot during April. It is a very inspiring book with interviews with some of the most stylish people right now. During April (and kind of in May too) I went through a phase of being very, very uninspired. I did not know what I liked and did not like anymore. I just felt a bit bleh. So this book definitely helped me get my 'mojo'  back and made me feel inspired again. Fashion-wise, as well as just life-wise I am feeling a lot more inspired. This book is such an easy read. I always read it just before I go to sleep, to calm my mind a bit.

ZARA white perfume
This ZARA white perfume is one of those perfumes that I adore whenever spring comes around. It is a cheap fragrance of ZARA that can usually be found when you're in line waiting to pay. This bottle definitely is old though, when I restocked, they did them in really not so pretty to look at beige bottles. But they are a bigger size now, so I won't complain. At least I still have one of the pretty older bottles to take photos of.

I am TERRIBLE when it comes to describing scents. So I won't. All I will say is that is very Spring/Summery for me. Apparently it is a floral scent. That's about all I can give you from reading the box and sniffing the bottle while typing this post. If you feel somewhat appealed to this scent, then I would say go and give it a little sniff in stores, as they sadly enough don't sell their scents online. Side note: Apparently the UK Zara website is the only one that sells their fragrances online, so all of you British beauties could get their hands on them here

NARS Laguna bronzer
I already went on and on about this bronzer in my minimal acne makeup routine. Ever since I discovered this bronzer, I am all about it. This bronzer always makes its comeback into my makeup bag every two to three months. So if I ever wear bronzer in one of my photos, I would just assume that this bronzer is on my face. It is the perfect shade, especially when I am starting to get my natural tan back.
This bronzer baby definitely is one of those more expensive products, but I would say that it is definitely worth it to get your hands on it. I never regret it once, when I am in line at Sephora checking out.

Aesop Rejuvinate Intensive Body Balm
Whenever spring comes around the corner, we all start getting our legs out a lot more. My legs however, are very, very dry. So if I get them out, I need to moisturize them first with something VERY hydrating. That's when I get this body balm out by Aesop. It's a great body balm for my legs, I also use it on my arms from time to time.

But whenever spring comes around the corner, I tend to have a few dry patches on my body due to hay fever season. So whenever I have these dry, eczema like patches, I put a little bit of this body balm on, and it really helps repair my skin too.

Evo Mister Fantastic Texture Spray
Evo hair care is one of my absolute favourites out there. My hairdressers got me started on using Evo hair care, and I can't go on without it ever since. I had a little break from using this texture spray, as I was just a bit lazy and let my hair dry on its own. But I am into those 'beach hair' vibes, therefore I have been using this texture spray lots to achieve that feel. It's such a nice scent, as well as giving me texture. Perfect for this time of year, when the sea definitely is too cold to go in there and get your 'beach hair'.


  1. I totally get you about going through periods of being really uninspired, it feels great when you get out of it though. I've been debating over The New Garconne for a while but am definitly going to pick it up, sounds right up my street x

    1. Yes you definitely should pick it up lovely! Such a nice read! :) xx


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