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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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We're well and truly into autumn. Leaves are starting to fall from the trees and most importantly, it's getting colder. With the colder weather comes warmer clothes and most of all layers. Since I am currently writing my own list of things that I still would like to buy myself for Autumn and Winter, I thought I would share this process with you, as I usually do in these essentials posts


Coat-wise there are a few trends that I have been seeing at some other bloggers and during the fashion weeks that I am just really loving. The first one is an oversized moto jacket. I luckily got this moto jacket last year at Forever 21, but I've seen a really lovely oversized moto jacket at ZARA here. Next I am really loving the camel coats. This particular one that I already own is an old one from Forever 21, but I am not really loving this one anymore. So I am currently looking for a new camel coat. Lastly I am all about a black coat. I always wear black coats and I don't make any exceptions for this time of year. I usually buy my black winter coats at ZARA or Mango, but this year I decided to buy one that's a bit more expensive and got myself this Sissy-Boy coat

Blouses and shirts

I feel like I always include blouses and shirts into an essentials post. I feel like they're just such a staple to every women's wardrobe. Blouses and shirts can be dressed up and dressed down, and that's why I probably like them so much. Currently I am loving the whole 70's bell sleeve style blouses a lot. I recently got myself this one at ZARA, but I am currently eyeing up another 70's bell sleeve style blouse from Topshop that I absolutely adore.

Besides the whole 70's bell sleeve style trend that I am absolutely loving at the moment, I also feel like I could always go for the classic shirts. I feel like this particular season I really invested in a few shirts that I am loving, besides the good old classics that I already own. When it comes to the classic shirts I feel like you should definitely invest in a white shirt, a striped shirt and a black shirt. Whenever I am looking for a new classic shirt, I usually end up buying one from either H&M, COS or Weekday. They have such lovely basics. 


If there's one trend that I am so behind, it's sweatshirts. I am all about that laid back style and I was so happy to see multiple bloggers rock sweatshirts during fashion week. You all know how much I love comfort and how comfort is above everything. These sweatshirts are finally acceptable to wear outside of the house. I love wearing these H&M sweatshirts, sweatshirts with a print like this Calvin Klein one and I especially love the flared sleeve sweatshirts that I usually get at COS. 


Knitwear is always big every year. This year I've been seeing lots of knits that have extremely long sleeves, which I am such a big fan of. I love being cosy and I always put my hands in the sleeves of my jumper to make myself feel extra comfortable. I already got myself a really nice and warm knit at ZARA but other than that particular knit, I feel like I don't really have any other knits that I am loving. However I do feel like I need to invest in another black knit, as well as a cream knit. I feel like ZARA and ASOS are the best places to shop for new knits. 

Band Tee's

Another trend that I am loving is the whole band tee trend. I feel like band tee's give such an edge to any outfit you wear. Especially combined with leather I feel like band tee's give you that edgy yet put together vibe. So whenever I wear a band tee, I basically try to combine it with some kind of leather item. I usually find my band tee's/graphic tee's at MissGuided, H&M (and the H&M Mens section) and I also tend to look at eBay to find some new graphic/band tee's. 


Another thing I am loving is anything leather. Like I said, I am obsessed with oversized leather moto jackets, but I am also loving the whole (p)leather leggings/(p)leather trousers trend. I feel like leather is such an easy way to make an outfit look more interesting. I also got myself a leather midi skirt in the spring time, but I am not really love how this skirt looks on, so I am still looking for a new leather skirt to wear. 

I usually get my leather look leggings/trousers at either Modstrom or ASOS and I spotted some midi skirts at Vila and Vero Moda that I am really liking the look of. 


The final thing that I feel like should be an essential in everyones wardrobe is a scarf. Or multiple scarves. I always like to buy myself a new scarf that I really adore during the Autumn season. Either last year or the year before that I bought myself this black and white printed scarf at ZARA. ZARA always do really cosy and snuggly scarves. This year I was contemplating on buying myself an Acne Studio scarf, but I wasn't willing to actually spend €150 on one scarf just yet. So I decided to look for dupes. I found these light grey and dark grey scarves at Monki and I really like how similar they are to the Acne scarves. The only thing is that they aren't as cosy as the ZARA scarf, but I still love and wear them to death anyway. 

So that's what I think I still need to get myself, even though I own multiple things in several categories already. 

Are there any essentials that you feel that you're missing in your autumn/winter wardrobe? I would love to know what you think about this post too! 


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