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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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Someone on tumblr asked me the following question: "What are your 10 favourite pieces in your wardrobe?". And that my friends, was, in my opinion, such a good question. In fact, it was that good that I had to make a post about this.  I had a long and hard think about this and came to the conclusion that these 10 items are my favourites, at least they are my favourites of this moment. It might change within a week, it might change within a month, I just know that I am really enjoying these pieces at the moment and have been enjoying for quite some time! 

ASOS Ridley jeans: Starting on the left is a pair of jeans. These are the black ASOS Ridley jeans, my absolute favourite jeans of all time. I discovered them around this time last year and I already own 5 pairs.

A striped tee from Zara. If you've been a follower of Style and Sushi for quite some time now, you would now that I love a good stripe. This particular one is from Zara but I can't seem to find it anymore, but I did find a cheap alternative here from Topshop and another alternative here which is from Étoile Isabel Marant, that is a little more pricey if you're willing to spend a bit more.

Leather look leggings: I wear my leather look leggings lots. The ones I usually wear are from ASOS and can be found here. I definitely feel like getting a pair of proper leather trousers soon though, so if you have any recommendations on where to look, feel free to let me know!

Black Weekday jumper: I love my knits, especially my black knits. This particular favourite is from Weekday and can be found here. It felt like I was spending a lot of money on this one particular plain black jumper.   €45 is a lot of money, especially for a plain black jumper. But I knew I would get so much wear out of it, so I had to. I love this fit and the neckline is a bit higher, so you can still get away with that cheeky hair-tuck that I'm a big fan of.

Roll-neck blouse:This next thing is something that I absolutely love. It's a roll-neck blouse from ASOS. I first spotted it on Megan from Pages by Megan and I had to have it! It's a beautiful cream white colored blouse with a roll-neck that I tend to grab when I am feeling a bit lazy. Such an easy to style item! The blouse is on sale on ASOS right now and you can find it here!

Céline Audrey sunglasses: Ahhh the sunnies. You know how much I love my sunnies. I adore them.  All I have to say is scroll through my blog and you'll notice how often I wear them. You can find the Céline Audrey sunglasses here!

Zara boots: Another favourite is this gorgeous pair of boots by Zara that look like the Acne Jensen boots. Sadly enough sold out on the Zara website.

Nike Roshe Run trainers:Shoes are a big thing in my life and my three favourite pairs of shoes are included in this post. First of you have my well beloved Nike Roshe Run trainers, no explanation required. I wear them way too much.

Another pair of Zara boots: I recently got another gorgeous pair of boots by Zara inspired by the Céline Angular Chunky heel ankle boots. Again, sadly enough sold out on the Zara website.

H&M tote bag: Lastly is my big black H&M tote bag. Perfect for when you like carrying useless stuff around with you, like I always do. I can't seem to find it anymore, do they still sell this? I am in desperate need of a new one! * Reminder to self, go check this in H&M stores tomorrow


  1. Great post, I really need some new jeans so I'm definitely going to check out the ASOS Ridley Skinny Jeans and I love striped tops, I wear them all the time! x

  2. You've got a good set of staples Laura! I abso adore my ASOS Ridley jeans too. Best ever xxx

  3. Love your Nikes!! Really loving your favourite pieces:) X

  4. I love striped tees! Also, just followed you on Instagram. Love your pictures x

  5. Love all of these, especially the Zara boots and Nikes! So chic xx


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