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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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Life can get quite overwhelming, and sometimes I just forget to enjoy the moment. The older I get, the more I start to realize how important it is to appreciate the little things in life, and even though I still have a lot to learn and need to appreciate a lot more in life, during this summer I discovered a few ways to enjoy a moment more. And that's when I got inspired about doing this post. In this post I will be sharing a few tips of how you can enjoy the moment a bit more, so you will feel happy and appreciative during these times.

I appreciated every moment that I had with my family while we were away on holiday and thinking back about summer just brings a grin back on to my face. That's probably why three weeks away on holiday flew by and I wanted to stay a little longer.

Switch off your digital devices

The first tip is try to switch off all of your digital devices more often, or at least put them on silent, not just on vibrate. I never really liked having any of my devices on vibrate as I am quite sensitive to having too much noise around me. I get anxious and I often notice that I'll get headaches as an aftermath of feeling anxious. Switching off during my holiday made me realize how much calmer and relaxed I am as a person.  

I feel like it's easiest to switch off from all of your digital devices while you're away on holiday. Especially when there's no wi-fi anywhere near you. Like I mentioned in my digital detox post in the beginning of this year, I am a social media junkie. I love scrolling around on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook for ages and I love reading blogs. Being a blogger doesn't really help as well as  you spend about 75% of your day on the internet, or at least I do. However, when I'm away on holiday, I just don't feel the need to aimlessly spend my day on my phone.

To incorporate switching off your digital devices when you're not away on holiday would be to have some sort of a rule with your family/friends. My parents and I have this unspoken rule of never bringing your phone to the dinner table. My friends and I are at a stage in life where we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like to, so we usually completely forget about our phones because we're too busy catching up. I feel like even small steps like this, make you enjoy your moment a lot more.

Don't let your negative thoughts ruin your day
I feel like this second tip is all about being mindfulness. Don't let your negative thoughts ruin your day. It's so easy to let one negative event influence your whole day. I often have these days where I just want to stay in bed and escape from life for a while. But that's not an option in life. So why not try to put these negative thoughts away and swap them for light and bubbly thoughts about what you do like about that day. 

The other day I had such a bad morning going to uni. We had to do a presentation, which I felt like I couldn't do. I honestly thought that presentation would be the worst one I would be doing, as I had started preparing on it way too late. Then I got some bad news and had a few setbacks while being on my way to uni, while being a tad bit late for uni already. I felt like this day was the worst day ever and I just wanted to go home, crawl back into bed already and disappear for a while until the weekend.

In the end my presentation went really well. I felt relieved for actually being able to do a presentation without my cards and it felt like a weight was being lifted off of my shoulders. The presentation itself wasn't that bad... And I had such an interesting psychology class afterwards. At the end of the day, my day wasn't so bad and the things that happened that morning weren't so bad either. It all felt a bit silly and I was just very happy to go home to tell my parents and my brother about all the new and exciting things I had learned that day. 

Don't forget to look up
So since this summer I started looking up a lot more. One of my bestest and oldest friends and I were talking one summer evening, about how amazing the sky looked that particular evening. The sky looked like it was on fire, and she had to capture it because it looked so amazing. Ever since that moment, I made a deal with myself to start looking up at the sky more often. 

During this summer holiday, I noticed how often I started looking at the sky, noticing all of the birds in the sky, but also the most amazing clouds forming and in the evening, I actually took my time to look at the stars. During my holiday in Spain I started conversations about how amazing the sky looked and my family and I actually had lovely conversations about everything and nothing important in life. Just thinking back at those late summer evenings on the roof terrace brings back a smile on my face.

Capture a moment you enjoy
This tip probably is a little bit weird considering I just told you to use less digital devices to enjoy the moment. But I like to capture moments when I feel most grateful, so whenever I don't have one of the best days, I get to relive a few things about that particular day that I did enjoy. However, you don't particularly need to capture a moment by taking a photo of it. It is surprising how many memories your brain captures when you're truly happy. If you feel like you might lose these memories, you could always write them down.

An example of this is included in this post. When you look at all of the photos of the red sky with the clouds you probably think that it's a cool picture and that's it. I think it's a cool picture, but with taking this picture comes a story. Over the past few years I have gotten into photography a lot more, something my dad used to enjoy when he was younger. Whenever I take photos like these, I always show them to my dad and he gives me tips and tricks. Being able to bond with your family over even the littlest things, makes a bond so much stronger. Over the years I just feel like my bond has gotten so much stronger with both of my parents as well as my brother. And these pictures of such a red sky remind me of the strong bond that I have with my dad.

 I have just bought myself a scrapbook and I am planning on inserting all of these captured moments (visualized as well as textual) that I feel most grateful for during the past two years in that scrapbook. So I can go through my scrapbook when negative thoughts are getting the best of me on a certain day.

So those are my tips about how to enjoy the moment and life in general a bit more. I feel like I still need to learn quite a lot myself about how to live in the moment, but I am slowly getting there, appreciating the littlest things in life, which in my opinion is what it is all about.